The Traveler Chronicles 8



December 29th 2040 was an especially cold day even for a Winter’s day and as the day transitioned to night, it grew colder still. Adalyn observed her watch nervously as she shifted the weight from one leg to another, a nervous habit that she had inherited from her maternal grandmother or so she had been told.

The watch indicated that it was 10.33 P.M. She would only have to wait for another 2 minutes before the official start of her mission. She once more scoped the area out ensuring she was conveniently seated near one of the Providence Hospital’s camera’s blind spots so that scanning for her image would be a real task for the Hospital Security staff although she knew that they would be the least of her worries.

10.35 P.M. One of the nurses in charge of the transitional neonatal care unit of the Hospital came to the supplies store oblivious to Adalyn’s presence as the latter had blended into the environment perfectly. It was the exact opportunity the latter had been waiting for and she was easily able to incapacitate the nurse (once she had learned what the nurse had hoped to acquire from the Supplies Store) and use the software of her time to assume the nurse’s form.

Adalyn grabbed hold of the box of needles the nurse had been tasked with acquiring and walked towards the hospital’s nursery. There was only one other nurse on duty that night despite the large numbers of neonates present in the nursery but Ada was happy that her mission would not be impeded by any other unnecessary obstacles.

10.40 P.M, a beautiful baby boy was placed in one of the few available neonate incubators. The other nurse on duty gashed to Ada on how gorgeous the baby was stating that she was sure one or both of his parents were fair-folk. Ada played the part of doting nurse perfectly, not arousing any suspicion and then went around the nursery while scoping out the room, appearing to be heavily engrossed in her duties.

10.50 P.M. The child’s father observed his new born son through the translucent glass from outside the nursery room. He smiled sheepishly as he observed his son sleeping and lingered for as long as he could before leaving to return to his mate.

12.02 AM, December 30th 2040. Ada uttered a spell that made the other nurse on duty fall asleep and then she approached the boy’s bed and gently picked him up, cloaked him by using a spell and then projected a holographic image of the boy onto the bed to fool anyone seeking out the boy for precious moments before it was discovered that he had been kidnapped.

She walked out of the hospital and prepared herself to return to her own Timeline when she was met by a familiar face.

“Melody? What are you doing here?” Ada asked her.

“Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing, Ada. Why are you here and why have you resorted to kidnapping your-“

“It is the only thing I can think of to prevent him from falling into the wrong hands,” Ada interrupted her.

“And are you truly the best option as opposed to, oh, I don’t know, maybe just telling your parents’ doppelgangers about the future so they are well prepared? Isn’t it much better for them to raise him?”

Ada sighed deeply. “Telling them about it shall not change a thing. This is the only way,”

Melody shook her head. “I don’t believe so, Ada. I think that you should just have allowed the future to run its course as it was destined. The repercussions of trying to alter the past can be catastrophic,”

“Allowing time to flow as it did would be the true catastrophe. He should never have been allowed to yield such power. This saves countless lives,”

“Or it is a personal revenge mission against your own mother by using her doppelganger as the guinea pig,”

“This has nothing to do with her! I am just preventing a certain grim future for scores of people. If your only reason for coming here is to argue with me and try and make me change my mind based on your own moral principles which are questionable at best, you have wasted your efforts,”

Melody sighed. “As much as you hate to hear it, I must say that you are your mother’s daughter,”

Ada nearly growled on hearing that. “Do not compare me to that woman. So, if you are done lecturing me, can we just go?”

“And what exactly are you planning to do with him once we return?” Melody asked her.

“Give him up to a good home in our Timeline, have them raise him up and essentially alter the course of the future for him,”

“Isn’t that a really cold hearted thing to do to your own blood especially considering that his parents would love and care for him as they should?” Melody asked.

“Like I said, this is the best way. The only other option would be to end his life,”

Melody gasped on hearing that. “Ada! Would you shed the blood of your own brother? Even if he is just his doppelganger, can you really have his blood on your hands? Are you forgetting our primary goal as the Order of the White Cloak?”

“What is one life as compared to millions?”

“He is your brother, Ada! How can you talk like that?” Melody asked flabbergasted by Ada’s disposition.

Ada kept silent as they returned to their own timeline. She placed her brother’s doppelganger up for adoption in the timeline and then returned to the Void, a place beyond space-time to observe what her actions had inevitably led up to.

It took a while but eventually, her parents’ doppelganger discovered that their son had been kidnapped and it tore them up. Her mother was especially distraught, wondering why her son out of all the children in the nursery had been abducted.

Ada’s mother’s doppelganger soon began to piece together that her son had been targeted for a specific reason and whoever had taken him knew very well whom the infant was. She was horrified at the realization that someone would be so ruthless as to take away a baby away from his mother at such a delicate stage of his life and concluded that only one possessed by the Entity itself was capable of such malevolence.

Ada observed her mother cautiously as the latter formulated plans to not only recover her son but exact revenge on the Entity for its role in abducting her only child.

Ada scoffed at that. “It’s always about him, isn’t it mother? Even now when you’ve barely gotten to know him, he is still the center of your universe. Look at what you’ve been reduced to. I thought I’d be able to save you from yourself by taking the source of the greatest pain in your life from you but you have yet again chosen him over everything and everyone else,” she stated furiously as she observed the events unfold.

Slowly but surely, she began to notice her memories disappear even in the Void.

“What the-” she began asking before realizing that she herself had began to fade away.

“Why am I… fading away?”

She observed the events unfolding in Delta 1 and began to piece it altogether.

Protector Avery Alison had lost her only son, Blaize on the date of his birth. In her desperation to have him returned to her, she went on a revenge spree and committed innumberable atrocities in an effort to trace his whereabouts.

She became disgraced and had to go on the run but her relentless mission never ceased. She got lost in the madness and eventually transitioned into a serial killer, killing anyone who had even the faintest of connections to the Entity and as a result, her relationship with Emre ended and thus Ada was never conceived ( the events taking place in timeline Delta 1 would eventually led to those occurrences happening in Ada’s home timeline, Delta 3).

Ada had effectively erased herself from existence, creating a time paradox and effectively tearing a hole in the fabric of space-time that threatened Timeline Delta 3. Her only saving grace was the fact that Ada had entered the Void beyond space-time and was temporally preserved within it for a few moments but even that was not enough to prevent the inevitable collapse of Timeline D-3 and all its inhabitants.

Before she entirely disappeared and doomed her entire Timeline, Ada used the special temporal gift she had received by virtue of being a Traveler to effectively erase the moment in time she had kidnapped her brother from the Providence Hospital and all moments succeeding that singularity automatically adjusted, restoring both Timeline Delta 1 and Delta 3.

Meanwhile, back in Delta 1, Avery awoke from a four-month long coma and searched about the room before her eyes finally adjusted and settled on Emre who immediately stood up and rushed to her side.

“Avery, are you okay? You finally woke up. Healer! She woke up!”

The Healer rushed into the room and examined Avery who was majorly disoriented as she recalled a strange dream she had had involving the kidnapping of her son and the subsequent and dramatic changing of her future where she had become a irreparable monster.

Avery also recalled vague details pertaining to her son’s kidnapper, allegedly one of her daughter’s doppelgangers, but were those details truly to be believed?


What catastrophe was Ada hoping to prevent by kidnapping her brother’s doppelganger? Shall Avery investigate the strange events she witnessed in her dream? Stay tuned to find out.


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