Amabel and her Protector Kenzo, cautiously traveled from the new Reality they hailed from to the old one that had been their home for the better part of their lives. They waited a few moments as they adjusted to the drastic shift in local Reality and Amabel then opened up a direct portal to the Alison Family Matriarch’s home in Timeline B-3 using the element that had been always been her forte- water.

She mimicked what had once been her only means of travel when she was still part of her Baseline Reality- the Placid Lake to which she had lost all connection to when permanently relocating to her new Reality. Losing her Melusine abilities in Baseline Reality had been a sacrifice she had willingly made to embrace the new world fully although she did miss the notoriety and mystique that had surrounded her former title as Lady of the Placid Lake.

However, it was not as if Amabel was ungrateful for her new life- it was a major upgrade by all accounts since her goddess had given her dominion over an entire Realm and every creature that existed in that Realm was sired to Amabel. She had also been one of a select group that had been given the exclusive rights to witness the work of Creation begin and continue in the Reality of her goddess’ making; an honor Amabel doubted she could have ever gained anywhere else.

The new Reality had given her what Amabel had always wanted- unquestionable authority and an opportunity to reinvent herself not as a villain as she had been in her previous life, but as a Sovereign and noble leader of her own domain. However, for some reason, Amabel was restless and admitted to herself that her soul was still searching to attain a spiritual goal that had remain unseen and no amount of reassurance was enough to put this restlessness to bed…

Amabel and Kenzo did not have to wait long before the Alison Family Matriarch in B-3 came to join them in the Second floor den where they usually met on a monthly basis to discuss crucial matters affecting the family usually over tea and home made biscuits. As always, the Alison Family Matriarch’s mannerisms were refined like royalty and Amabel found herself stunned at how gracious and elegant the later appeared even in her old age.

“Adelaide, I am pleased to once more be in your presence,” Amabel stated with a respectful bow.

“Oh please, Amabel, let us drop the formalities once and for all. You are actual royalty so I should bow to you instead of the other way around,”

Amabel vehemently shook her head at the assertion, sipping her Earl Grey, enjoying the rich burst of flavor in the tea.

“Did you receive our presents, Adelaide, dear?”

Adelaide Alison smiled and nodded. “Indeed. I have commissioned several clothes for all occasions from the fine silk you provided and is it truly to be believed that the article of clothes you sent over were woven by the magical silk spiders of your world?”

Amabel smiled and nodded, shifting her weight from one leg to the other. “It is a true marvel to see the magical creatures in our Reality. I shall be so glad to give you a grand tour once you accept my invite, of course,”

“It is certainly on my schedule,” Adelaide stated, nodding appreciatively. As always, she updated Amabel on the happenings of the Alison family at the current time, expressing herself in an eloquent manner and Amabel also gave her a debrief of the Alison family that had switched their residences from the Baseline Reality to Ilya’s Reality. They both nodded appreciatively and thanked each other for the information before examining arising matters from their discussions critically.

“So Aurora and Avery Alison have yet to answer to your summons?” Amabel asked her curiously.

Adelaide nodded. “I have been made to understand that it is because of their busy schedules. It isn’t easy saving the world, after all. Still, I would love to put the matter of Blaize Alison to rest,”

“Are we certain that the events of this Reality happened in precisely the manner you described them, my lady?”

“I know it seems like a stretch and I was certainly the first skeptic of the news but the credibility of those who confirmed it, among them two revered Oracles, cannot simply be ignored. The boy was kidnapped and obtained the power of a god and used it to rewrite Reality to permanently vanquish the Entity once and for all and this overwhelmed him and he was obliterated as a result,”

Amabel nodded but thought harder about it. “My goddess also corroborated that indeed the boy and her father, Ull died because otherwise, she would not have been able to create our Reality. As a consequence of Ull being vanquished, her siblings-of-sorts were also slain; apparently her father tried drawing on their power to escape his fate but it only dragged them along with him,”

Adelaide nodded.

“You do not truly believe that events transpired in that manner though, do you?” Kenzo asked her, raising eyebrows at her carefully concealed skepticism that he did not escape his notice at all.

“I do not doubt that the boy managed to save this Reality by erasing the Entity entirely; the evidence of that is clear, my lord. I also do not doubt that the former god Ull was slain by the boy or that your goddess’ siblings were slain as well- after all, if any of the former gods and goddesses still existed; they would no doubt have made a bid for souls as your goddess did and perhaps they would have created Realities of their own. I just believe that there is more to the story than Aurora and her nuclear family would want us to believe,”

“I see,” Amabel stated.

“Further, I spoke to D-1’s Family Matriarch and she also seems to believe that there is more to the story than we know; in particular, one of the family’s warlocks, Alec Alison, who had been wasting away in all manner of debaucheries following a traumatic series of events, suddenly turned his life around because of attending Avery’s wedding to represent the Matriarch…”

“By Alec’s own account, he believes he was touched by a god that turned his life around. He renounced his belief in the Creator goddess and is a devout follower of the Unseen god that saved him. Alec believes that the god is somewhat connected to Avery Alison in some manner and it may be a huge leap to make but perhaps the boy was not slain at all but in fact somewhat reincarnated and is being protected by his family for obvious reasons,”

“That is quite a stretch, Adelaide. If indeed all you say is right, then it would imply that my own goddess has not been truthful with me,”

“Perhaps in exchange for sparing her life, the god swore her to secrecy? It is my working theory that indeed the boy went on to become a god and he still exists perhaps in the old world that your goddess hails from. I also believe his family is hiding the truth from all of us,”

Amabel pondered her words and the possibility of Avery’s son still existing suddenly occurred to her.

“Well, on the day of that wedding, I was personally asked to deliver Aurora and Leal to Avery in person. As fate would have it, their memories were retrieved and then they were promptly executed. I wouldn’t have known about it had their souls not reincarnated in our Reality. Perhaps the reason my goddess asked them to make the ultimate sacrifice was because the boy asked that of her?”

Adelaide pondered it and then nodded. “Then, I believe the next thing we must consider is, if indeed the boy is still alive, how can we get to him? He, no doubt, possesses knowledge that could aid our family to achieve Divine Ascension,”

Amabel laughed at the absurdity of Adelaide’s suggestion. “Isn’t that assertion the deluded assumption of the Cult of Enlightenment? Reaching to their Ascended goddess is the current spiritual goal they have deceived themselves into believing is achievable,”

“Unlike the cult, we know that it is indeed possible to achieve godhood even if we are merely created beings,”

“If the boy still lives, I doubt his immediate family would ever reveal it to us,”

Adelaide nodded. “That is why we must find a way to reach the god on our own. I have made arrangements to visit the country of Great to meet the renowned Professor Makena Biira of the Royal College of Great to offer us clues on how to achieve that goal,”

Amabel was surprised by that. “What does this Professor Biira know about reaching the god?”

“The good professor may not know an exact way to get there yet but my sources inform me that she has been causing quite a stir in all circles for her rather insightful lectures on the god. She firmly believes that the god that saved our Reality still lives but that information has remained hidden from us. She also believes that the god in question would help us all reach a world where we are Masters of our own fate rather than being pawns in a Cosmic game determined by the gods we serve,”


Shall the Alison Family Matriarch finally reach Professor Biira to unlock the secrets of Divine Ascension? Stay tuned to find out!