Avery tried everything she could to bring her real son back but there was only so much she could do restrained to the bed and with a magic-dampening collar on her neck. She called out for help which promptly came in the form of a healer who finally set her free.

“What is going on?”

“All Chosen Ones have suddenly turned on the world… She commands them now,”

She does? You mean the Unspoken one?”

The healer nodded. “The very one that strikes fear into the hearts of men. Get out of here while you still can although I have no idea where you will turn to because nowhere seems safe,”

Avery nodded and quickly picked up her son and carried him away even as he continued to mumble in the Sidhe tongue. She tried opening up portals to different timelines but it appeared everywhere she went had the same result- the darkness of that world had spread like a virus on the altered reality and it appeared that its growth had no end in sight.

In some brief instances, Blaize would sigh and appear to win against the darkness but then it would just pull him under its thrall once more and it made sense that it did… Blaize had some Chosen One blood running in his veins and as such, whatever dark curse controlled the Chosen Ones, was taking root in his own soul.

Avery was unsure of where to run to but had the sudden idea to access the altered reality’s version of the Dyson Sphere she and her real family used in times of dire need. What that led to was, not the salvation she had hoped for but dire peril worse than what she had bargained for.

In the altered Dyson Sphere, she finally met with the Unspoken One, the dark One of that universe and she gasped on seeing that it was none other than Alyona herself. This version of Alyona was what the Agency of her time had feared in a worse-case scenario- the Empress of the Sidhes embracing darkness.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Alyona pronounced. There was nowhere to run and Avery was suddenly at the mercy of the Dark Empress.

“How could a silly little witch like you find my most blessed abode-my Sacred home?”

Avery kept her mouth shut but suddenly her senses were overloaded and caused her to spit out, “In my reality, this Dyson Sphere is mine and my family’s home base.”

“In your reality, you say? Interesting. Are you a reality warper? Then I must thank you for helping me realize my dream. The world is at my mercy and I suppose I have you to thank for it all but we can’t have you ruining all my hard work now can we? I must end your miserable existence right now,”

“Do whatever you want to me but spare my son’s life,”

“Your son is quite powerful- he has Chosen One blood running in his veins; he shall be instrumental in my total assimilation of this world which shall be bathed in my glorious ascension’s light,”

“Before I die, I suppose you could at least offer up an explanation,”

“An explanation, you say?”

“How did you take over this world so quickly? I’ve been here for what, a couple of weeks and you’re already the goddess or whatever. How did you do it?”

Alyona cackled and it chilled Avery to the core.

“It was quite simple, really, albeit taking a lot of hard work and a lot of time. The same blade that the servants of the false goddess used to slay my Divine Mother and other enlightened messengers of the Other, the god-killer, is allied with me. I simply stole the power of the very first Elemental Fairy to wield it and was granted the ability to yield it after absorbing her power. I then summoned the sword to myself using the Grand Grimoire and used it to slay the Watchers that opposed me.”

“The blessed Vajra helped me absorb the powers of the Watchers I slew and now, I have enough power to enter the Seventh Heaven and find the Creator goddess. Once I get to her, I shall slay her and the world shall finally be mine. I am almost tempted to let you live long enough to see my dreams and that of my Beloved Mother, Ayarak, turn into reality,”

“And what about Purity? Does she accept this new found destiny of yours?”

“Purity? Am I supposed to know who that is?”

Avery suddenly understood. In that altered reality, Purity had never existed and so Alyona had never had a reason to want to change from her past ways and had instead embraced total darkness.

“Where I am from, you have a daughter named Purity. I never imagined how important she truly was in the destiny of the world but now I see it. You are a much better person with Purity in the world than without her,”

Alyona cackled some more. “It appears that you know me in this reality of yours but it matters not to me right now. You have served your purpose and now, upon your blood shall my righteous new world be birthed,” Alyona said raising her hand to set Avery ablaze.

Avery shut her eyes begging for her son’s forgiveness as she perished in the hell fire conjured by the Unspoken one. She wondered when the pain would end and prayed for a death that did not come. Soon, she opened her eyes and saw what was undoubtedly a Messenger of the Creator right before her very eyes. Her son was still asleep but stirred in his sleep, still murmuring in the Sidhe tongue.

“You must be… are you… a Messenger of the Creator?” asked Avery in shock.

The Messenger nodded. “Your people refer to me as Delia,”

“You’re that Delia?”

Delia nodded. “We do not have a lot of time, Avery Alison. I have spent a lot of energy bringing you and your son here. I have lent my strength to your son so that when he awakens, you may find a way out of this reality and destroy it,”

“What do you mean destroy it? There’s people living here- there’s-“

“If this reality continues to exist, then it will threaten all others that exist. It must be purged from the universe or else the Unspoken One will soon threaten your world,”

Avery nodded. “How can we escape? We don’t even know who created this reality or why… I am sorry I failed this world,”

“This world was created by your son, Avery Alison. It was borne of the wish of a lonely child who yearned for his family to be whole again ,”

“Wait, that cannot possibly be true. My son just turned 10 years old. How could he create an entire altered reality?”

“Your son’s destiny is great as is his power. There is a Messenger in your world named Purity. She unwittingly lent her power to your son, which in addition to his own great power created this reality. You must remember all what you learned from this reality and do everything in your power to ensure it does not happen again,”

Avery still found it very hard to believe that her son was truly capable of such great power. The Messenger soon placed both her hands on Avery’s face and her senses were suddenly overcome with images, sounds, odors and other sensory information showing her the apocalypse brought about by Alyona. She did not realize it but when she was fully conscious, she found that she was screaming in terror.

“This world is too far gone, Avery Alison. The visions I have shown you are the lessons you must never forget. This fate awaits your reality if you do not completely destroy this one,”

“But how can we even destroy this reality?”

“When the time comes, your son will know. Hurry up and awaken him and leave this goddess-forsaken reality. I hope that I can see you in your reality… someday,”

Avery shook her head but did as instructed and just as her son focused on getting them away from the altered reality, Alyona appeared and fought against Delia. The last image Avery had of the altered reality was of seeing the Messenger impaled on the corrupted Vajra, the god-killer sword by the Unspoken One.

Blaize destroyed what remained of the reality and it simply blinked out of existence as if it had never been.

“Don’t worry Mama. I promise you that this time, we’re going somewhere much better,”

“Blaize honey, let’s just go home, okay? I think we’ve both had enough of reality warping,”

“I promise that this place we’re going to is much better than home. It’ll be a place where no evil can exist- a good world,”


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