Blaize woke up in an unfamiliar room and searched about it nervously. The room was covered from end to end with every possible toy he could have ever wanted and so after a short while, after gaining his bearings, his worry waned until it was no more.

The first thing he noticed about being in the pure world was how at peace he truly felt. He easily smiled from ear to ear as he observed his toys. Blaize could not even bring himself to worry about whether his mother had made it to the new reality of his making safely and just trusted that all was well.

A few minutes later, the door to his bedroom was knocked and his parents came to greet him. Emre grabbed hold of him and rough-housed him playfully and Blaize could only laugh until his sides hurt. His mother was more tender and it appeared that her memories of the previous reality they had escaped from seemed erased and replaced.

Blaize was happy to see Avery so happy and appear to be so at peace. He was happier to see the love between his parents being as strong as it was. His parents could not look away from each other for far too long and he felt proud to their son.

Blaize played with his parents to his heart’s content before heading downstairs with them to have all his favorite confectionery delights. He gladly feasted on as many sweets and desserts as he liked simply because he could. Despite all the food he consumed, his tummy did not hurt and so he could indulge more and more with no end in sight.

The young boy bid his parents adieu to go outside to look at the perfect world’s suburban neighborhood where they lived. Unlike the previous reality, this one had his best friend Purity and her mother and father were both there as well, good and pure.

The new world’s sun never set and the skies were a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors reminiscent of a child’s coloring book. There were mythological creatures there as well, all innocent creatures that made playing all the more exciting.

“I never want to leave this place,” Blaize happily exclaimed.

“Why would anyone ever want to leave?” Purity asked him. He shook his head and played with her to his heart’s content.

Blaize rushed home and found his parents together happily gazing into each other’s eyes. He smiled from ear to ear and then rushed to his room. The sun had yet to set and he did not feel tired but he still hopped onto his bed and looked about his room with delight.

When Blaize shut his eyes, he was glad to see that he had the option to sleep but only for recreation purposes other than being tired. The dreams he had were pleasant and consistent with the perfect world and when he awoke, his parents were there to greet and play with him.

His merriment went on for days and he felt happier than he’d ever been but after a while, he begun to feel empty and he could not explain why. Everything in the world was perfect- there was no disease or famine or hunger- all suffering and pain had been removed from the world and yet after the never ending days continued into weeks, Blaize felt increasingly empty and unfulfilled.

Blaize begun to realize something was amiss in the seemingly perfect world and yet he was not worried about it at all. The peace that pervaded his mind and heart never departed and it was impossible for him or anyone he interacted with to be anything but happy. In fact, the ear to ear grin he had spread across his face never went away.

After several carefree weeks, he finally approached his mother and asked to speak to her alone.

“Nonsense, my sweet boy. We are a family. There are no secrets between family,” Emre stated. Avery nodded emphatically.

“Your papa is right, Blaize, honey.”

“Mama, I… I think I messed up again,”

“Messed up? What is that?” Avery asked him confusedly.

“I… I brought us here because I thought… This… This place is… it’s not what I wanted it to be,” Blaize said.

Avery shook her head all the more confused.

“This world has no baddies in it. I thought it would be best for us. I don’t… Mama, I don’t understand why but I… I think I made a mistake,”

“What is a mistake?” asked Emre surprised.

“Mama, you have to wake up so we can get out of here,”

“But I am awake. I am wide awake or perhaps you want us all to sleep and share a dream?” Avery suggested.

“What an excellent idea, my love! A dream without you or Blaize is a dream wasted. My love, I miss you so very, very much when I lucid dream. I hate being away from you even for a second. I do dream of you, of course, but I’d rather be with you every second of every day,”

Blaize was terrified to see his father look so possessively at his mother and yet he could not even bring himself to feel scared. His heart’s rhythm only deviated from the norm for a few minutes then resumed its regular beating. The peace that pervaded his mind and heart remained effervescent and compelled him to keep smiling through it all.

“Come, come, our dear, lovely boy. Come and lucid dream with us,” Emre spoke to his son. He grabbed hold of Blaize and Avery and they all rushed to his parents room.

Blaize decided that the best way to awaken his mother was to create a lucid dream that would depict the real world. He tried everything he could to display the bad memories he had had including his most painful memory of losing his father. However, the bad memories could not be displayed in their shared lucid dream because they were bad and nothing bad was allowed in the perfect world…

Blaize hastily arose and rushed outside. It was still daytime and the sun never set. He wanted to cry and despair but could not do so, the peace of the world compelling him to remain happy and smiling. He wished for evil to come to the world but it did not happen.

“Hey Blaize, let’s go play in Cotton Candy Forest,” Purity suggested suddenly appearing in front of him.

“No! I will not go with you… I… I need to get out of this place. It’s creepy,”

“What’s creepy mean?” Purity asked.

“This world… there is something very wrong about it. I need… I need to get out of here,”

“Why would you ever want to leave this place?”

“Something’s not right here. I don’t… I am not really happy here,”

“But everyone is happy here, Blaize. We are all very, very happy. What else is there except being happy?”

“I just… I wanted my family to be happy. I wanted the world to be nothing but good. I never… I never wanted this,”

“But your family is happy. We are all very, very happy. Aren’t you happy Blaize?”

“I can’t even cry! I thought that this is what was best for us… I thought that this world would be perfect and that Mama and Papa could finally be together and with me but… something is wrong. I think this place is… there is something wrong,”

“What does wrong mean?”

“It is when something isn’t right,”

Purity appeared perplexed by what he stated.

“How can I leave this place?”

“When something… when something isn’t… when something isn’t right? But… how… how can that be? How can something be anything but right? How can something be… how can something be wrong?” Purity murmured confusedly.

“I need to get out of here,” Blaize said.

“Something not right… something wrong… Blaize, can something be wrong? How… how can something be wrong…” she continued muttering to herself.

“How do I wake my Mama?” Blaize wondered aloud.

“Something wrong… what would be wrong… can I be wrong?” asked Purity in confusion. She then begun to laugh as her entire world was turned upside down by a concept she could not quite grasp.

“Blaize, teach me the ways of wrong… Tell me how to be… how can I be wrong?”

Blaize shook his head feeling as if he was losing his mind. Purity violently shook him maniacally laughing.

“Teach me to be wrong,” she insisted. Blaize was terrified.

“Stop it- Purity you are hurting me,” Blaize said.

“Hurting?” she asked surprised before simply blinking out of existence leaving a terrified Blaize staring after her.

Blaize immediately ran to his house screaming. His parents mimicked his actions jovially.

“I’d forgotten how fun it is to scream. Let us scream louder!” Emre said jovially. They screamed for hours on end and Blaize ran to hide in his room. He shut his eyes and tried to concentrate on getting to their actual reality regretting ever wanting to come to the world without evil but as was the case the first time round, he was unable to return to the true reality he called home.


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