The Lamentation of the Lord of Fire


No such time since the advent of his collective existence had the Lord of Fire, Lord Kyron, ever so succinctly comprehended the meaning of the phrase ‘calm before the storm’ than several days following Purity’s departure from him. At first, they had had a back and forth while he tried to convince her to remain in the Reality of his own making, while she had firmly asserted that she needed to leave it all behind in order to discover herself anew. He had remained affixed to the spot she had left him at, his arms outstretched endlessly before he had let his hand fall, folded up into a fist and he had turned away from that accursed spot and returned to his Throne of Glory.

Lord Kyron had lost all sense of Time as he reflected on everything that had led them to that point. He had tried to gather all the knowledge obtained from Purity and analyzed it as impersonally as he could, carefully examining the facts without his emotions and for several days after the fact, he had made his peace with her decision. Somewhere deep within the god’s mind, he knew the calm before the storm would only last so long but he did his best to ensure his Created worlds flourished; acutely and perfectly managing all of Creation with the Divinity that could only be achieved by a god.

His divine servants ministered to him and carried out their assigned tasks with fervor and dedication as always. The Valkyrie were especially vigilant, having lost a great number of them in the Celestial War that had transpired only weeks prior, a mere droplet of an infinite amount of time. However, rather than being discouraged by the results of the war, they had been even more empowered to keep going, training harder than ever and judging souls worthy of being under their tutelage who would reside in Valhalla, the Heaven designated for warrior souls. Their mission objective as always was to not only defeat the forces of evil but to bring honor to their Creator. They did everything in his name, for him and by him. The leader of the Valkyrie, Brynhildr, was always by his side, her fervent faith and devotion to him a wonder of its own accord. Lord Kyron often found himself wondering why it was that Brynhildr (whom he affectionately referred to as Bryn) could be so devoted to him while Purity had seemingly found no problem walking away from him.

The endless Work of Creation persisted and all landmasses, seas and skies were abundant with life divinely intertwined with the irrevocable acts of Chaos by design. No matter how perfect a god was, there was no escaping Chaos; and its whims always found a way through invisible cracks even the Creators could not see. Had Lord Kyron known that Chaos would turn Purity into its instrument, he wondered if he would have found the current predicament he faced all the more hopeless and desperate. As thoughts of Purity’s Apotheosis by Chaos’ Will and Design plagued his mind, anger began to seep into him. At first, he was angry at Chaos for bestowing Purity with the power of the Apocalyptic seals and beating him to the punch but eventually, after realizing that the anger he felt towards Chaos was pointless, he turned it against Purity.

Purity had been his childhood best friend and they had been inseparable ever since. She had laid her life for him before and she had gone on to become his first Creation. Lord Kyron realized that somewhere along the line he had began to develop romantic feelings towards her and when he had declared his intentions to make her a goddess in his Created worlds, he had unintentionally expected that the love he felt for her was not only reciprocated but returned in kind. If Purity had loved him back in the same way, Lord Kyron was certain that she wouldn’t have found it as easy to walk away from him. Perhaps Purity’s feelings hadn’t evolved past the philia they had shared as children and she did not appreciate everything he had done for her which was as saddening as it was maddening.

All of Creation felt his wrath that was magnified a thousand fold following his new train of thoughts. Everything he had created echoed that anger; especially the Valkyrie who soon developed a grudge against Purity for what she had done to their beloved Creator. There were cataclysmic events in every Realm, even the Heavens and Hells. The whole of Existence was united in the Divine anger of their Creator. For several days, these events persisted and although the Created tried to appease the Spirit of their god in their religion, Lord Kyron’s Wrath was not sated until Ivena herself intervened.

Ivena was the freed abductee from an Alternate Reality that had been destroyed by the slain god Ull. Ivena had had a special hand in Lord Kyron’s own Apotheosis and no creature he had ever Created could match up to what she was to Lord Kyron except Purity herself (and most recently, his beloved Bryn). Using the special connection she had to her god, she entered a trance-like state and bravely did not flinch even when the Valkyrie were apprehensive about her meeting with their Lord.

“My Lord, please have mercy on us! We are sorry to have angered you and are deserving of your Divine punishments but we beg of you to spare us and ask you to forget your Wrath,” Ivena prayed fervently.

Her fervent prayer touched his heart and he calmed down, feeling embarrassed that he had let his anger get the better of him. Ivena had remained faithful in spite all the devastation his Wrath had wrought and the longer her spirit remained there, praying and begging for Mercy, the more his wrath dissipated and all of Creation was finally still. Lord Kyron then reversed a great deal of the devastation he had caused and bestowed great blessings to all his faithful, most especially Ivena. She was allowed to experience the Divine joys and peace of the Heavens before she returned back to her immortal body, safe and sound courtesy of her lord’s benevolence.

Lord Kyron found that the wrath the Valkyrie felt towards Purity persisted and so he was left with no other choice but to recall the Valkyrie protecting his family back home, fearing they would be tempted to visit the Heavens there and start another Celestial War in their bid to revenge against Purity. He took time explaining to each family member why he had to withdraw the Valkyrie, claiming simply that it was to respect Purity’s wishes. However, he vowed to be there in a heartbeat, should any of his family members require his intervention and he was glad all the family members were understanding.

Out of all his family members, Avery from Timeline D-3 was the most understanding, knowing a lot about Apotheosis and knowing how it could take its toll on a being. She was as supportive as ever and vowed to help Lord Kyron as best she could. He requested her to come to Purity’s aid whenever she required it and Avery vowed her help. Lord Kyron thanked her and withdrew from the Reality, making a deliberate effort to answer to some of the wishes and prayers of the followers he had in the Reality in a last ditch effort to prove himself worthy of Purity’s devotion once more.

When he returned home, he redesigned the Muses’ imagery since they had been modeled in the image and likeness of Purity as a Mercy noting that the Valkyrie’s anger had began being directed at them as well and that the Muses had began to lament over their image and likeness being tied to the person who had caused their Lord so much grief. The Muses were grateful to be redesigned and faithfully continued to serve their Lord, with the most faithful and fervent of their number, Astride, being promoted to becoming their leader. Brynhildr would soon unintentionally be remodeled herself, her image reflecting that of her Lord more and gaining a unique appearance from the other Valkyrie.

Lord Kyron knew it would take a while to get over the romantic feelings he had for Purity but he pushed forward regardless, focusing his energies on his Created worlds knowing that someday, Purity might return to him but making his peace with the idea that perhaps she would never return to him.


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