The Selkies’ Savior


Iara sighed deeply in relief as the rapid response EEG scan was finally completed. As was the common procedure whenever she presented herself to the Department of Defense headquarters in Timeline Delta 3, she would first be subjected to a thorough security scan before being scanned for any foreign influences on her psyche, magical or otherwise. The second stage of testing involved quizzing the Mermaid Princess on her knowledge of the Selkie language and culture as well as obtaining any additional information on any Selkies.

The third stage of testing was medical usually ending in a Rapid Response EEG scan. Once testing was completed on any given day, the Princess would present herself to the Lead Healer assigned to her case who would interpret the results of her medical scans to her. The Lead Healer, like all other test administrators, would report the findings of the tests directly to Director Pheonix Port.

The Lead Healer analyzed the results on that fateful day and then turned to Iara, smiling at her and asking her a series of common questions to put Iara at ease.

The Healer then cleared her throat and calmly stated, “Your highness, we thank you for your cooperation with us as always. Your vitals are looking chipper. Your brain waves, however, are somewhat disconcerting…”

The Healer virtually projected the results of Iara’s most recent EEG scan. The projection showed two interlapping brainwaves distinguished by two different colors. The Healer explained that the dominant color represented Iara’s own higher brain functions. The secondary set of brainwave activities indicated a foreign influence that was further confirmed by other tests that had been run prior to the EEG.

“This scan indicates that there is a foreign brainwave activity intertwined with your own. This demonstrates that there this influence is telepathically piggybacking on your higher brain functions and consequently, on your psyche, which has a significant influence on your consciousness. If this situation persists, it is likely that this foreign consciousness might completely take over and you shall lose all sense of agency…”

“It is great that we have detected this mind invasion ahead of time as we can prevent any further influence on your person. With your consent, we can begin the process of unraveling the entanglement of the foreign consciousness on you and get rid of it entirely,”

Iara took a deep breath and nodded in acknowledgement to what the Healer was saying then asked, “Is it possible that the foreign influence you have detected originates from the Selkie Prince, Rian?”

The Healer nodded. “The scans we have performed on the Selkie Prince do confirm this. Your highness, it appears that Prince Rian is steadily trying to overpower your consciousness with his own. We have to prevent the eventuality of him completely taking over before its too late,”

“Healer Kadyn, I appreciate the concern but I don’t think there is any cause for alarm. I have been forthcoming about my telepathic connection with Prince Rian and the brain scans are therefore just confirmation of that. I am in full control of my mental faculties. Prince Rian isn’t invading my mind, he is sharing it, with my full consent. It is becoming more apparent because his consciousness is increasingly being drawn to this Reality as he lets go of his original Reality…”

The Healer remained stunned for several moments before simply nodding, appreciating Princess Iara for giving her time and then referring her for a Psychiatric evaluation. The psychiatrist then insisted that Iara began sessions with him immediately, worried over Iara’s mental state.

Although they went through multiple sessions together, the psychiatrist did not change Iara’s firm disposition on maintaining the telepathic bond she shared with Prince Rian. The data showed Prince Rian’s consciousness becoming more pronounced and embedded deeper into Iara’s own consciousness and despite Healer Kadyn and the psychiatrist stressing the implications of it upon her, she stubbornly resolved to let it be. This prompted the psychiatrist to involve Iara’s family convinced that Iara needed to be checked into a mental hospital, diagnosing her abnormal willingness to accept such pervasive invasion of her mind as a psychotic disorder.

Queen-Sage Denise was concerned to receive the psychiatrist’s report on her step-daughter’s mental state. She hypothesized that Iara’s presumed mental disorder was as a result of her step-daughter’s loneliness. Unlike Denise herself and Calliope, Denise’s biological daughter, who would inherit the immense power Denise possessed (by virtue of being the Sage of Undine Pillars1), Iara did not have a Protector and her romantic life had been tumultuous to say the least. Denise could barely contain the overwhelming guilt she felt for Iara being the only one in the family not to have a Protector. She felt that Prince Rian had taken advantage of Iara’s loneliness to latch his consciousness for nefarious reasons.

Queen Denise was just about to sign the document that would seal Iara’s fate when she received an unexpected visitor in the person of Avery Alison from D-3.

“Avery Alison, what a pleasant surprise, to what do I owe the honor of your visit?”

“Your majesty, it is an honor to be in your presence and pardon my unannounced visit but I am here precisely to address Princess’ Iara’s current situation,”

“Is that right?” Denise asked, intrigued.

Avery nodded. “I take full responsibility for all the actions leading up to this juncture. I encouraged Princess Iara to fully cooperate with the Defense Department in my timeline with the hopes of her leveraging her cooperation to the Department allowing her access to Prince Rian. Unfortunately, there is a current stalemate between the DoD and Princess Iara and it is my understanding that they have misconstrued the special telepathic bond between her royal highness and Prince Rian as a psychotic disorder,”

“You cannot deny that my daughter’s attachment to him is unnatural at best. Prince Rian is an alien that has sunk his claws into my step-daughter’s consciousness and so I have no reason to believe that his mind invasion is benevolent. The only way to help my daughter is to go along with the psychiatrist’s recommendation and have her committed until she has been completely purged of his influence,” Denise countered.

“Your majesty, I fear that we have harshly misjudged Prince Rian and his people. Like many other races that escaped that hellish Reality that they hailed from, they are simply looking for a world to call their home. The DoD has been monitoring the Selkies that fully crossed over and the seal-folk have been nothing but cooperative…”

“Through Princess Iara, we have a deep well of knowledge pertaining to whom the seal-folk are and what they believe in. I believe it is a safe bet to place our trust in Princess Iara’s assessment of the Selkies. Princess Iara has such faith on Prince Rian and the Selkies by extension that she is willing to go to whatever lengths it takes to save and protect them…”

“Furthermore, it is no secret that Princess Iara is in love with Prince Rian and I daresay that the Selkie prince is madly in love with the princess as well. I think then, it would be a travesty of justice not to at least consider hearing Princess Iara out on this,” Avery explained.

“Don’t you work for the DoD? Are you willing to throw away your career based on blinding trust in Princess Iara whom you are well aware is being influenced by Prince Rian?”

“I work with the DoD as an independent contractor of sorts but I am willing to throw away my career in my avowed support of Princess Iara. I can also confirm that the DoD works with the worst case scenario in mind meaning it is easier for them to work with the assumption that the Selkies mean the world harm but this is not necessarily reflective of Reality…”

“You are asking me to suspend disbelief on so many unfounded assumptions. The DoD comprises of some of the world’s greatest professionals with great expertise and a proven track record and you expect me to go against their well-founded theories backed up by evidence over misguided feelings?”

“Your majesty, I know that it is a lot to take in, but I assure you, your step-daughter’s judgement in this is sound. The DoD is working on a lot of unfounded assumptions too, their professionalism and expertise notwithstanding. They may have a proven track record but are also not entirely perfect. Everything that they have learned about the Selkies has been derived from information gathered through Princess Iara’s cooperation. With the present stalemate, however, they have no new information on the Selkie and are therefore running on their own preconceived notions. I implore you to give Princess Iara a chance to fairly present her case…”


Shall the Queen-Sage give Princess Iara a fair shot to present her case for the Seal folk or is Queen Denise’s mind already made up? Stay tuned to find out!

  1. The Love of Her Dreams: Part 4


  1. The Sage of the Undine Pillars- an immensely potent ability bestowed to the Sprite Monarch of Atlantica. The Queen-Sage has control over the Undine Pillars from whence all oceanic life sprang forth and by extension, control over all Undine races (water-bound races) and a special connection to all oceanic life.