The Acts of Purity


Purity descended from the Higher Plane and appeared right before her parents and Aunt Avery who were situated at the Royal Ball Room in 14th Century Medula much to their surprise.

“Purity, honey, what are you doing here?” her mother asked her flabbergasted.

“Mom, dad, Auntie A., we don’t have a lot of time. We need to hurry back and get Blaize. Auntie, you have to trust me. You have to let me take him some place he can be safe,”

“What are you talking about, Purity? Is- is my son in danger? What threats are we up against and what do they have to do with my son?”

Purity ominously replied by stating “He is coming,”

“Who is coming, Purity? What the hell is going on?” Avery asked her terrified.

Purity simply waved her hand and they instantenously appeared in Blaize’s room where they found the pre-teen fast asleep in his comfortable four poster bed. She hurried to his side and woke him up while his mother and her parents stared on. Blaize woke up and rubbed his eyes as he sat up.

“Blaize, we need to go right now, okay? Someone very bad is coming here and he wants to hurt you,”

“Purity-” Avery interjected.

Blaize simply nodded upon seeing how serious Purity was and he did not hesitate in taking her hand. Purity turned to face Avery and said, “Auntie, I swear to you, I will keep him safe. He seeks Blaize out and the moment he realizes that Blaize is not here, he shall leave this world alone.”

“Purity, please tell us who he is and we can help in protecting Blaize,” Avery urged her desperately.

“It shall become clear in time but as for now, I must take Blaize and protect him,” she stated and then disappeared in the blink of an eye. She was met by Delia and a host of battle-ready Watchers ready to enforce the Creator’s Will.

“Purity, you know the rules. You should not have brought him here,” Delia stated worriedly looking around her at the Watchers poised to attack them.

“Please- this is the safest place I know. He can’t come here. It is the only way I can keep him safe… Delia, I must protect him. Blaize is my best friend- he- he was meant to be my… I mean… please… I can’t protect him anywhere else,”

“The Creator was clear on Her instructions, Purity. We were asked not to intervene in this. You have contravened and gone against the Divine Will! Return the boy or face Divine justice!” angrily stated a Watcher.

“I am following the Divine Will- the very first divine principle is the Preservation of Life. By protecting Blaize, I am saving countless lives that would have been lost needlessly had I left him in that other Plane. His caregivers and loved ones, powerful though they may be, are no match for him. In this way, he can live and so many others can live too,” Purity bravely proclaimed.

“You cannot keep him here- you have chosen to go against Her Will. Your persistence in this shows you have chosen darkness and are no longer welcome here, Purity,” stated another Watcher angrily. They inched closer to her, weapons at the ready.

“Please- there is nowhere else for us to go- this is the only place I can protect him… It is the only place he cannot reach. Please, Delia- if he comes and doesn’t find him in those other Planes, he shall grow bored and go to another world to seek another like Blaize. I just need some time- just a few hours, mere minutes even… Please…”

“Purity, you have to let him go. You need to let events run their course… You must follow the instructions of the Creator without question. Please, return Blaize to his rightful place,”

“Delia, how can you say that? You’ve- you’ve read his book! You know what happens if he catches Blaize… How can that be right? Delia, we must protect him… We must not let him have Blaize… Please…”

“The Creator is All-Knowing. If She has instructed us to leave him be, it must be with very good reason. We cannot go against Her Will, Purity. Purity, going against the Creator’s Will is certain annihilation. Remember what I told you not too long ago? There would come a time when your faith would be tested and when you would have to abandon your will to Hers. A time when you would have to make a choice..”

“Now’s that time Purity. It is your chance to choose the light and return Blaize to his rightful place and time or to go along with your own will and be lost to darkness,” Delia stated.

Purity began to weep and she held Blaize close to herself as if he was the most precious thing in the world.

“Delia, please… You know that once he gets a hold of Blaize, he shall destroy him. How can I just let go of him knowing that? Please, I am begging you… I shall do anything to save his life, even give up my own life for Blaize. Please let him stay here a while… Just a short while, so little time for us, please…” Purity begged her Spirit Guide.

“Purity, I know it is difficult but you must let go of him for now. Trust the Creator’s Will. If indeed he comes and claims Blaize, it shall happen because She has deemed it fit. Nothing in this Reality occurs outside Her Will. Purity, insisting upon going down this ill-informed path is sure to doom your fate as well as Blaize’s. Please do not throw everything the Creator has given you away so lightly. Surrender your will to Hers for nothing is impossible for Her,”

Purity knew that there was no turning Delia to her cause and the Watchers were clearly baying for her blood and so she made the decision to run away from them and would keep running for as long as it took to keep Blaize safe.

She knew that it was only a matter of time before the Watchers caught up to them and was certain it meant death for her but she didn’t care so long as Blaize remained safe and away from his reach.

After several hours had elapsed and with nowhere left to turn, Purity got down to Blaize’s level and hugged him tightly. “Blaize, I am so sorry but this… this is my limit. I know the Watchers won’t harm you but at least I kept you safe for long enough. I hope that someday, somehow, you’ll remember me but I doubt they’ll let you keep your memories of me.”

“No! Purity, I don’t want you to die! Please… please don’t die,” Blaize cried desperately.

“They’ve caught up to us, Blaize. I am just glad I got to buy you some time. I doubt that he is still present in your world so I succeeded in my mission to keep you safe,” she stated, sighing with relief.

She turned to see herself surrounded by Watchers and tenderly kissed the top of Blaize’s head.

“No! Don’t hurt her! Please!” Blaize begged them but then he was suddenly enveloped by blindingly white ethereal light and he had to shut his eyes as he held onto Purity for dear life. However, it suddenly grew cold and dark as the Watchers’ ethereal light was suddenly extinguished.

Purity looked up and immediately shoved Blaize behind herself as they stared down at him. He observed them curiously and was more intrigued when Purity adamantly shook her head and stated, “No! You can’t have him. I won’t let you have him.”

“You are certainly a fascinating creature, Messenger, but your attempts to keep the boy away from me are futile. See I have even infiltrated this seemingly impenetrable Plane. Hand him over to me and live out the rest of your existence in peace or resist and meet the same fate your sisters have suffered,” he stated, his booming voice echoing across the Plane.

Purity stood up and stretched out her hands to protectively obscure Blaize from his view. “I am not afraid of you and I do not answer to you. I will do whatever is within my power to keep him safe,”

His face stretched out into a menacing and yet humorless smile but he was right after all. His power was unfathomable. Purity didn’t even have a half decent chance to launch an attack against him before she had been dealt a fatal blow.

However, in her last moments, she gave whatever power she had left to Blaize, to delay the inevitable for as long as possible, imbuing his aura with part of her essence so that a part of her would always protect him even when she was long gone from that world. Blaize wailed as Purity dissolved like the Messengers before her, in a blaze of blindingly white light and then sudden silence.

“Come along now, boy. There is no use fighting me,” he stated.

Blaize frightfully observed him until a sword pierced straight through the invader’s chest and he fell to the ground seemingly defeated. Blaize looked up to see Alyona yielding the Vajra in hand having just defeated the evil entity that threatened Blaize’s life.


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