Blaize finally stopped squinting and slowly opened his eyes to see his mother looking at him worriedly. She gently patted his hair and whispered, “Blaize, listen to me, okay honey? Someone very bad and dangerous brought us here and we are in grave danger. The only way we can stay safe is to keep pretending that we’re part of this world, okay? I will do everything in my power to keep us both safe but you have to play along, okay? Keep being the brave, strong little warrior you have always been and we’ll be out of here soon. Don’t trust anyone here, okay?”

“But Mama-“

“Promise me you’ll do as I’ve asked, Blaize,”

Blaize sighed but nodded.

“Alright, try and get some rest tonight. We shall talk more in the morning, okay honey?”

Blaize nodded and dragged himself off to bed. His mother tucked him in and kissed him goodnight before leaving his room and heading towards her own room.

Avery was terrified by the realization that she and her son had been thrust into the alternate reality they were suddenly a part of and there was no doubt in her mind exactly who was responsible for it but it didn’t make sense why the Entity or her servants would want to cast Avery and her son into an alternate reality of their own nefarious making…

In this alternate reality, the Entity did not exist or at least not in the form that she was used to. Had that been its intention, Avery wondered? Was the Entity worried that Avery and her colleagues had discovered a breakthrough means to destroy it and had therefore altered reality itself to change the rules of the game altogether?

If this was true, Avery was terrified because she knew stopping the Entity would be harder than ever especially since it had somehow managed to access the powers of a reality warper. She barely slept a wink that night trying to figure out how the Entity’s reality warper would have constructed the alternate reality she and her son resided in and how she could possibly save both of them from whatever nasty surprise the warper had in store for them.

More Banshee attacks were reported and the nation of Mialand had fallen just as Denary had. The attacks were getting more frequent and more devastating which Avery took as a sign of the Entity gaining more traction. She tried everything she could think of to try and get the reality warper responsible to reveal himself or herself but to no avail.

As the cloudy morning descended into a stormy afternoon, she received a phone call from Blaize’s school that he had unexpectedly collapsed in the middle of class. Avery immediately dropped what she was doing and rushed to the school’s hospital wing and sought her son to no avail.

Avery was so hysterical, the school had to administer a mild sedative to calm her down. Once the sedative took effect, she suddenly fainted and when she arose, she was no longer in the cozy school Hospital Wing but on an actual hospital bed, handcuffed to the bed railing.

It appeared to Avery that the reality warper had finally decided to make his move and she struggled to find a way to get out of the handcuffs.

“It’s no use struggling, the cuffs won’t budge,” Emre said calmly.

Avery ignored him and struggled to break free more hysterically than before.

Emre sighed. ” Oh, just so you know, you really had me, whoever you are,”

Avery continued to struggle, ignoring his pronouncement. There had to be a way out.

“Are you even Avery Alison?” he asked her.

“I’ll answer that as soon as you tell me where your Master is and what he specifically wants from me,”

“My Master? What are you on about? If there’s some explaining to do, it is all for you to do. What do want from me and my family?”

“I wasn’t the one that created this twisted alternate reality. What kind of twisted puppet master pulls your strings? Did he think just because he used you and my family replicas that I’d get jitters? I will do whatever it takes to save my son from this wicked world and that includes vanquishing you and any other puppets of your Master conjured without a second thought,”

“How bizarre that you should threaten me when you are clearly what’s wrong with this world. Who do you work for? What wicked deal do you want make in exchange for my wife and son’s safety?”

Stuck in an endless deadlock of who the real puppet master of the altered reality was, Avery realized that Emre in that reality had no idea that he was fabrication and in fact truly believed that he was real while she wasn’t the real Avery. It appeared that the proverbial man behind the curtain of that reality was more powerful and gifted in fabricating the world than she had thought and that frightened her more.

“Listen Emre, whatever you plan on doing to me, well, that’s up to you but please keep my son out of this. He is an innocent child and- and no harm should come to him,”

“Whatever that thing is and whatever you are too… you’re… you’re nothing more than monsters and you underestimated the lengths I would go to save my family. I will do everything I can to save my wife and son even if that means… even if that means going against my own morals,”

“And what would harming my son achieve? You say you want your wife and son back and I want exactly the same thing… For my son and I to leave this world so that it can continue being whatever hellish plain it wishes to be. Locking us up or even torturing us won’t reveal a thing,”

“I’m not an idiot. I know the second you are set free, you’d escape with my wife and son still merged to you. Until I find the means to reverse whatever merging process you used to latch onto my family, you are not going anywhere,”

“If any harm comes to my son, I swear upon his life that I will kill every last one of you, if that is what it takes. Not a single hair on his head should be touched, do you hear me? You have no idea who you picked a fight with,”

“You don’t scare me and you’re the one who picked the wrong family to mess with. You have no idea whom you’re dealing with. I will be victorious and you will be nothing more than a nightmare once I’m done with you,”

Avery sighed and tried though she did to escape from her predicament, she was unable to escape. A lot of healers and scientists came and went from her room conducting all manner of tests on her and she was worried that her son was being subjected to the same.

Emre came to visit her every single day to see whether his beloved wife had returned. All manner of exorcist rituals were performed to no avail and no magic in the world yielded the results he had hoped.

“Alright, I give. Please tell me what you want with me, foul daemon, and be on your way. I will give you whatever you desire just so… just so I can see my Avery again,”

“I demand to see my son again,”

“You can only see him when I am fully satisfied that I can see my wife and son again,”

“Well, look at it this way. If we have truly merged with your wife and son and there isn’t a way to reverse it, then technically, I am your wife and my son is your son as well. I am your Avery, right? Then… then why imprison your family? What is worse- completely losing your wife and son or having them back albeit a bit altered? Besides, if we really wanted to harm you, wouldn’t we have done so already? We’ve had plenty of opportunities so why would we waste them and risk getting captured?”

“I cannot pretend to understand the inner workings of psychopaths like you so get on with it. State your price and leave my wife and son alone,”

“I have already given you my price… I desire only one thing- to see my son,”

Emre sighed and left the room in a blind rage. For several days later, he did not return to the hospital. However upon Emre’s last visit, Avery was finally allowed to see her son and was relieved that he had not come to any harm.

“This is all my fault, Mama. I should never have wished for this world… I just wanted us to be a family again. I missed both you and daddy so much that I wanted the evil one to be gone so that we could be happy and when I tried to fix it, everything just went wrong,”

“Blaize, this is not your fault. I told you that this world is the making of a very dangerous dark sorcerer but Mama is going to catch him and bring him to justice,”

“Mama, it is my fault. Why don’t you believe me? I wished for this world to happen and it did- it’s my fault we’re-” Blaize begun but just before he could complete his statement, he suddenly begun to scream as if he was in agonizing pain.

“Blaize! What is going on, honey?” she asked him in a panic, turning to face Emre who had collapsed on the floor.

Suddenly, Blaize’s eyes blanked out and became obsidian black and he begun to speak in what Avery understood to be the Sidhe tongue.

‘Our goddess has ascended. Bow down in worship or be slain,’ he repeatedly stated alternating between the Sidhe tongue and several other known languages including the English language.


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