Blaize observed the seemingly motionless body of the entity that had just been slain by Alyona but he had a sneaking suspicion that it was not truly gone from that world and so he hastily withdrew from it. He then hid behind Alyona observing the body cautiously which remained still for several moments.

“Blaize, honey, where is Purity? I sense her presence here but I can’t see her. Is she cloaked? What happened?” Alyona asked turning to Blaize.

Blaize shook his head and trembled uncontrollably then turned to face Delia who appeared right next to them.

“Are you alright, Blaize?” she asked him worriedly.

He shook his head again as he shivered and once more stared at the still body lying several feet away from him in sheer terror.

“My lady, I feel the presence of my daughter but she is hidden from me. Where is she?” Alyona asked Delia.

“I’m afraid that Purity is lost to us, Alyona,” Delia stated sadly.

“What? But that… that is impossible. I feel her presence… She is here, I can feel her but I…”

“Before she was vanquished, she left part of her essence to Blaize to protect him, that is why you still feel her presence but she is no longer a part of this world,”

“My… my daughter is… no, she can’t be… I know that she can’t be… My lady, please… please tell me that Purity is still here… I don’t care if we never see each other again but please tell me that she still lives…” Alyona desperately murmured to herself.

Once it sunk in that Purity was truly gone, nothing Delia did was enough to console Alyona in her grief. Alyona wailed in agony, destroying everything in sight as she came to terms with what Delia had revealed to her. In the midst of her grief and Delia’s futile attempts to console her, the body that had remained still for several moments suddenly became animated and the entity possessing it sat up suddenly, as if rising from the dead.

Blaize screamed and Delia turned to see his horrified face as the entity stood up and attempted to grab hold of him. Delia hastily grabbed hold of him and Alyona and returned back to their Realm where Avery, Emre and a few others all waited for them.

“Alyona, what happened?” Avery asked her even as she grabbed hold of her son and held him tightly in her arms.

Alyona simply shook her head erratically like she had completely lost her senses.

Suddenly, he appeared too and Delia stated, “All of you, run as fast and far away as you can. Seek Ilya’s help for it appears she is the only one who can defeat this foul creature. I will stall it for as long as I can but you must go. All of you…” Delia stated.

Avery and the others did not hesitate to follow the instructions of Delia and they all appeared in the Dyson Sphere and summoned Ilya who appeared promptly.

“I warned you all that soon the day would come when you would need me and yet you thought it wise to ignore my warning and failed to make a Covenant with me,”

“What in the world is that thing? What does it want?”

“That entity that is wrecking havoc on your world is the latest incarnation of my father, Ull. He seeks a new host in order to fully reign in our home world,”

“What?” asked Avery in horror.

“He is far too powerful for any creature in this world to defeat because he is a god and at that, the father of all gods in my world, daughter of Aurora,”

“How can we defeat him?” Emre asked Ilya desperately.

“With a god-killer he is actually vulnerable to. The one of this world clearly was not powerful enough to defeat him,”

“Where do we get this god-killer?”

“By using the Ancient Tome,” Ilya stated just as Ull appeared yet again.

“Daughter?” he asked her surprised to see Ilya there.

“Father,” she stated without inflection.

“Are you working against me? Surely you are wiser than that,”

“This world has my faithful followers and as such, I must protect them,”

“To challenge me is certain annihilation. I do not mean this world nor your followers any harm. I merely seek the boy,”

“Why? Aren’t you an all-powerful god? Why do you want him?” Emre asked him boldly.

“It is something far beyond the understanding of mere Created Creatures such as yourself. Hand him over now or suffer my wrath,”

Avery summoned the Ancient Tome and the pages wildly flipped to the information pertaining to the Slyphs, Dune’s offspring with his Druid mate. She wondered why the pages had settled on the pages about the Slyphs but soon learned that Slyphs could summon god-killers from whichever Reality they chose from, provided they had interacted with the weapons in their previous lives.

Avery so summoned the three Slyphs described in the Ancient Tome and they sprung forth with each of them yielding a legendary god-killer from a different Alternate Reality.

“Summon whomever you wish but my will shall not be denied!” Ull stated, his voice echoing across the Dyson Sphere.

The three Slyphs all poised to attack and coordinated an all-out attack on Ull, severely injuring him with the god-killers they had summoned. Avery and the others observed the Battle in awe but she soon began to lose focus and even began to wobble about weakly at the threat of fainting at any time.

“Summoning the Slyphs comes at great cost, daughter of Aurora. I know that for your son you are willing to sacrifice your very life but shall you so willingly sacrifice your second born’s life as well?” Ull asked her.

Avery turned to face Emre, deeply perturbed by Ull’s words but he seemed none the wiser about their meaning and so they turned to Ilya for an explanation.

“Summoning and maintaining the forms of the Slyphs from the Ancient Tome consumes life-force energy, daughter of Aurora. Your life-force energy is nearly depleted and to sustain them, you will have to draw upon the life-force energy of your unborn child,”

“My… unborn child?” Avery asked weakly.

“You bear your mate’s second child in your womb, daughter of Aurora,” Ilya elaborated.

“What?” both she and Emre uttered at the same time.

Slowly but surely, the Slyphs Avery had summoned began to fade until they completely disappeared. Shortly afterwards, Avery fainted, completely spent. Emre held her in his arms and ran away with her and their son towards the Administrative building of the Dyson Sphere where his mother, father and sisters were all waiting for him.

“Em, what’s the situation out there?” asked his sister Erabelle worriedly.

“A god is after my son. Avery tried to stop him but it consumed her life-force energy too much and she fainted,”

“Got it. We’ll fight to our dying breath if that is what it takes,” Ember assured his son.


“We fight to the death, son. It matters not what happens to us. We shall protect Blaize with everything we’ve got,” Anna stated solemnly.

“I’m going out there, you guys stay here and we’ll hold down the fort,” Erabelle stated bravely. She held Cindy’s hand firmly in her own and the latter nodded as if to say she was also willing to put everything down the line for Emre and his family.

However, it was only a matter of time before they fell to Ull. Though he did not kill them and his power was greatly weakened, their efforts were futile in the wake of such devastating power and eventually, it was a face-off between Ull and Emre.

“Son of Anna, do not be foolish. Fighting against me is futile. I have defeated every last one of you who dared challenge me. I have incapacitated Ilya, the only one who had a half decent chance to defeat me. You are no match for me,”

“He is my son. You shall not have him unless I am dead,”

“I do not desire your death, Son of Anna. Now, sleep and only awaken when I am long gone from this world,” he stated.

Emre suddenly succummed to a deep sleep and Blaize cowered into a corner, rocking himself back and forth as Ull approached him. He tried to warp Reality to make Ull disappear but it ultimately failed. Blaize then tried to give his loved ones an advantage over the god by re-writing some of the rules of his Reality but that ultimately failed as well.

“You are certainly the most powerful Reality Warper I have ever encountered and I give you my word that I shall put your powers to good use. Never have I ever encountered such resistance when claiming a host for my own…”

“Your family clearly adores you. I shall honor them and their valiant sacrifices by making good use of your body. Perhaps you can all be reunited should they eventually choose to become my Spirit children in your honor,” Ull stated calmly in a way to reassure Blaize.

Blaize did not look up even when Ull placed a firm hand on his shoulder and suddenly, he was no longer a part of his own Reality.


What shall become of Blaize now that he is the dastardly hands of Ull? Stay tuned to find out!

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