Avery’s Baby

Avery was still majorly disoriented as she recalled the very vivid dream she had just had concerning her daughter’s doppelganger and the aftermath of the latter’s interference in her timeline. The Healer working on her observed her for several other moments before very calmly trying to bring Avery’s foggy mind back to the present.

“Ma’am, are you back with us?”

“Uh…” Avery stated shaking her head several times as slowly, she started to reorient herself with her present surroundings.

“Ma’am, I need to make sure you are fully back with us. Do you require a therapist or-“

“No need for that, I’m good or really as good as can be considering my present circumstances. Em, we need to go looking for our son- we need to get on that as soon as possible,” Avery stated hastily trying to get out of bed but realizing she did not possess the strength to do so.

“Why do I still feel so weak?” she asked the healer worriedly.

“Ma’am, you just pulled out of a four-month long coma and I do not wish to add to your burden but from my examination, I am able to determine that you are currently experiencing the first stage of labor,”

“What?” Avery asked confusedly. She then looked down at her mid-section to find that she was rocking a baby bump and remembered that before she had fainted, both she and Emre had learned that they were having a baby.

“Ma’am, I will call for a team so we can successfully deliver your baby safely but I need for you to take some deep breaths and remain grounded in this world. We want to cause as little distress to the baby as we can, alright?”

“How can I be in labor? I just found out I was pregnant. I didn’t even think that it was possible for me to have another child- this all feels like a dream,” Avery stated instinctively placing her hands around her baby bump.

“Avery, please take some deep breaths,” Emre stated nervously, sitting on her bed and holding both her hands in his.

“Em, what’s been going on? I was in a coma? We just lost our little boy- we have to start searching for him right away. The longer we wait, the less the chances of getting him back. Let’s get to Director Shaw and- and-” Avery began but before she could even finish her statement, the first contraction hit her like a ton of bricks and everything else became a blur as her labor transitioned through the stages of labor.

Four hours since she awoke from her 4 month long coma, Avery delivered her second child, on October 29th 2053 at 4.00 P.M. The speed healing ability she had acquired kicked in and in two hours’ time, Avery was up on her own two feet again, Emre seated on the edge of her bed watching over her worriedly.

“Where is she, Em?” she asked worriedly.

“Oh, the hospital staff have her. They’re just attending to her to make sure she is alright. How are you feeling yourself?” he asked her worriedly.

“I’m alright, Em but has it really been four months? It feels like just yesterday that thing abducted our son,”

Emre sighed and then allowed the tears he had held back for so long pour down his face. He collapsed onto her laps and wept.

“Em, what’s wrong? Are you in any kind of pain?” Avery asked worriedly.

“I have failed you, Avery and I have failed this family. I tried so hard to get him back, Avery. I did everything. I dragged my family into it too but we haven’t gotten anywhere. I don’t know where he is and what that thing has done to him by now and I am terrified,”

“Em, this isn’t your fault! Of course you tried everything in your power to save our son. It’s just that we are up against something far beyond our knowledge. Did you try summoning Ilya? She might provide meaningful insight into what Ull is truly capable of not to mention take us to where he is,”

“Ilya hasn’t been seen or heard from for months, Avery. I don’t know what Ull did to her but not even her followers have been successful in summoning her. So for now, we have been left in the dark about her and Ull,”

Avery nodded and consoled Emre as best she could and he looked up.

“We have a daughter now, Avery. Do you have any idea what we should call her?”

“Adalyn,” Avery stated almost robotically.

“Adalyn? Any particular reason why?”

“It’s the name she prefers,” she answered mechanically.

“How’d you know that?” Emre asked.

Avery shook her head as her memories of Adalyn’s doppelganger began to fade away. “I just… do,” she responded.

After a thorough examination afterwards, the healer finally instructed the nurses to bring Ada back to her parents and Avery held her protectively in her arms, enchanted by her very existence.

“She looks just like you,” Avery dotingly mused to Emre.

“But she has your eyes. And your hair,” he stated lovingly, kissing the top of her head and also observing their daughter in awe.

“Ada,” Avery pronounced lovingly. It was hard to believe she was capable of having so much joy and grief all at once. As she cuddled her daughter, the memories of the strange dream she had had began fading away, something randomly floated into her mind that she pronounced out loud. “Delta 3,”

“I’m sorry, what?” Emre asked.

“The answers we seek are in Timeline Delta 3,” Avery stated boldly.

“Honey, how can you possibly know that for sure?”

“I… I don’t remember how I know this but something… or someone from there knew something about our future and she tried to change it,”

“You’re not making any sense, darling, who is this person and how could she possibly know a thing about our future?”

“Please trust me on this, Em. In particular, try looking into the year 2077,”

“What does the year 2077 in that timeline have to do with our present circumstances, Avery? Where are you getting this?”

“Bear with me, Em but I think that I had a dream about it. I don’t remember the details anymore but it had something to do with our son. Someone from there came here to change the future. I cannot recall who she was or even how I know it was a she but I am plenty sure that she was from D-3, 2077 and it had something to do with Blaize. She might be the key to finding our son and saving him from Ull,”

“I’ll talk to Director Shaw about it but only report it as a hunch. Meanwhile, I insist that you get a thorough mental exam done to see if you are under any type of psychic attack,”

“I’m not… It was just a dream but it was too vivid not to be real, Em. Please trust me on this,”

Emre nodded. “Very well. I’ll follow it up with the Director,” he stated immediately getting up on his feet and rushing towards the door then turning to her and walking right back.

“Is everything alright?”

“I forgot to tell you that our baby isn’t the only bundle of joy our family has received recently,”

“Is… is that right? Did someone else get pregnant during this time?”

“Well, she was pregnant the night of the Debutante Ball but never got around to telling everyone until it was too late to hide it. My love, you are now an elder sibling,”

“Wait, what? Mom had a baby?”

Emre smiled and nodded. “Barely a month ago. It was a huge surprise to everyone most especially your dad,”

“I can hardly believe it. My mom and I both got pregnant around the same time. So, do I have a baby brother or sister?”

“A baby brother. Aurora and Leal decided to name him after both their dads so he is Dewey Harmon Alison,” Emre proudly announced.


Even in the midst of great tribulation, not all hope is lost. Two lovely babies enter the world of Elenaverse with great potential. However, shall Blaize be returned to his loved ones? What does observing Delta 3 have to offer to our troubled heroes? Stay tuned to find out!

  1. The Traveler Chronicles 8: Adalyn’s Tale