The Four Corners of the Magical Realm



The Queen of Arinna, one of the most prosperous provinces in the Magical Realm nation of Fiernon was terrified after receiving yet another terrifying prophetic dream in her slumber. The Queen hastily got out of bed and observed her morning routines as usual rushing to make her appointment in the country’s capital city named Quirinth.

Everyone in the nation knew who Queen Milan, the ruler of Arinna Province was. How could anyone not know of the most famous living deity in the world? The people of Arinna were right to exalt and worship her like a goddess as had been the case from the moment she was born. Her mother, the great Stellar Pixie(Sun Pixie) heroine to whom the nation of Fiernon owed it’s very creation to, was revered with a Fiernon national holiday, statues and monuments opened up in her honor to commemorate the day that the nation was created…

The story of the creation of Fiernon would forever live in infamy in the collective memory of the Magical Realm. During the coldest recorded day in Magical Realm history, on November 30th 2000, the nation of Fiernon had been conceived from a devastating blow dealt by the nations of the country.

The great Stellar Pixie heroine Queen Milan the First, by far one of the most powerful Stellar Magic casters to have ever lived, used the devastating power she was naturally bestowed with to create a supernova energy bomb that destroyed the entire landmass of the infamous Hyvernwyne, the predecessor nation Fiernon had replaced that hosted the dreaded pure-magic casters that terrorized the Magical Realm.

The coldest Winter had thus become the warmest night and the proceeding days turned into a Summer that lasted in the place of Winter for several years to come. The Supernova energy bomb had been felt in virtually every corner of the Magical Realm and had greatly terrified all magical nations that had each visited the newly formed nation’s leaders to establish treaties and truces with them.

Queen Milan the First had died as a result of using the power of the star she was primarily bounded to in order to win the war against the Hyvernwynians and allow the banished races that then occupied Fiernon including; the Shadow Fairies (Smoke, Ice and Sea Fairies), Pixies (Stellar Pixies, Fire Pixies and Ice Pixies), Hybrids such as Snow Wolves, Shadow People, Werecats and some Ghorma among other races, to occupy the new nation.

The banished races comprising modern day Fiernon had all been cast out of the First Plane of Existence following their refusal to worship the one true goddess to the various Planes of Existence outside the First Plane. They had, as a result, suffered greatly and had all hoped to negotiate with the government of Hyvernwyne on occupying a part of their nation as refugees.

The government of Hyvernwyne had denied their request and had gone to war with the banished peoples of the other Planes of Existence using the newly formed nation of Great to travel to other Planes of Existence to smite them all. Even with the might of the combined Fiernon army, they were still no match for the might of the Hyvernwyne army.

Queen Milan the First had been the Stellar Pixies’ final ace in the sleeve; the Queen on their war chess-board. Like her ancestors, the Queen had inherited the pure Stellar Manipulation gene which made her a cut above your average Stellar Pixies. In truth, Stellar Pixies had been banished for worshiping a Grigori named Arinna who was still revered as a goddess in Fiernon.

The Grigori Arinna, had taught the Stellar Pixies to draw Prana energy not only from the Sun (as was the case for Sun Fairies from which Stellar Pixies came from) but to draw Prana energy from other stars as well. With her powers, Arinna had led a large proportion of Stellar Pixies on a journey across the Universe where they had encountered many stars; many of which were far bigger and thus stronger than Earth’s Sol. Each Stellar Pixie heretic then began drawing Prana energy from more than just Helios.

The heretics were several times more powerful over their fellow faithful Sun Fairy brethren for drawing power from more than just Sol. However, this greatly angered the Creator and she banished these heretics to the Fifth Plane of Existence named the dead-lands.

Further, all heretic fairies, including Stellar Pixies, lost their fairy wings and became the dreaded pixies. Each Stellar Pixie’s life-force was linked to each respective star or stars they drew Prana Energy from. During the destruction of the Grigori by the Watchers, many stars were destroyed and thus there was a genocide of most Stellar Pixies during their holy purge of the Grigori. However, a few Stellar Pixies remained and among them, their very own royalty from where Queen Milan the First was descended from.

