The Sage of the Seven Seas


Protector Basil prepared to strike himself fatally to join his slain charge but was suddenly halted by an unseen force. He remained frozen watching his wife’s body begin to disintegrate into water bubbles in vividly slow motion. He tried to resist the unseen force anchoring him to the cruel existence he had been condemned to but was unable to.

“Come Denise, your spirit is now mine, join the other fallen Warrior Spirits, my daughter, become wholly thine,” Naunet muttered in the Sidhe tongue.

A small orb emerged from Denise’s body and headed towards Naunet.

“Yes, daughter, come to me, come and intertwine your essence with mine. Come and be one with me, your new goddess,” Naunet continued to mutter.

However, the small orb suddenly froze and remained suspended in time and space and Naunet was unable to bring it any closer.

“What is the meaning of this? Denise, do you dare defy your goddess?”

The orb tried to break through the barrier but was unable to do so.

“What is happening?”

“She does not belong to you, Naunet daughter of Nar. Leave her spirit be,” pronounced a disembodied female voice.

Naunet was shaken.

“How- how can it be- Alyona? Could it truly be- how-” she spoke.

“You are not mistaken Naunet, daughter of Nar. It is I, your Empress, come to deliver Divine Justice to you,” spoke Alyona suddenly appearing before the Sidhe.

“Divine- Justice? My Empress, I- I am only taking souls in honor of my beloved mother Nar. I have recently learned of her existence from my Melusine Amabel’s memories. She lives in form of an Entity- an amalgamation of her divinity as well as many other fallen Messengers of the Other. With the Sage’s soul under our control, all Oceanic life is ours to conquer,”

“I serve only the one True Goddess of this world and all existence, Gaia,”

“My-My lady, what are you saying? Is this a test of my loyalties? I am faithful to the Entity, I am bound to our goddess, I assure you…”

“You are mistaken in that , daughter of Nar. The Entity is nothing more than an abomination that shall be vanquished from this world soon enough. I serve Gaia and I offer you a hand in serving her as well,”

“How could you abandon your own mother in favor of worshiping her enemy, the very one who led to her banishment from the Seventh Heaven?”

“Because my mother was wrong- all of them were. They coveted power more than they loved their Creator and that doomed their souls for all eternity. I was wrong and for millennia I was doomed as well but- but not anymore. Gaia forgave me, Naunet just as she can forgive you in her Infinite Mercy and Goodness. I have slain so many of my Sidhe brothers and sisters. I no longer desire to take more lives. Accept redemption, Naunet and be saved,”

“Are you utterly insane? What blasphemy is this coming out of your mouth! I will not bend a knee to any other goddess but the Entity, the Goddess of Enlightenment. How can you be so blind? Gaia is not the ultimate goddess, there is another from which the Goddess of Enlightenment springs forth, the goddess for whom our parents were slain… Gaia is an evil goddess that slew our parents for knowing better…”

“Gaia stole the god-killer from the Other and used it against the Messengers that were faithful to the Other Being. She imprisoned the Other Being and defiantly sits upon the Holy Throne in the Seventh Heaven. Don’t you see the Entity simply wishes to be reunited with the Other? That it simply desires to become whole again by joining the Other. For how long shall you remain blind, Alyona, daughter of Ayarak?”

“You were right the first time around in proclaiming yourself a deity, a demi-goddess because we the Sidhe, the Nephilium, spring forth from the Other herself as do Fairies and Nymphs. We are equal to Gaia but higher than all her Created creatures especially the race she favors most- the Witches. The Other created it so we may be worshiped but Gaia is jealous of it and she wishes to monopolize worship. She is a goddess of confusion and has led the Nymphs and Fairies astray by making them believe that she is their Creator as well. Reject her brainwashing, Alyona, see the truth,” Naunet continued.

“All what you’ve pronounced are falsehoods generated by the Entity. Any assertion that there is a being greater than Gaia herself is the greatest heresy that has ever been pronounced. Why should She tolerate such pronouncements when they are so despicable, so untrue which is an attack on her very nature? We are all Created by Her. Anyone that proclaims otherwise is a blinded fool incapable of perceiving Universal Truths,” Alyona responded.

“You have your goddess and I have mine. Let us leave it at that,”

“I am afraid I cannot overlook your wicked intentions for the Sage of the Undine Pillars,”

“And how’s so? I won her soul fairly by having my beast defeat her in battle. She fought bravely but I ultimately won,”

“This was far from a fair fight as you well know as you exhausted her with fighting lesser beasts before pulling out your trump card when she was weaker than ever. You tricked her into battle with false hopes of producing an answer to her problems. You are therefore asked to give up her spirit. I shall spare your life if only you leave this placeĀ  this instant and do not threaten their lives any further,”

“Fool! I have already explained that her spirit is mine fair and square. Do not threaten me for you are the one that shall fall, Alyona,”

“Is that right? Then let us see if your beasts are any match for the Sidhe Empress,” Alyona challenged. Naunet took up the challenge conjuring thousands of beasts faster than the blink of an eye which Alyona vanquished equally as quick before summoning her final weapon.

Naunet gasped on seeing it. “How can it be- how can you summon… It should kill you instantly,”

“By Gaia’s grace I wield it- the Vajra, the god-killer,”

“It is my highest honor to fall by the very blade that slew my Mother and created my Goddess,”

“Then fall, Naunet knowing you were offered redemption and chose to spit in the face of Gaia herself instead,”

Naunet shut her eyes and fell by the sword and then the souls bound to the Lake hung about suspended in air.

“By the Power vested upon me by Gaia, lost spirits, I thee release,” Alyona proclaimed and the spirits all bid the call, no longer bound to Naunet or the Placid Lake.

Once they were gone, Denise’s spirit floated above its host body that was still deteriorating. Alyona squatted next to the partially deteriorated body which was being held strongly by her Protector, Basil.

Alyona lowered her face so that she was level with Denise’s nose and pronounced, “Denise, daughter of Ivania, it is not your last hour. By Gaia’s grace, may you be saved.”

Alyona then breathed life back into Denise through her nostrils and the floating orb immediately returned into her body which quickly reshaped itself back to its original form and she was dead no more.

Basil was stunned as the pain he felt for having lost his sole purpose for existing suddenly sprung back to life as if it had only been a nightmare. Alyona then disappeared as Denise embraced her husband once more. She sought the egg promised by Naunet to no avail. Both she and Basil looked around the Lake for as long as they could before giving up altogether.

However, several days later, a mysteriously wrapped package arrived at the Palace gates and the Chief Warrior raised the alarm with Protector Basil himself. He and his daughters rushed to the gate to inspect the package that contained a flurry of eggs of different colors and shapes with the central egg being the one Naunet had used to trick Denise into fighting with her for. Protector Basil took the eggs and kept them safely, assigning a guard to monitor them around the clock.


Phew, all’s well that ends well I suppose… Does this story look less familiar than it should be? With a wave of the Fantasy Fairy’s wand, may the path to the previous tale herewith appear;

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