The Lake Guardian


“Of course I declined Oralie’s not so generous offer to essentially abandon my goddess and make a soul contract with her but I can tell you now that in circles in the underworld, where people are not too keen on having faith in the Creator, Oralie’s offer seems to be the only assurance of staying safe in this impending Apocalypse. The threat to the deep will, after all, threaten all life on Earth, not just Oceanic life,” Amabel stated as a matter of fact.

“How many times shall our Reality face Armageddon?” Skip asked rhetorically, dumbfounded by the Universe that seemingly seemed to be hurling all end of the world scenarios it could at their Reality.

After a pregnant pose, Maris asked Amabel, “Did your goddess or that Oralie, was it,  offer up any wisdom as to what the specific threat we face was?”

“They did not speak its name. All I can tell you is that we aren’t fully prepared to face it and we should possibly be ready to face a monster with god-like strength and that it came from their world,”

“Surely attributing the creature’s strength to a god is an over-exaggeration and cannot possibly be true! It is our destiny to defeat it, right? Gaia would not have told us we could defeat it if there was truly no chance for us to do so. That is just what your goddess and her sibling want- to scare us out of our good senses. The worst thing we can do right now is lose faith,” Skip stated.

Amabel shrugged. “Your goddess will save you and her people then, I guess. I think it is safe to say that I am no longer included in those plans and should find some other means of surviving,”

“That isn’t true, Amabel, you were chosen to be the Second Heroic Melusine to fight alongside me, the Sage of the Undine Pillars and the Second Sage of Light. The prophecy made still remains as it was, unchanged,”

“Then it must mean that I am meant to be a sacrifice of sorts to whatever that thing is. I will not submit to that thing, whatever it is. I wish to keep my life, thank you very much,”

“No one says you have to be a sacrifice-” Skip began but then he was suddenly interrupted by the sudden appearance of another vision bubble of Princess Iara.

“Skip… It appears the threat has began to manifest… It suddenly started raining heavily across the world- across the Realms,”

“What?” Skip asked worriedly.

“She’s right, Skip, it started raining here too,” stated one of his doppelgangers from an Alternate timeline suddenly appearing in the Primordial Lake. Several of Skip’s doppelgangers then began popping up and reporting the same thing.

“What is the meaning of this? I thought the threat sprung from the Ocean? Any of you guys seen what it is and any explanation as to why it is suddenly raining everywhere all of a sudden?” Skip asked his doppelgangers particularly those from timelines that were far ahead his own.

They all shook their heads.

“Isn’t it strange though, that none of us has encountered the threat to the deep yet? Not even you guys from 2025 and beyond?” Skip suddenly realized.

“Now that you mention it, it is pretty strange,” one of his older doppelgangers stated.

“So what is this threat and why did it suddenly manifest three years earlier? How are we going to defeat it if we do not even know what it is?” Skip asked his doppelgangers.

Before they could consult any further, Skip, Maris and Amabel were suddenly transported to a magnificently large room, lined up with large tables all containing large volumes of books. The room itself contained a mysterious yet powerful aura to it with several unidentified runes marking nearly every visible surface they could see.

The windows were all made up of Church glass of an unknown make and quality, radiating the same mysterious energy the whole room seemed to possess as well as depicting several Undine races’ heroes and heroines. Where was this magnificent place and how had they come to be there, Skip wondered?

Before long, the doors of the room opened and a beautifully clad Sage walked in with her Protector walking right besides her. Skip then surmissed exactly where they were and whom had summoned them there. He bowed reverently and his Protector followed suit and even Amabel, in spite of her disdain for all current events, bowed reverently.

“Good evening to you all. I apologize for the sudden summoning but time is of the essence, after all,” stated the woman, her voice booming across every corner of the room. She then paused, looked at her watch and a few seconds later, the Sage of the Undine Pillars and her Protector Basil, appeared before them.

“My lady,” Queen Denise stated with a reverent bow.

The Sage’s Protector unsuccessfully tried to hide the smile on his face. It was rather strange to him for his Queen to bow before his charge. His charge turned to face him with a stern look but then ended up chuckling along with him.

“Your Majesty, Queen Denise, pardon my saying so but it is quite a strange thing to have you bow before me considering up until now, it was I who bowed before you,”

“It is prudent that I humble myself before a Sage of your stature, my lady. You have liberated me from the trance I had been unable to break out from. I- I am indebted to you,”

“Ah yes, that… It is a somewhat strange side-effect of being attacked by a god-like entity. Seers most affected by whatever the entity is begin to chant in Celestial speech to forewarn about it,”

“Is a god-like entity going to attach us, my lady?” Skip asked horrified by the realization that Amabel’s prediction panned out to be true.

The Sage nodded. “The rain was only the beginning. It is the god-like entity’s MO so to speak. The rain is embedded with her malevolent energy too and once there is enough of it, that’s when her beast shall manifest,”

Skip was too terrified to ask for further clarification.

“Oh, before I continue, I need to ensure that all of us are present,”

She waved her hands and uttered a spell the others couldn’t decipher and suddenly, a man appeared before them all. The gathered parties were all surprised save for the Sage and her Protector.

The man was tall and rugged-looking, intimidating to those who looked at him. He searched about the room until his eyes settled on Amabel then he got down on bended knee as if proposing marriage to her much and Amabel was so stunned by it, she froze.

Before they knew it, the man had sworn allegiance to her and then for the benefit of those stunned by his actions, “The name’s Kenzo Blake. I’m Lady Amabel’s Protector.”

“What?” Amabel asked in shock.

“You didn’t think the Creator would leave you to fend for yourself in such dire times, did you?” the Sage inquired of Amabel.

“No, no… But that’s impossible… I no longer belong to the Creator. I… I serve a different goddess,”

“Perhaps that is true, Amabel, but that does not negate your chosen Destiny. It was written that you were to be a Heroic Melusine and therefore, a Protector was chosen to accompany you on this quest…”

“The Creator still loves you, Amabel, more than you can ever know. You may return to Her whenever your soul is ready and she will willingly take you back. You need not worry about Ilya or Oralie or even this threat we face. The Creator will protect and save you. Always,” the Sage stated with a smile.

All gathered were stunned and remained silent until the Sage of Light interrupted that silence by stating, “Right, now, back to the matter at hand. All of Reality shall be under attack from a malevolent fallen goddess named Llyr or more popularly known as Maelstrom…”

“I want to make it clear that she is a very powerful entity that loathes every living being. She will not stop until she has entirely devoured our worlds and left nothing standing in her wake. Defeating her is going to take nothing short of a miracle and we must abandon the illusion that we alone are powerful enough to stop it…”

The mood in the room was chilly and they all began to tremble in fear.

“However, once our illusion that we alone can stop it has been shed, we can begin to realize that there is only one true way to defeat Maelstrom. Maelstrom maybe more powerful than we can possibly comprehend but our Creator is far more powerful than her. The Creator has revealed to me exactly how we can go about defeating her…”

“However, our path into actualizing the Creator’s Plan of Salvation from this fallen deity is difficult and wrought with challenges. Our faith shall of course be tested and our belief in the Creator’s power shall prove our ultimate salvation or damnation.

“Esteemed ladies and lords, the attack of our Reality by Maelstrom shall begin… now…” the Sage stated waving her hands in the uninterrupted flow of water at their current location making a large vision bubble appear. For several moments, there was nothing to be seen but soon afterwards, they heard a bone-chilling squeal emerge from the skies.


What beast has Maelstrom chosen to attack their Reality? Shall this Reality survive the attack of the fallen Deity? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts are listed below. Enjoy and thanks for sticking around 😉

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