Avery awoke hoping she’d get back some sense of normalcy than she had the previous night but she felt even more confused than ever. Her husband was already up and about getting their son ready for school. She hastily got out of bed rushing to lend a hand but found that Emre had already taken care of everything quite easily on his own.

Once done, Emre volunteered to take Blaize to the hyper-loop vehicle terminal reserved for pupils like the latter. He promised he would wait until Blaize was in the actual mobile transportation unit before returning home to his beloved wife. Both he and Blaize competed to see who could hug mom the fastest and each planted a loving kiss upon each cheek.

Blaize walked with his father to the Terminal and in no time, a hyper-loop mobile transportation unit showed up and Blaize and a few of his friends joined him inside the unit.

Blaize appeared to be searching for someone among his friends before suddenly asking his father where Purity was.

“Purity? Who’s that?”

“My best friend, Papa. Where is she?”

“Your best friend, you say? I haven’t ever heard you speak of her before. Are you sure you even have a friend named Purity?”

Blaize appeared momentarily confused before shaking his head and saying, “Forget it Papa! I- I meant my- my best imaginary friend, Purity. I- I’m sorry,”

“Well then, I hope you find Purity soon or else you and your other friends will be late to school,” Blaize stated before proceeding to look for ‘Purity’ with his son.

“I found her, Papa! She was in the loop all along using her shield of invisibility,”

“Then why did she not say so before? We were all so very worried! I will have to write a letter to the Queen of Imagination-land to complain!”

“No, Papa, no need. She’s- she’s learnt her lesson. I- I will see you and Mama after school right?” Blaize asked hopefully.

“Blaize, are you feeling okay today? You know very well that we will see you you much sooner than that! We always have lunch together, remember?” Emre asked his son worriedly.

“Oh- oh yeah. I’m sorry I forgot… I’m feeling okay, really! I’ll see you and Mama at lunch,”

Emre smiled and nodded then waved at his son as he finally settled into the transportation unit which then shot off at high speed towards school once it was securely shut. Emre then walked home and found his wife completely zoned out looking at the transparent display screen.

“Avery, darling, are you okay?” he asked her delicately.

Avery pointed at the screen in shock. “I thought we had completely gotten rid of them… How can this be?”

Emre walked up closer to the display screen and read the breaking news headline featured that read, “Banshee Attack in Denary- 200 feared dead, 100 witches missing.”

“What do you mean? Banshees have always been a huge threat in our world. They’ve been expanding their territory by turning Witches and you know it has been like that ever since She took power,”


Emre was stunned to silence.

“Who is She?”

“What’s going on with you and Blaize? I thought he was the only one having an off-day but looks like you are having one too,”

“What happened to Blaize?” Avery asked him worriedly.

“Nothing too big. He just seemed to think that his new imaginary best friend Purity was actually real. And then he forgot about how we have lunch with him everyday. I found it very weird. And now you think Banshees were fully eradicated from our world and you don’t know about the wicked one whose name strikes fear into the hearts of man,”

“Emre, I- I told you last night- I feel like- like something is amiss. I- I had very vivid dreams last night about a place- about people that- that are not the way they should be. I- I don’t know what is happening to me,”

Emre immediately held her tightly in his arms and said, “You always overwork yourself. See what travel-lag can do to you, sweetheart?”

“Travel-lag? What are you even talking about?”

“Seven successive trips across Seven different Realms in seven different timelines, Avery, even if it is for your work or even your blog, I think that was more than a little excessive, wouldn’t you agree? You never listen to me anyway though so…”

“What trips are you talking about? And what type of blog are you referring to? Why does it seem so unfamiliar to me?” Avery asked even as she consulted her memories of the same.

She recalled memories of traveling across the Magical Realms and documenting about her travels on her inter-dimensional- travel blog. She even did reviews of Magical Realm countries across different timelines. That was part of her Travel agency job which she adored.

“Avery, I think you need to rest more… All that travel is doing you more harm than good,”

“I- I think I’ll lie down for a bit,” Avery agreed nodding to her husband’s advice.

Emre smiled and nodded. “Massage?” he suggestively asserted.

“Maybe later?” she responded dismissively before walking away towards her bedroom. She tried to sort out her conflicting memories not sure which ones were real and which were fabricated.

Had Banshees always been a threat, especially in the year 2050, timeline Delta 1? One set of memories seemed to support that possibility while others that were slowly fading away, implied that they had been eradicated a long time ago thanks to an initiative spearheaded by… someone

Avery could not recall who spearheaded the initiative or even why she would know such information. She moved onto the next train of thought… Emre had stated that even when Banshees had been a threat ever since the Unspoken One took power. Who was she?

She was the one whose name struck fear into the hearts of man. But what was her name? Why couldn’t Avery recall the name of the greatest enemy of their known universe? She was a purported goddess descended from the Other Being- a Being she claimed exceeded the Divinity and Power of the Creator Goddess. She claimed greatness equal to that of the Creator Goddess… But who was she?

Avery sighed as she got back under the covers and looked up to the ceiling. She felt as if her entire world was dangerously spinning out of control. Why was everything such a mess? Why was she suddenly losing memories and why were things that should be familiar feel so foreign to her? She shut her eyes and tried to shut out the memories she thought were fabricated. Avery soon fell asleep and more confusingly vivid dreams followed…

Avery was a Protector of Silver Elite status and had graduated in the Protectors’ Academy Class of 2037 two years earlier by virtue of having been a Junior Protector prodigy (in the International Junior Protectors’ Club present in every magic school in the Magical Realm) prior to joining the official Protectors’ Academy. She had achieved Silver Class for the amazing strides she had made in fighting the Entity and was a prime candidate for Chief Protector and definitely up for a promotion to Golden Elite Class…

The Entity was the greatest evil the world had ever faced… She fought against it bravely precisely due to the fact that she had lost so much to it- her parents were killed by it, even her Emre… It had led to much misery and pain in her life and it had turned her into the woman she was- a lethal, heartless psychopath on a path of revenge…

Avery stirred awake suddenly. She remembered everything about her real life… This world was not her own… The Emre her mind tried to convince her was her doting husband was not her real Emre and she knew then that she and her son were in grave danger, somehow stuck in an alternate reality.

She quickly searched about the house looking for weapons of any kind and prepared to meet her son up for lunch at the appointed time. Her mind was still a confused mess as she tried to separate the alternate reality’s fabrications from the world she knew but she managed to find the coordinates required to open up a safe portal to her son’s school.

The alternate Emre tagged along with her as usual; none the wiser about her awareness of the fabricated world she and her son were suddenly a part of. Both she and Emre awaited their son at their reserved table…



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  1. Reading through your magical stories. Hun, it’s a thrill. 😍🤓. More and more and more. Have books out, I will buy the whole collection.


    • Wow… I am really and truly humbled and flattered… Thank you for taking the time to read through. It is my greatest joy to hear that you enjoy my stories! They are here for you and my other wonderful fans! Thank you for your support!


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