The Traveler Chronicles 8



The longer Ada stared at her parents’ doppelgangers from across the room, the less familiar they seemed to her and therefore the more awkward their awed staring at each other became. Suddenly, Emre flanked Avery and their youngest child protectively and worriedly observed Ada.

The way he stared at Ada indicated that she was a complete stranger to him and he seemed poised to attack her if it came to that. As if the events that had preceded the meeting had not been strange enough, it appeared the strange fever dream Ada had been experiencing had transferred to an entirely different Timeline as well.

“Dad, don’t you remember meeting me?” she asked him cautiously observing both he and Avery.

“Young lady, I have no idea who you are but whatever it is you are after, I assure you, we can settle this without involving Avery or my daughter,”

“She’s the one who sent you to me, remember? Avery asked you to come to me to find answers regarding safely retrieving your son. I told you everything I knew and then he- he attacked me and nearly killed me and I woke up in this- this strange world where everything is so unfamiliar to me,”

“Wait, are you my daughter’s doppelganger from the future?” Avery asked curiously moving to the side to face Ada directly despite Emre’s best efforts to flank her and the baby protectively.

“Yes, Avery. I am from D-3, 2077. You sent your mate there to find me and give you answers regarding the whereabouts of your son and about possibly find a way to retrieve him safely, remember?”

Avery shook her head in confusion. “I didn’t send anyone to D-3 but- but you seem to know me and my mate very well and you claim to know where my son is? Please could you tell us?”

Ada blinked back in confusion several times gawking at Avery. The sincerity of her words was as clear as day and it appeared that Reality itself had somehow been rewritten which led Ada to believe that her brother was behind every strange turn of events up to then.

“I see… I am sorry to have stirred up trouble for you both. I will return to my Timeline and try and find a way to fix all of this,”

“Wait, Miss! Miss- please tell us how we can get to our son. We have tried everything we could think of to try and get him back but we haven’t been able to. It’s been 6 months since we last saw or heard anything about him. We are desperate for any leads- we will do whatever it takes to get to him so if you know something-” Avery desperately pleaded.

“Ma’am, I am sorry to have to break it to you but there is really nothing you can do about your son’s situation as I explained to your mate before. It appears my brother somehow tinkered with Reality and erased our encounter entirely. I need to head back home to my own Timeline to try and figure out a way to restore the Timeline as was intended. I am sorry for stirring up trouble,”

“How did you think to come here to us? How do you know us?” Emre asked curiously.

“As I said, we had an encounter previously but it appears my brother warped Reality and erased us having met at all. I suppose his massive ego and literal god complex could not allow him to accept the truth of what he became to get out to you and Avery,”

“What does he become?” Avery asked worriedly.

Ada sighed. “Please excuse me,” she stated headed outside and immediately calling for her own mother by pressing the duress button on her watch.

However, it was not her own mother but Avery who appeared right behind her and she grabbed hold of her elbow and pleaded once more, “Please Miss… I don’t know who you are but… but if some version of me sent Emre to get answers from you about my son, it must mean that you are key to getting him back. I am willing to pay whatever price it is to have him safely home with us so please, whoever you are, please… Please tell me how to get to him.”

“Begging and pleading are not your style, Avery Alison,” Ada stated plainly.

“I have nothing to gain by threatening you,”

Ada sighed. “You have a beautiful baby girl right there at home but you are so obsessed with Blaize, you will never so much as look at her twice. She will grow to resent you and do everything in her power to piss you off but even then, the only child you will ever care about is your dumb son,”

Avery blinked several times as she absorbed the information given to her by her daughter’s doppelganger.

“Oh my goodness, you are our Ada from the future, right? Did you come back here to help us save Blaize? How do we do it?”

“This whole thing’s a bust. I never should have come here. I was just so worried about dad- I mean Prince Emre but clearly I never should have been worried about him in the first place because its not like Blaize would ever hurt any of you. You are his biggest enablers after all,”

Avery appeared completely confused by her words but she wouldn’t let Ada go.

“You seem very bitter about something I or your father did but I promise that we will do everything we can for you and your brother. In the next few minutes, we are headed to your grandma Aurora’s place. You can join us, if you’d like or perhaps if it makes you more comfortable, you can confide in her,”

Ada sighed yet again. “That isn’t much different since Aurora is directly responsible for raising that moron- my biggest rival in a sense,”

Avery shook her head again in confusion.

“Forget it. I have no desire of interacting with you or anyone else related to you,”

And yet with a little more kneading and pleading, Ada found herself seated in one of her grandma Aurora’s comfortable couches surrounded by her Paternal and Maternal grandparents’ doppelgangers. It was an awkward meeting to say the least.

“So you are our granddaughter from the future, huh?” Leal asked Ada curiously.

Ada nodded.

“I am almost tempted to ask how we all turn out to be but I suppose it would be best to let Time unravel as should be,” Aurora stated. Ada nodded.

“So, is there a way to get to your brother? How do we save him?” King Ember asked her cautiously.

Ada shook her head. “There is no safe way of getting there, grandpa, and that- that thing is going to show up here eventually on its own,”

“Are you talking about your own brother that way?” Queen Anna asked surprised by Ada’s harsh tone.

Everyone paid close attention to her. Ada sighed yet again.

“My brother is no longer the Blaize you all knew and loved. He- he changed into-” Ada began but just then Blaize himself appeared before the stunned on-lookers and Ada suddenly stood up with full intent to use lethal force if need be to protect all gathered in Aurora’s living room.

However, something stranger still happened. Rather than attack Blaize, Ada ended up tearfully running up to him and hugging her brother’s doppelganger shocking everyone most especially herself. Blaize cried tears of joy as he held his sister in a tight bear-hug.


What happens next? Tune in for the continuation of this thrilling tale!

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