Queen Milan the Second had assumed her mother’s role as leader and diety of their people. Stellar Pixies were revered in the nation of Fiernon and had the largest stake in determining the political leaders of Fiernon. The worship of Queen Milan as a demi-goddess was a revered state religion and large shrines were erected all over the nation dedicated to the worship of the Queen.

The dreams the living deity had worried her so much that she felt that she needed to make an urgent visit to the Prime Minister of the nation in person to ascertain whether it was a premonition or just a manifestation of her deepest fears in waking life. She immediately teleported to the Prime Minister’s home via a Magical circle portal in her own home that was designed to instantaneously transport her to any place she desired in Fiernon.

She found the Prime Minister deeply engrossed in conversation with what appeared to be a Shadow Person in Cleric clothing. She cleared her throat loudly waiting for the due respect she deserved by virtue of being a goddess.

The Prime Minister looked up and rushed to her side at once bowing with reverence but Queen Milan noticed there was something different about him.

“My lady, what an honor it is to host you in my home. Please, make yourself at home,”

“I am afraid that my time is far too precious to be spent observing niceties, Prime Minister. I come here to ask you a question and would appreciate your honest, straight answer. I have received disturbing nightmares many nights now about a Shrine being built in order of another goddess that is far more magnificent than any of my shrines. Is this to come to pass?”

“My lady, those dreams you described are not nightmares but jovial premonitions of what is to come. My liege, my new religious counsel, High Priestess Lyena informs me that your forerunners have been reincarnated! As such, this new shrine shall revere the holy bloodline from whence you are descended from,”

“What do you mean by my forerunners have been reincarnated? Have you lost your mind?” Milan snapped.

“Your majesty, the Prime Minister speaks the truth. His eyes have been opened to see the glory of the reincarnated forerunners from whence you were born. The Grigori Arinna from whom you are descended from and her blessed daughter, Ariene among other fallen deities have been reincarnated and now live in a blessed vessel. They have become the Monarch, ruler of the Enlightened World. As such, the Prime Minister is well within his rights to erect a magnificent Shrine in honor of the Monarch,” the Priestess, Lyena, declared.

“I shall not stand for this heresy! How dare you suggest such preposterous things? I warn you now, Prime Minister, that should you dare erect a shrine for this- this charlatan goddess, you shall be cursed and dethroned from your seat,”

“And I shall be ready to forfeit leadership of Fiernon and anything else my goddess requires that I give up in her name!”

“Is that right? Well then, I hereby curse you and your entire flock. This night, my Angels of Death shall visit your doorstep and not one of your family- neither Matriarch nor youngest babe shall escape my wrath. You shall die knowing that you could have lived had you not become a heretic,”

The Prime Minister did not appear perturbed by her threats and in anger, she planned to make good on her threats and completely obliterate every living descendant of his family. However, for some strange reason, she found that she could not move and looked down in horror to see that she was entrapped in a Shadow World version of the circle she used to enact her spells.

Queen Milan witnessed small spider-like shadows retreating from the Shadow Circle they had conjured intricately like a web and head towards their creator, the Shadow Priestess Lyena.

“How dare you confine me? I am a goddess!” Queen Milan snapped.

“Not any more, I’m afraid. The Monarch cannot tolerate a charlatan like you,”

“A- A charlatan? How dare you? And do you think my followers shall so easily forget about me? You shall all die a grisly death for your heresies,”

“The only ones to face persecution shall be the ones foolish enough to receive enlightenment and yet resist it. If all of your kind shall insist on worshiping you, then they shall all perish like the heathens they are,”

The Queen went down like her mother before her- defiant to her last breath. The Province of Arinna descended into chaos and soon after a Magnificent Shrine went up in the Capital City of Fiernon, Quirinth, any person found guilty of worshiping any other god or goddess within the borders of Fiernon was executed in rather brutal, elaborate ritual sacrifices to the Monarch goddess of Enlightenment.



  1. Stellar Pixies were originally Sun Fairies but because of drawing Prana Energy from more than just this Planet’s star, Sol, they became Stellar Fairies (Star Fairies) before losing their fairy wings and becoming Stellar Pixies. It is for this reason that the rest of the Magical Realm still refers to these Pixies as ‘Sun’ Pixies. Their origin can be traced back to the same roots as their Sun Fairy counterparts.