The Traveler Chronicles 8


Suddenly, Ada and Dewey’s Shades that had been conjured and tinkered with by the dark creature they had encountered that was holding Melody Harrington hostage were halted by an unseen force- field and the Creature growled in anger.

“No! That is impossible! You should not have access to any sort of magic in the Shadow Realm,” the creature barked angrily, growling menacingly to boot.

“Well, clearly you see that isn’t the case so why don’t you save us all some time and tell us what exactly you are and what you want with Melody Harrington,” Dewey stated bravely.

The creature snarled and then mockingly quipped, “What I am is something far beyond your understanding and I shall not waste my breath trying to explain myself to you. Now I demand that you tell me who you are and how it is you were able to perform magic in the Shadow Realm and I might just spare your lives,”

Dewey sighed. “Ugh, you are one of those deluded monster types that think every other Created Creature is beneath you. This is bound to be troublesome,”

“Do you think you have a prayer in defeating me? I will smite you where you stand,” it replied through gritted teeth.

“Big talk for a monster whose underlings cannot penetrate the simple magical barrier I conjured,”

“You think that you are so powerful that I shall not defeat you? You mortals and your hubris disgust me! It is only a matter of time which is unfortunately, not on your side,”

“You mentioned hubris, did you not? Are you sure that your own hubris shall not prove the source of your undoing?”

“Enough chitchat, wretched souls. It is time for you to die,”

The creature conjured more Shades under its control and used their sheer numbers to try and penetrate the barrier Dewey had conjured.

“Mind telling me how you can cast magic in the Shadow Realm and most importantly, why we couldn’t have just traveled here to observe Melody in the first place?” asked Ada in utter shock.

“Patience, niece. We don’t want to give too much away to the enemy after all. I just happen to have a several aces up my sleeves. I had anticipated we might end up in the Shadow Realm, therefore I prepared this lovely little surprise ahead of time,”

“Have you suddenly become Clairvoyant, Uncle Dew?” Ada sarcastically asked him.

“Ah, good. It appears you are in just the right mood. I am about to pull what is known as a Pro-gamer move, niece, so hold out a little bit more and lend me your strength,”

“You mean you’re going to channel my power, right?”

Dewey nodded. “The more power I can muster for this spell, the better,”

Ada nodded and observed as the corrupted Shades struggled to overwhelm the magical barrier as the Creature that had taken over Melody snarled as it observed them. Dewey uttered a summoning spell unlike anything Ada had ever heard. He chanted the same lines seven times consecutively and made seven very specific movements and as he muttered the spell.

As Dewey’s spell progressed, Ada felt her own mana deplete and give power to it. Soon enough, the intended effects of Dewey’s spell bore fruit and before him and Ada stood two powerful beings that looked exactly like Avery Alison.

“Mom?” Ada asked in utter surprise. However, Ada was certain that the beings before them were not like any other Creature Ada had ever encountered before despite bearing her mother’s semblance.

The Creature that had stood snarling at them was suddenly filled with fright at the mere presence of the powerful beings conjured by Dewey and it attempted to flee but the beings caught it and it continually begged to be released.

“What exactly are you?” Dewey asked it.

“I am a Dibbuk, my lord. Please- release me from-“

“Where do you hail from?” Dewey pressed on.

“The world ruled over by She who inspires fearful reverence in the hearts of all men…”

“How many of your kind are there in this Reality?”

“Several hundreds, my lord, scattered across the Timelines,”

“What did you want with Melody Harrington?”

“Her power, my lord, is unlike anything I have ever encountered in this world. By possessing her, I was able to take control of this world and conjure Spectres,”

“What is a Spectre?”

“My lord, it is an apparition borne of a Shade being given independence from its Prime. It utilizes the energy harnessed from the negative emotions collected by the Prime’s other bodies to come into being. Once it kills and assimilates the Prime body, it can reside in the Physical world for a time but it cannot survive outside the boundaries for too long…”

“The Shadow Caster Melody Harrington is capable of conjuring Spectres and controlling them with my power to aid her. Due to my possession, her own Spectre was able to take control of her but her strength of will forbade her Spectre from killing the Prime,”

“How is it that we were unable to detect Melody at all?”

“A Spectre is unlike any known being in this Reality. As such, it is able to fend off all forms of detection even from the most highly skilled Shadow casters. Prime Melody tried to send out signals for help but her Spectre successfully intercepted and hid them, my lord. Now please, since I have been nothing but cooperative, my lord, I beg you, please release me,”

“After everything you have done to Melody Harrington, did you think that it would be so easy for me to release you? Let the Valkyrie decide your fate,”

“No! My lord please-” the creature begged before being hauled away by the Valkyrie summoned by Dewey towards an unknown fate.

“Dewey, what the hell was all that? What is going on?”

“According to Ash, a doorway to a world of monsters was opened and before it was closed, several unknown entities such as the one we just encountered, spilled over to our world. It appears one of those creatures spilled over into this Timeline and possessed Melody and the result were the events that happened in our Timeline. Now that we have intercepted the creature, I suppose saving Melody in this Timeline should effectively save our own Melody,”

“Where are we going to find her? If the creature’s testimony is to be believed, then Melody’s Spectre is still in control, it won’t let us get to her, obviously,”

“Remember what the creature said? Melody has been sending out signals for help. I am certain that with the aid of a powerful Shadow caster, we should be able to get to her and save her,”

The Valkyrie Dewey had summoned helped them summon Prince Ismead from that time who was very surprised to be suddenly called into the Shadow Realm but after explaining all the strange things they had experienced, he was more than willing to help them save Melody.

With his help, they were able to find Melody whose Spectre was still in control of her. With a lot of power and Dewey and Ada aiding Prince Ismead, he was able to draw out Melody’s Shade and thus rob it of its autonomy from Melody. Melody was then able to fight for her autonomy and thus gain the upper hand.

Melody happily embraced Prince Ismead before turning to Ada and Dewey to ask who they were and how they had come to help her. Once safely out of the Shadow Realm, Dewey happily used his newly acquired memory restoration abilities on her and Melody recalled the previous version of herself in Reality and she immediately embraced Ada.

Ada gave out a sigh of relief as she embraced her best friend in tears.

“Huh, so you do care about me after all, Ada?” Melody teased her.

“Don’t let it get into your head,” Ada stated while rolling her eyes at Melody much to the latter’s amusement.

“Thank you for saving me, Ada. I owe you one big time,” Melody stated.

“But Mell, your dad- I am so sorry. I- tried to prevent that from happening but I wasn’t able to change his fate,”

Melody smiled feebly and shook her head. “That’s okay, Ada. Dad understands why he had to go to prison. Besides, I can always go visit him at the Super Max. I can’t see him all the time but at least I can still visit him from time to time,”

“Wait- are you saying your dad wasn’t executed?” Ada asked Melody in shock.

Melody looked at Ada as if the latter had lost her mind. “No, he got several consecutive life sentences so he is unlikely to ever get out of jail. Apparently, someone called in several favors and he escaped the Death Sentence that way,”

Ada breathed a sigh of relief on hearing that. She had no doubt in her mind then that her mother had been the one who had changed Sven Harrington’s sentence somehow. She made a mental note to make sure to thank her mother for sparing Sven from the Death Sentence as she happily spent time with Melody Harrington.


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