The Acts of Purity


Several moments succeeding what was undoubtedly Purity’s biggest battle of her lifetime against the evil leader of the Keres, she had pleaded to be taken somewhere away from the horrific scenes of battlefield. The unicorn that had been summoned to fight besides her, had pulled through taking Purity to an unknown place where she could be alone to process everything she had been through.

At first, Purity paid her immediate surroundings no mind and let the tears freely flow from her eyes, shaking uncontrollably as she wrapped her arms around herself. She soon fell to her knees and then lay down in the fetal position rocking back and forth to help ease the trembling. Had Purity known she possessed such incredible power before entering into battle, she thought in retrospect, she would have undoubtedly saved the Valkyrie Eir, her Divine Guardian.

Furthermore, Purity lamented that she could have saved the other Valkyrie and Watchers that had been slain by the evil leader of the Keres as well. What was the good of the power she possessed if it could not be used to prevent a terrible situation from unfolding? In her grief, Purity recalled the words uttered by the evil Celestial being that had ironically awakened the power she had discovered.

According to the malevolent creature, Purity had broken the first of seven seals. Purity stopped trembling and weeping and looked around her noticing she was utterly alone in a void of pure darkness. Where was she? Where was the unicorn that had brought her to that space? What was the meaning of it all? Purity was unaware of how she could move in that space at all- was she floating or walking? Was she moving at all? It was hard to tell.

Purity was terrified when she realized she was the only conscious, living being in that space if it could even be called that. She wondered if that place was yet another means of torture the leader of the Keres had designed to entrap her and prolong her suffering. Terrified of a possible entrapment in the dark void, she tried calling out to Lord Blaize to be rescued but it proved futile. The longer she stayed there, the more desperate her pleas became but they either were not reaching the god she served or Lord Blaize did not care for them. Purity decided it must be the earlier, knowing that the god she served was not one to abandon her especially since she knew how much she meant to him.

How would she get out of there? She tried to teleport but it was as futile as her desperate pleas to Lord Blaize. She tried summoning the unicorn and for several moments, perceived nothing until suddenly, the pervasive emptiness was filled with the neighing of the unicorn before it appeared right before her and she gladly petted the animal expressing her joy at having seen it again.

“Please take me out of here,” she pleaded with the unicorn. However, it was as if the animal could not comprehend what she was saying because it did not react in any way to her request and so she made the plea again, that time with more determination. Still, nothing happened and the animal simply stayed docile by her side, still clad in its magnificent armor.

“Can’t you get us out?” Purity asked the unicorn. It did not react in any way and Purity suddenly found herself wishing the animal could speak.

“Are we going to be stuck here for a while? Where even is this place?”

“This is a void of your own making, my lady Purity,” spoke a soothing tenor voice. It reminded her of Blaize’s voice when they were both still children and it consoled her greatly. Purity looked around the void in high spirits, happy that Lord Blaize had finally gotten to her but she saw nothing and did not hear his voice again.

“Who said that? Please, help us. Please get us out of here,” Purity pleaded again.

“The only one who can get us out of this place is you, my lady Purity,” said the voice and Purity looked down at the unicorn horrified by the realization that it was the animal that had been speaking all along.

“You can speak?” Purity asked the animal, flabbergasted.

“I speak by Your Will alone, my lady,”

Purity was too awed to speak and needed a minute to recuperate before she asked the animal, “What did you mean by saying that I am the only one who can get us out of here? Weren’t you the one who brought me here?”

“Yes, my lady. I brought you here by your own request but this void is shaped by the desire of the one occupying it. It is Non-Existent until one such as yourself blessed by Chaos power requires it,”

Purity considered the unicorn’s words and nodded. “So if I am the one who brought it into being, I decide the rules of this kooky place then?”

“Indeed, Mistress. Your desire to seek a refuge from Existence brought you here- I was merely the vessel that fulfilled your desperate wish,” the unicorn replied, nodding enthusiastically and gently neighing after speaking.

“So if I want out of this place, I simply need to envision a doorway or something like that?”

“Yes, my lady,” the unicorn stated nodding enthusiastically.

Purity closed her eyes and envisioned a doorway back to Reality, willing it with all her might and then she opened her eyes expectantly, looking for the doorway she had willed into being but there was nothing. She tried a few more times but was unsuccessful.

“Why isn’t this working? Is there a Force working against my wishes?” she asked the unicorn worriedly.

“Nay, my lady. The void only fulfills your wishes… If no doorway presents itself then it means that some part of you wishes to remain here,”

“For what purpose would some part of me want that?”

“Only my lady can answer that,”

Purity let out a sigh of frustration and paced around the void trying to figure out what it was exactly holding her back. What had brought her to that place other than needing to process her emotions which Purity had already done?

“The mystery of the seals! Are they the same as the Apocalyptic seven seals that only the Creator of a world can wield! How did I acquire such power? Who bestowed them upon me and why?” she asked herself. Perhaps seeking the answers to those queries was what was holding her back, Purity decided.

Purity looked around the void again and suddenly, a door appeared in mid-air. The door was unremarkable at first glance, before it reshaped itself into being the exact replica of the door to her parents’ home. She turned to the unicorn asking it if it would accompany her to the other side of that door, fearing that it led her somewhere further into the void where she could not escape.

“If my lady truly wishes it with all her heart, then I may pass over to the other side of that door. However, even if I should disappear, my lady can keep summoning me as many times as she pleases. I shall remain a loyal and faithful servant all of my existence, duty bound to my lady Purity,”

Purity smiled and nodded, walking towards the door and hesitating before grabbing the door knob noticing that it had the exact feel of the door knob to her parents’ home. When she passed onto the other side, Purity had the same feeling as when she entered the front door to her home and everything in that void beyond the door reshaped herself to become a perfect replica of her parents’ home. It was so uncanny, Purity was convinced that she had somehow made it out of the void.

She walked around the house and eventually made it inside her room, sitting up on her bed and looking up at the ceiling where her father had painted up a replica of the night sky for her and enchanted it to make come to life. Purity completely settled down, feeling a great sense of peace. She found herself chuckling at the fact that her parents would once again have to buy new furniture to replace the ones she had used while she was still a four-year-old girl. Purity then expectantly looked at the door to her room, hoping that her parents would pop in soon.

Sure enough, Alyona came through that door and the moment Purity saw her, she instinctively knew that it wasn’t really her mother and she was somehow still in the void despite how much like home those few moments felt like. Alyona walked towards her beaming and asked Purity if she could sit beside her. Purity nodded although she looked at Alyona cautiously.

“Who are you?” Purity asked her worriedly.

“I am the greatest Force in all of Existence and Non-Existence simultaneously; Primordial Chaos Incarnate,” it replied simply, leaving Purity too stunned to speak.


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