The Traveler Chronicles 4


“It appears your interaction with the two realities you and your son both traveled to has caused you to acquire new abilities,” Director Shaw calmly explained to Avery.

“Really?” Avery asked flabbergasted.

“If you’re up to it, I would like to show you exactly what I mean,” Director
Shaw stated. Avery nodded and followed behind her until they were safely in the Director’s office before viewing the recorded footage of their procedures in awe.

“Do you recall doing this?” Director Shaw asked Avery. Avery shook her head but then her face brightened as if a light bulb had suddenly come on in her brain and she stated, “The strangest thing that I recall is that I think I had a nightmare that my son was in danger. I felt a deep desire to be beside him to protect him. When I got to him in the nightmare, my son was terrified but when he saw me and after I comforted him, he felt safe. The next thing I knew, I was in the Med Bay.” 

“I think you need to make a decision on what is best for your son concerning these new found abilities. You erased his memories of his experiences in these realities but he has these abilities none the less and… as long as he doesn’t understand them, I believe his life shall be in grave danger.”

Avery thought about it for a while before saying, “I think you are right. The best thing I can think of doing for now is sealing up these abilities, at least until he is older and can make his own decisions. However, to do that, I think I need to involve his father,”

“You need Emre’s involvement? Whatever for?”

“I have kept him in the dark for way too long and as much as I hate to admit it, my son needs his father as much as he needs me. This decision I’m offering him shall be like a peace offering to buy us his cooperation and above all, for the well being of my son,”

Director Shaw nodded. “Very well, I trust your judgement in this. However, do it quickly as you can for the more time elapses, the harder it will be to keep him safe,”

“I’ll do it right away, Ma’am,” Avery assured her. Director Shaw simply nodded.

“This goes without saying but, we’re glad to have you back in our
reality, Protector Alison,” stated the Director.

“It’s great to be back. Please take care of my son while I’m away,”

“Of course. Hurry,”

Avery immediately opened up a portal to the Dyson Sphere to meet with
Emre. Her best guess was if Emre was presently in the Sphere, he would be by his father’s side therefore she made up her mind to start by seeking him in the Administration Complex.

For several moments once arriving at the Dyson Sphere, Avery’s senses were overloaded by vivid flashbacks of the first alternate reality she had been to. She got so lost within the horrors that had been that everything else within her own reality faded away entirely and she could almost even see silhouettes of the Unspoken one from a distance, heralding the apocalypse of that world.

A gentle tap on her shoulders brought Avery back to current reality and the Protector turned to see her mother’s doppelganger looking worriedly at her.

“Mom?” she asked.

“Hey honey. Are you okay?” Aurora asked her worriedly.

“I… I am. Is Emre here?” 

“Emre? Haven’t really seen him around lately. Why? Is everything alright?”

“Sure, I just need to speak to him,”

“Are you sure that’s wise? Didn’t you guys have that nasty fight just
last week?”

Avery shook her head. “It’s important,”

“Is Blaize okay?” Aurora asked worriedly.

“Yeah, he is. I’ll… I’ll explain everything later,” Avery stated before rushing up to the Administrative complex to access Ember’s office. Without hesitation, she burst into the room already calling out for Emre.

“Avery? To what do we owe the pleasure?” King Ember stated surprised by her behavior. Avery  was barely able to register that King Ember and the rest of his family were all present in the office. Emre was momentarily stunned as he gawked at Avery.

“Emre, we need to talk. Now,” she stated urgently.

“What in Gaia’s Green Earth is this about?” King Ember asked flabbergasted.

“Please, Emre, this concerns our son,”

“My son? Where is he? What has happened?” Emre asked her terrified.

The whole family was equally as terrified and remained astonished beyond belief.

“Avery, where the hell is he? What has happened to my son?” Emre asked her urgently.

“He is safe for now but… there is a decision to be made concerning him and it requires both of our consent,”

Emre nodded and immediately exited from the room without a moment’s hesitation.

“What is it?” he asked her worriedly.

” Well, I just discovered that our son is among the strongest reality warpers that has ever lived. He created two separate realities in which we spent weeks in and as a result we developed powers- powers that are far too difficult to handle for a boy his age,”

“Our son can create alternate realities? And where is he now?”

“He is currently in our reality with Director Shaw,”

“Why entrust that woman with our son?”

“She’s currently the only one besides us who knows the truth. I’m sorry, Emre. I’m sorry that I kept you from being with him. I thought it was best for him but if there is anything I have learned during my time in those realities it is that he needs us both,”

“So are you going to allow me to see my son?”

Avery nodded. “But first, I need to tell him all about you coming back. I had his memories of our time in the separate realities erased. I felt it would traumatize him too much if he remembered,”

“I trust your judgement on that. When do you plan on telling him about me?”

“As soon as I am certain he is safe and properly healed. One of the unforeseen consequences of being in both realities was that our nanites got fried so we had to get flashed,”

“Is he recovering well?”

“I need to speak with you privately, Emre, before we decide if we can get others involved. I’m sorry King Ember but this involves me and Emre first as his parents,”

Avery nodded. “We both recovered in record time. It was part of the abilities we acquired as a result of spending time in the alternate realities, which brings me to our biggest concern. Emre, I think we need to seal those abilities in our son until he is old enough to understand so that he doesn’t injure himself,”

“But how will he learn how to use his powers if they are sealed away?”

“He will learn eventually but right now- Emre, how can we, in good conscience, just allow him to access these powers? It was really difficult getting back to our reality. I think his experiences would cause too much trauma and I think that for his own protection, we need to prevent it altogether. Right now, I think the best thing we can do is allow him to have as normal of a life as possible. When he is old enough to understand, well then he can make up his own mind on how far he wants to go with his powers,”

Emre thought about it and then nodded. “I’ll leave everything up to you,”

Avery smiled and nodded.

“And you, how are you holding up? You said you were in those realities for weeks?”

“I’m just fine. It wasn’t easy… Unlike our son, whenever I entered the reality, the memories and identity I have in this one would be replaced by the new reality’s memories and identity. I’m just glad I woke up in each reality in time,”

“What kinds of realities were they?”

“The aim of each of them was where we were both together with virtually no obstacles in our way but inevitably, they ended up failing,”

“Why did they fail?”

“Well, in the first one we became a part of, it fell under darkness while in the second, we lost true free will. It was for that reason that we had to return to this reality,”

“Did you incur any injuries in these new realities?”

“None that we haven’t already recovered from. Well then, I am glad I have your consent to seal up Blaize’s powers. I’ll let you know when you can come see our son. I’ll let you decide whether you want to involve your family in this. I trust your judgement,”

“Thank you, Avery. This is the greatest gift I have received this festive season,”