The Acts of Purity


Purity sat in the butterfly yoga pose with her eyes firmly shut, breathing in and out slowly through pursed lips. There was the reassuring sound of rushing streams in the background that had helped Purity focus and remain in her meditative state in the timeless void she had first encountered Primordial Chaos. In the search for self, Purity had discovered a new source of energy namely; Chaos energy.

Chaos energy was a type of Celestial energy, beyond all Existence, that was highly unstable due to its disordered nature. All Creators of all conceivable created universes had mastered the ability to not only harness Chaos energy but to use it to bring order. Since making her breakthrough discovery, Purity had began to research the means to access it and utilize it.

Purity always conducted her experiments in the timeless void to avoid any negative repercussions befalling any Created worlds she inhabited. To be able to access the energy, Purity found that she had to be in a meditative state before summon it into the void and absorb it. However, manipulating Chaos energy had been proven difficult due to its volatile nature.

She felt a sudden burst of energy as Purity absorbed Chaos energy once more. She tried using the power but it failed yet again. She sighed and resumed her deep-breathing meditating exercises but found that the discourse of her own thoughts drowned out the peaceful sounds of passing streams playing in the background. Purity then opened her eyes and ruminated on her thoughts.

Purity usually split her consciousness between the void and the Celestial Realm which the Divine Messengers occupied so that she could appear at a moment’s notice when required. At the moment, the Celestial Realm was in disarray over the Battle of Avala; the grudge war between the Lunar-Titania and Empress Weylyn of Timeline Alpha 31. As was the common practice, Divine Messengers mostly stayed out of the wars of Created beings. However, on some rare occasions with instructions from the Creator, the Watchers were at the ready should their intervention be required.

Although the odds unfairly tipped in favor of Empress Weylyn’s side with the introduction of Furies, the Watchers had not deemed their intervention necessary. However, as the war’s events unfolded, the Furies ferocity became impossible to ignore and the Watchers became involved when it became apparent that the Furies were under the influence of the Keres. As the physical battle waged on, a fierce battle began involving the Watchers and the Keres. The Furies who usually gave the Watchers a wide berth did not withdraw from the battlefield, still under the malignant influence of the Keres.

Surely, Purity thought, the Watchers and Keres were evenly matched and she could continue with her research into Chaos energy. However, Purity found herself unable to turn away her full attention from the battle. If the Keres were present, then Purity knew their leader couldn’t be far behind and though Purity would have wished to have properly mastered using Chaos power to ensure victory against Achyls, she knew that she had to be present the second the Keres’ leader showed up to the battlefield.

However, the Keres continually falling to the Watchers and even the Furies slowly began to pull back from battle. For several moments afterwards, the battlefield was once more reclaimed in favor of the invading forces that still outnumbered Avalan forces despite the catastrophic losses suffered due to the Furies intervention in the battle. The Watchers were almost done clearing out the Keres when the second wave of Keres entered battle.

Another fierce battle was waged on in the Spiritual world unbeknownst to most of the invading and Avalan forces whose battle in the Physical world persisted. The second wave of Keres proved far more formidable than their counterparts and the Watchers struggled to keep their attacks at bay. However, the Watchers soon proved victorious and the second wave was soon extinguished.

A few seconds passed before a third wave of Keres went into battle and they were even stronger than the waves before. More Divine Messengers were dispersed to deal with the latest onslaught of malignant Messengers but even with the Divine Messengers greatly outnumbering the Keres, they struggled to hold them back. Purity was surprised the third wave was that powerful even in the absence of their leader and strongly contemplated joining the battle herself to help the Watchers.

‘Purity,’ she heard a gently but firm voice calling out to her. Purity knew the source of that voice immediately and she fell prostrate to the ground in reverence.

‘Purity, arise, my child and observe,’ stated the voice. Purity bid Her command and observed the battlefield keenly. She saw the Watchers and Keres battle wage on and found that she could zero in on individual battles by keeping her gaze affixed on the Spiritual battlefield. She found that other than seeing that the Watchers were greatly outmatched, she could not pick up on any further information from the battle scenes that would give the Watchers an upper hand. Was she missing something?

‘Look deeper, child,’

Purity did as she was told and saw beyond the battlefield, beyond the Physical and Non-Physical world and in the spaces in between Reality and Unreality, seated on a high horse’s saddle, was an unfamiliar and yet terrifying being. Purity knew right away that the rider of the crimson horse was none other than the second horseman of the Apocalypse and one of the Primordial Chaotic forces; War.

Purity did not only perceive the physical embodiment of War but felt its chaotic hunger for strive. This hunger had permeated the battlefield and had infected the Keres, filling them with the Chaotic energy they used to gain the upper hand against the Watchers. The death toll continually rose as the battle was waged on both Spiritual and Physical fronts and it became apparent that War would not be satisfied until all warriors were vanquished.

‘I have to stop it,’ Purity thought but how would she be able to vanquish War itself? If she had successfully mastered Chaos energy, could she have used it against War? In that moment, she completely surrendered the notion of being the one to defeat War. She prayed, defeated by the thoughts of her inferiority in the face of the might of the Second Horseman.

‘Child, you are more than capable of harnessing that power and defeating War. It was summoned here by the malignant creature calling itself your archnemesis. That creature purposefully summoned it for you to defeat because saving the world from War will not be without consequence…’

‘Be that as it may, it is your destiny to master that ability, Purity. I am counting on you,’

Purity pondered the Creator’s words but she was stunned at the reveal.

‘Achyls summoned War? And what consequences shall befall the world if I use Chaos power to defeat War?’

‘Yes, that wicked creature summoned it from the power it borrowed from its true Master. Using Chaos power is necessary and it is the only way to truly keep War back. However, invoking the power to dismiss War from the world comes at the cost of momentarily creating a path to this Reality from Beyond Existence which allows the Darkness that exists there to seep into this Reality which was undoubtedly the wicked one’s plan all along,’

Purity gulped as she processed the information but knew allowing the Darkness into Reality was a necessary sacrifice needed to prevent even more senseless destruction as long as War had free reign. She shut her eyes and concentrated, summoning Chaos energy which soon enough bid to her call. Empowered by the Celestial energy, she called out to War which had been excitedly observing the events of the battle unfolding, making seismic tremors emerge in what Purity assumed was War cackling with glee.

Its tremors ceased as it turned its attention to the one who called out to it. Its appearance was terrifying and Purity found it difficult standing her ground with it staring at her menacingly.

“Leave this Reality entirely,” Purity commanded it. She put every ounce of energy she had behind her command and stared War down courageously. For several moments, it simply continued staring her down and Purity wondered if she could muster up the courage and power required to command it again but it surprised her by reigning down its horse to leap over Purity and disappeared entirely as per her command.

Purity suddenly felt her knees buckle but she gathered herself up quickly and when she observed the battlefield once more, the third wave of Keres lost their edge and fell to the Watchers. With the third wave defeated, the celestial beings’ interference in battle was purged and the Watchers returned triumphantly. Purity used her divining abilities to seek Achlys out but her malignant presence could not be detected.

‘Child, you have done well. The wicked creature you seek out is with its true master, you have saved the world this time and have my eternal gratitude,’ the Creator spoke.

‘It was my honor, my Goddess,’


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