Blaize grew increasingly stressed over the perfect world. He couldn’t quite explain it because on the surface, he felt happy but deep down, he knew that something was not right. He felt empty and unfulfilled despite the world having every good thing he could possibly have wanted.

The young boy tried to awaken his mother but she would not budge and both she and his father that never left her side, would turn things around and insist they carried out a family activity. He knew he should have been giddy at the prospect of spending so much time indulging in jovial activities with his parents but he continued feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Worse still, he felt lonely and isolated in a world of pure joy. He could not even bring himself to feel pain and he had no idea how to escape from the new reality he called home. If only he had listened to his mother and just wished that they were back home. It was true that he had suffered a lot in that world but there had been times when he was truly happy and not the false happiness he experienced in the perfect world.

And what had his mother said about their true home reality? That his father had returned? Had that been a lie to convince him to return or had there been truth to it? Blaize was surprised he would much prefer being lied to than being in the perfect world. Then he knew his mother could not lie- she was incapable of committing any sin after all…

He grew exceedingly desperate to escape and only stopped trying to exit from that reality to try and awaken his mother. It appeared that that reality had really wrapped his mother up in its deceptive goodness and she couldn’t fight it.

There were times he thought he could see his real mother behind the facade of that reality’s version of her but then she had done nothing to imply that he had gotten through to her. He had tried everything he could think of from crying out for help to telling her they were in danger but what danger could there possibly be in a perfect world?

Blaize had even tried to cause her pain but his mother taken it as some kind of new game and instantly healed without feeling actual pain. He had tried crying, truly crying but had ended up chuckling and then bursting into fits of laughter. He felt the thrall of that reality constantly try to eject any negative emotions he felt and replace them with the compulsion to be happy and at great peace.

Terrified, he prayed to the Creator for help. Surely the Creator would help him if he told her he was sorry, he reasoned. He begged and pleaded for Divine Intervention that did not come. Something inside him told him that the Creator was not in that world. Blaize was surprised. Surely, he had thought that in a perfect world with no evil, she would be stronger than in any other reality.

Blaize admitted it to himself- he should never play around with reality warping. Many weeks passed but he was the only one who had a sense of time passing in a world where the sun never set. He kept crying out to a Goddess that strangely did not exist in that world. Worse still, there were no books of magic or even magic schools in that place because everyone was gifted in magic and therefore, there was no need for school. He felt that there was no way out.

Blaize literally shut the world away. He refused to see or talk to anyone. His parents tried multiple times to get to him, even going as far as to force their jovial activities on him but he ran away. The more distant he got, the harder his parents tried to bring him closer.

His emotional and physical distance suddenly began to perturb Avery. Why was her son not happy? Was there such a thing as being unhappy? That didn’t seem right. What was the opposite of right anyway? Could a thing exist that was not right?

Yes, Avery concluded. There were ways things could be not right. There were places in the world where things were far away from being right. Just as she began to accept the concept of a world existing where things could be not right, she began to recall memories from the two realities she had thus far occupied. It all rushed into her mind and she screamed in horror.

“Blaize!” she screamed suddenly regaining her consciousness.

Blaize turned to her. Judging from the sense of urgency in her voice, he knew that his mother was fully awake.

“Mama, you’re back,” he said.

“Yes darling. Why did you bring us here?”

“I just… I wanted us to be a family- a real family. I was so angry because the baddies were the ones that- that took daddy from us and the ones that made you leave every time… I wanted a world where we could be happy,”

Avery nodded, grabbed hold of her son and tightly wrapped him into a bear-hug.

“You can feel it darling, can’t you? This place is not what you had hoped it would be,”

“But why Mama? Why does it feel wrong?”

Avery thought about it for a while then responded, “I know it is hard for you to understand this but sometimes bad things happen so that when good things happen, they can make us really happy. Bad and good things need to happen for us to feel truly happy. If we can’t be sad then we can’t really be happy. We are human after all,”

“But I don’t understand why, Mama. Why can’t we just be happy to be happy? Why can’t we all just be good?”

“Because if everything was the way it is now, we just wouldn’t be human. Humans are both good and bad. That is just the way the world works, honey,”

“I don’t want to go back, Mama but this… this isn’t right,”

“I understand why it will be hard getting back and I can’t promise that things will get better but at least we will be home,”

“Mama, please tell me the truth. Is Papa really alive in our home?”

Avery smiled and nodded. “Do you remember the explanation I gave you back in the other place?”

Blaize nodded. “He came back in a twin’s body?”

Avery nodded.

“Does he… does Papa want to see me again?”

“More than anything in the world,” Avery responded.

“And does he still love us?”

Avery hesitated but then nodded.

“Can we be a whole family again?”

“We can try,” Avery said.

Blaize sighed and nodded.

“Mama, we can’t leave this place. I tried everything I could think of but… but we can’t,”

“I think I have an idea of how we can escape,”


“We have to be bad, Blaize. Very, very bad,”

“But Mama, Purity hurt me by accident and she disappeared. What if we disappear too?”

“I think that we will be safe,”

“I’m scared, Mama,”

“I know baby but just trust me, okay?”

Blaize hesitated but then nodded.

Avery nodded. “Alright then, I need you to do something bad to me okay?”

“No Mama-“

“I know it’s hard but trust me. Everyone else in this reality can’t tell what is wrong but you and I can. That is why we need to hurt each other. Hurting one another and knowing how wrong it is will cause something called a Paradox to happen so that we can at least be free,”

Blaize was still hesitant but his mother profusely apologized in advance for the things she would do to him and in the next moment, he was writhing on the ground in pain. He knew he should feel terrible but he just kept laughing but the sequences of pain just kept healing up instantly and so his mother kept up the power she and all Alison witches possessed.

Eventually, he felt confident enough to begin hurting his mother as well as awful as it was. Slowly, he saw a small hole open up in the sky which got larger and larger as they continued hurting each other until it sucked and consumed everything in its path including both he and his mother.

“Mama,” he tried calling out to her in the vacuum of space but realized he had lost his voice.

They circled around for what felt like forever before he held onto his mother’s hand and wished that they returned home with all his might. When he awoke, he found his mother lying next to him on his bed.

“Mama, did we get back?” he asked her.

Avery shook her head but went about investigating. Everything appeared to be as it should have been.

“I think that everything is as it should be,” she reported to him.

Blaize breathed a large sigh of relief.

“Let’s get a bit more sleep, okay chap? We’ve been through a lot,”

Blaize nodded and fell asleep quite easily. Avery sedated the sleeping child as she made preparations to ensure their past escapades from warped realities were entirely forgotten.

Finally, all’s well that ends well or is the return to their reality just a facade? Stay tuned to find out 😉 In case you missed them, please find previous entries in the warped series below. Enjoy:

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