Blaize rushed out of the classrooms towards the lunch area searching for his parents and breathed a sigh of relief when he finally saw them seated at the table. He practically skipped towards them as he approached their table. He was as happy as ever to see this parents together, holding hands no less. 

He hugged his parents jovially but noticed that his mother lingered in on their hug and gently caressed his face afterwards whilst ensuring that he had come to no harm. Blaize then enjoyed the meal his beloved mother had so lovingly prepared for them as he asked them how their day was going. 

Emre enthusiastically commented of how happy he was to be on Vacation when he could focus his attention on his family but Avery was more than a tad bit distracted by the transparent display screen reflected on her left arm in the shape of a modern wrist watch.

“Honey, is everything okay?” asked Emre concerned whilst he gently run his hands across her back to comfort her.

“There’s been more Banshee attacks in Denary. The 100 missing witches turned up as Banshees. That’s more than the original 300 and then there’s another 400 feared turned and 100 missing witches. How is this not concerning?”

“Because we are a Green- Zone state, honey. We’re safe,”

Avery tried to pretend that she understood what that meant but her son was less successful in masking his surprise. 

“Blaize honey, please tell me you understand what that means,” Emre said concerned.

“I’m sure he does, Em, he is just concerned about all these attacks,” Avery defended him.

“Look at him darling… This is what concerns me more than the Banshee attacks… I mean we all know ever since She took power, there have been more of these Banshee attacks especially in Denary… Denary is a Red-Zone State… But this appears to stun our son as if… Avery, I am worried that our son is losing his memories.. I fear he may have caught some kind of disease. I think he should be checked out just in case…”

“No, Papa, Mama is right. I’m just… I’m really worried about the Banshees. They’re… They’re scary,”

“I still insist that we should have him checked out, Avery, just in case,”

“I don’t think that is necessary. I am the boy’s mother so I’d know it if he really needed it, right, darling? Trust my judgement,” Avery stated. 

Emre appeared conflicted about what was best for his son but ultimately gave in to Avery’s assertion. 

“Mother knows best,” he finally conceded shrugging his shoulders. 

Avery smiled. “Thank you, darling. Now Blaize, don’t let the gloom and doom distract you from your schoolwork okay?” Avery asked. 

Blaize nodded and smiled nervously. He engaged his parents during his lunch hour but couldn’t wait to ditch them the second the first bell after lunch sounded terrified that he had given too much away. 

“Avery, do you really think he is alright? He has been acting really strange all day,” Emre stated concerned. 

“I’m sure he is perfectly fine. He is a young pupil and probably has a lot going on but I don’t think it warrants too much worry,”

“Well, if you think so… And you? Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, darling. You were right about the travel lag. I just needed to lie down for a bit but I’m alright now,”

“Promise me you won’t overdo it this time,”

“I promise,” she said solemnly and Emre left her to her own devices. 

Unfortunately, things in that reality seemed to be spinning more and more out of control. Denary was undoubtedly overrun with Banshees and Mialand was slowly succumbing to the curse with more and more missing witch cases popping up. It was feared that the rise of the Banshees would affect even Green-Zone states like Pharland where Avery and her family lived. 

By dinner time, it was hard for Avery to maintain the facade of a happy, carefree wife and mother. The prevailing news stories centered on Mialand with headlines such as ‘The Fall of the Great Empire of Witches’ and ‘the Rise of the Wicked Goddess’.

As Avery put her son to sleep, she gently caressed his face and said, “Honey, you know you can trust me with anything, right?”

“Yes Mama,”

“Remember earlier in the day during your lunch break when I kept your secret from daddy?” asked Avery sweetly.

“My… My secret? Which secret is that, Mama?”

“You don’t have to pretend with me, Blaize. I know that you know the truth; that this world is not our own. Don’t you want to see Purity again? And our real family?”

Blaize hesitated and shook his head indicating disagreement with her assertion. 

“Are you sure about that? This world is so dangerous. So many people are dying because of Banshees and you and I both know that where we’re from, Banshees no longer exist,”

“But… but Mama, in the other world, you and daddy aren’t together. Papa is dead in that world and you’re- you’re never home. You are always chasing after baddies and I… I am happy here, Mama. I’m happy because I can be with you and daddy and… and grandpa Ember and grandma Anna and grandma Aurora and grandpa Leal,”

“But darling, they’re not real. I know it hurts baby, I miss them too, so much, but this Emre, he isn’t your real papa and neither are all the people here real… Someone bad sent us here and we need to escape before they get to us. I know it’s hard, darling, but you are my very special, brave young warrior and you always do the right thing just like your real Papa. Your real Papa was and still is a hero and if we can figure out how to get out of here, I promise you that you can see him again,”

“But… but Papa died, Mama,”

“Yes but… well, your Papa found a way to come back to us in the real world,”

“You’re- you’re lying about that,”

“I’m so sorry darling… I didn’t want to reopen your wounds; I wanted to protect you but I swear to you, your real Papa lives in our world… He came back to us but he… he is different because he came back in one of his doppelganger’s bodies… Remember what I told you about doppelgangers, sweetie? That they are like identical twin versions of ourselves in different timelines? Well, sometimes, in some special cases, we can become one with our identical twins which is called merging… Your Papa missed us so much that he merged with one of his doppelgangers and returned to us…”

Blaize shook his head confusedly.  His mother’s words made no sense until she took up a piece of paper and drew some doodles to explain the process of merging.

“Do you understand it now, sweetheart?”

“I… I think so,”

“So let’s get back to him so you can see your real Papa, okay?”

Blaize turned away from his mother guiltily. 

“Blaize, honey, what is wrong?”

“Mama, it’s my fault that we’re here in this world,”

“What do you mean, my sweet boy?”

“During my birthday, I made a wish- I wished that our family was never apart. I wished that we were all together and happy,”

“Sweetheart, be that as it may, I don’t think you created an alternate reality… Any boy who has been through all the pain and the hurt-“

“Purity and I stopped taking the medicines from school, Mama. We got back our powers. It was my wish that brought us here, Mama,”

Avery thought about that for a while. It was hard to believe that a 10 year old could be as powerful as to create an alternate reality. 

“I can prove it, Mama. Look, I’ll wish that we can live in a world where the Unspoken One and the evil one don’t exist- a good world that no baddie can live in and one where my real Papa never died and everyone is happy- one where Purity exists and… and I have more brothers and sisters and everyone is good and kind and there is no bad person,”

Avery was about to interject when she noticed her son had shut his eyes and was concentrating so deeply that he was squinting and murmuring under his breath hoping to exit from the alternate reality. She sighed as she observed her son with some part of her partially concerned that Blaize was really that powerful.


Warped Part 1

Warped Part 2 


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