The Covenant


Avery and Director Shaw observed the possessed Amabel in awe after her goddess, Ilya made a proposal to join their side if it ever came to their Reality facing off against her family.

“I understand that something of this kind has never happened before and you therefore need time to process it and learn more from it. Since the Druidic Ancient Tome of Lemuria favors you, daughter of Aurora, perhaps it can offer more insight into what a Covenant with a god truly entails…”

“Either way, I am patient and shall wait until you are comfortable enough to make the Covenant with me but if I were you, I would not take too long as my siblings and even my father could easily appear in your world whenever they please,” Ilya stated calmly.

“Wait… What was that about the Tome of Lemuria?” Avery asked after several moments of awed silence had passed.

“The Ancient Tome that has attached itself to you belonged to a race of people from Lemuria known as the Druids. However, they crossed paths with a former sibling of mine and incurred the Shtriga curse but not before that sibling, my lost brother, had imparted the knowledge contained within its pages. It was their ambition that proved folly in the end as they thought themselves transcended from being merely the Created. It is my brother that cursed them before he expired from existence.”

“A fair warning to you, if I may, daughter of Aurora, as the Messenger has already made it known to you, the Tome is insidious and seduces all its users with the knowledge contained within its pages but one must be cautious or else get lost. Its sweet lull is rather difficult to resist especially when one comes to depend upon it and once you are fully under its spell, it turns you into a mindless instrument to serve whatever biding it sets a course upon,”

Avery gulped in fear of learning the true origins of the Druidic Tome of Lemuria and what would happen if she gave into it completely. It was frightening knowing that a Tome could convert its users into nothing more than mindless servants to serve an unknown purpose.

“However, if you consult the pages of the Tome, bearing in mind this warning, daughter of Aurora, then you shall learn of the Covenant the Druids had with my slain brother. You will see what entering into a Covenant truly entails and shall have all the knowledge required to advise your spiritual leaders accordingly. I shall patiently await your answer. You need only call to me and I shall appear before you, daughter of Aurora,”

Avery gulped yet again but nodded.

“You need not fear me, daughter of Aurora and daughter of Ashley, I am not your enemy. I need only the assurance that my followers are not harmed and I am allowed to grow my following in peace and in return, I shall fight and end any of my siblings or my father should they decide to attack this world,”

“Very well, Ilya. You have given us a lot to think about. We shall call to you when we are ready,” the Director stated. Amabel nodded and then disappeared straight through the puddle she had emerged from and just then the door burst open and several elite Protectors came crushing into the room.

“Director, are you okay?” asked Protector Agarwal, the team leader of the elite force. Her team scowered the room using every bit of magic and technology available at the time to ensure the danger to the Director was no longer present.

“Oh well, I’m alright now, Protector Agarwal, just from having a good old chat with an old friend,”

“Director, are you sure?” asked Protector Agarwal suspiciously. She had some team members inspect the Director and Avery to ensure they were not being influenced by any kind of malevolent energy or otherwise influenced by any kind of technology.

“They’re clean,” Protector Smith assured the team leader.

“The room is giving off crazy spiritual energy. I’d advice we continue the conversation outside for the room to be warded, Ma’am,” commented Protector Velez.

“Director, Protector Alison, after you,” stated Protector Agarwal, ushering them out of the room. Right outside the office, a very worried looking Aurora and Leal were waiting.

“Are you guys okay?” Aurora asked them both worriedly.

“We’re fine, mom, really,”

“What happened? I heard that a lock-down was initiated,” Leal stated worriedly.

“Well, it was just a little visit from an old friend,” Director Shaw repeated.

“An old friend?” Aurora asked skeptically.

“It was Amabel,” Avery offered.

“How was the Lady of the Placid Lake able to pass through all the wards in this building to get to you?” Protector Agarwal asked concerned.

“She is a cunning, resourceful one, Protector Agarwal, especially when there is something she wants,” Director Shaw responded.

“We clearly overestimated our knowledge of her and her powers, it appears. We need to up the ante, it appears,”

“Yes, yes, please get on that right away,” Director Shaw stated dismissively. Protector Agarwal and her team immediately dispersed to carry out their orders. Director Shaw, Avery, Leal and Aurora all found an empty room where they could talk in private and the Director explained everything that had happened in the room to them.

“Avery, I would advice that you avoid using that Tome from now on. Now that we know what it is and how it operates, I don’t think it is worth the risk using it again,” Aurora stated as a matter-of-fact.

“Weren’t you listening, mom? The only way we get to understand what making a Covenant with Ilya entails means accessing the Tome and learning from the Druids’ history,”

“The Druids made a Covenant with a god and look what happened to them. It simply isn’t worth the risk for you to do any further research. It came from Lemuria right? I am sure the Director will allocate enough resources in that Reality for us to safely acquire that knowledge. Surely the Tome cannot be the only Book containing such knowledge,” Aurora countered.

“I agree with Aurora, Avery. No more consulting the Tome. I shall get some of my best men on that but I shall not tolerate you taking any more risks. You aren’t in this fight alone,” the Director sternly stated.

“How long do you think that is going to take, Director? We are wasting precious time. For all we know, Ull and his surviving children have already resolved to attack our Reality. We don’t have a prayer of beating them without Ilya’s help,”

“It will take however long its supposed to Avery but it is no longer justifiable for you to be lulled by the knowledge in that Tome. It is clearly evil and seeks to serve its own wicked agenda,”

“It is our best shot, and you all know it,”

“Avery, just for once, stop being so stubborn. If Ilya herself warned you about using that Tome, it is only wise for you to listen. Your son still needs his mother and Emre needs you too. Please, honey, listen to us,” Aurora stated.

All were in agreement and that pissed Avery off enough for her to storm away from them. By the time she got home, Leal had already briefed Emre on all developments.

“Avery, please, for the sake of our family, I am begging you, back off this. Leave that Tome be,”

Avery sighed and went to bed and when she fell asleep she dreamed that she was in a beautiful land, in a village that appeared to have nymph-like creatures living there. Intrigued by their splendorous beauty, she was drawn to the people living there and observed them in awe.

The villagers did not seem to notice her and so she went around the village admiring their way of life until she felt a piercing set of eyes gaze at her and she turned around to see one of those creatures staring intently at her.

Frightened, Avery attempted to run but the creature spoke softly to her saying, “Do not be afraid, daughter of Aurora. I am only your spirit guide on this quest.”

“My… what?”

“Your resolve brought your spirit here, to the land of my people, the Druids. You seek knowledge pertaining to making a Covenant with a god. I shall guide you until your thirst for this knowledge is sated. I am the Druidic Priestess, Clymene,”


What has Avery stumbled upon? What knowledge does the Priestess Clymene have to impart on Avery? Stay tuned to find out. Previous entries in this thrilling tale are listed below. Enjoy!

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