Friday, 26th November 2020 had began as a seemingly normal day all across the Magical Realm before Armageddon had suddenly broken out and against all odds, Amabel, the infamous Lady of the Placid Lake, had been the savior of the world. She had gone to bed that night feeling smug about saving the world, laughing at the irony of it all but it was a wonder for her to have gone to bed at all considering her circumstances…

The crimson rain that had showered all across the Magical Realm had been an excruciating experience especially for those unfortunate enough to have gotten it on their skins; the pain similar to acid being poured on raw skin, penetrating straight through it.

Controlling the Placid Lake had been an unexpected gift she had received after giving up her soul to the goddess Ilya but she too, had not been spared by the crimson rain water’s effect which had made it hard to breathe and see clearly. The Placid Lake did not insulate Amabel from suffering the same effects as the other unfortunate people caught in the rain.

When Amabel opened her eyes the following morning, she expected to find herself surrounded by those murky crimson waters but surprisingly, the waters of the Placid Lake were as crystal clear and calm as ever. Surprised by the sudden turn of events, Amabel ventured to the surface and observed her immediate surroundings, gasping at what she witnessed.

It was as though Armageddon had never happened to begin with. There was an eerie calmness that Amabel did not expect from a world that had just arisen from Armageddon. Had Ilya taken pity on the world and reversed the effects caused by her wrath being incurred? Amabel hastily offered prayers of gratitude for Ilya’s consideration but when her mind wandered to a place unknown where she saw Ilya in person, she would soon learn that her assumptions were wrong.

“Amabel, I am flattered that you thought that I was so noble that I sought to repair the damage that I caused the world due to my wrath but I cannot take credit for this. This is the work of the goddess, the one whom your people call Gaia, the Creator Goddess. She reversed time itself and so the events that occurred on November 26th 2021 never happened at all,”

“My lady- what do you mean by that?”

“It is no longer November 26th 2021 to begin with. It is November 12th 2021 when the events leading up to Armageddon began to unfold. For starters, my followers were spared from their fate from the very beginning; the cruel fate of being used as ritual sacrifices to the Entity…”

“The worshipers of the cult of the Entity now know better than to attack my followers because they, like you, have been allowed to keep their memories of what happened on that day but… Gaia has made it very clear that she shall not tolerate my physical presence in your world a second longer…”

“She sent Her Messengers to undo the damage I did and to make the people forget about my very existence. This is the greatest revenge she could exert on me, daughter, for gods are impervious to most attacks on us but- but the worst thing that could ever happen to a god would be to be forgotten as this is the equivalent of starving off a god.

“Once gods are truly fully forgotten, they cease to exist entirely. By chasing me away from physically interacting with this reality, she has essentially deprived me of the nourishment of true worship and is threatening my very existence…”

“But… that is so unfair, my lady. You have faithful and devoted members to your cause and we need you. How can we be deprived of your goodness? How can you be so cruelly taken away from us for casting righteous judgement on those that harmed us?” Amabel asked her.

“Amabel, this Reality, it does not belong to me. It belongs to Gaia. All of creation bends to her Will. She has tolerated my influence on her Creation for far too long and though She is slow to anger, I pushed her too far. If I push further, I am afraid that I shall incur her wrath and I won’t be able to stop her,”

“My lady, you are a very powerful deity in your own right. Why do you fear Gaia?”

“There is not a god or goddess as powerful as She is. I have no chance up against her. Listen closely to me, daughter… Do not ever go up against Gaia. It won’t end well for you…”

“Then how will you answer to our prayers if you cannot physically access this world?”

“My powers shall reach you, daughter… But I cannot so brazenly defy the command of Gaia. And besides Gaia, I am afraid I did one of the last things I’d hoped I’d ever do which was to draw unnecessary attention to your Reality,”

“Oh? How’s so, my lady?”

“My actions attracted the attention of my sister, Oralie and I have no doubt in my mind that she has already reported back to our father, Ull,”

“Your… sister? Is she a powerful deity too?”

“Yes, indeed. My sister is a powerful deity in her own right,”

“Please do not offended by my question but… how many siblings do you have apart from Oralie?”

Ilya did not respond which was far scarier than if she had answered Amabel directly.

“I pray that your father loses interest in this Reality,”

“I hope so too, daughter but I shall give my life for you and my other faithful followers, if it comes to that,”

Amabel thanked her before retreating to her own mind and pondering the conversation. When she returned to the Lake, she found Skipper, the Lake Guardian, his Protector Maris and a few others waiting for her.

“Hello, Stranger? It’s been a while… two years in fact but… well, we finally found you,” Skip asked her.

“What do you people want from me?”

“The truth. For starters, we want you to tell us everything you know about Ilya,” Emre stated seriously.


Shall the Lady of the Placid Lake reveal who Ilya truly is? What shall become of the world now that Ull knows of this reality? Stay tuned to find out. Unfamiliar with Amabel? Worry not. Begin the journey of discovering one of the Magical Realm’s most infamous villians by following the links below;

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