The Four Corners of the Magical Realm



The Prime Minister of the republic of Great; Everleigh Flores sipped piping hot coffee straight from the beloved mug her employees had bought her the previous year during the Yule holiday towards the end of the year 2016. As she enjoyed the double shot espresso from coffee beans imported from the Fire Faerie City of Dragonis, Breanna, she observed the grim weather whilst hugging the mug with both her hands.

In the republic of Great, everything was as it always had been; it was peaceful and everything was in its rightful place. Great enjoyed a level of political stability that was uncommon among most Magical Realm nations. Though its Royal Family still had enough power and their positions in society were largely secure, the nation had autonomous rulers in every province that had the most power and say in everything involving their individual provinces of ruler-ship. The national government was only necessary to ensure unity of laws and regulations affecting all provinces and that such laws did not interfere or adversely affect the sovereignty and autonomy of any province in Great.

Her primary concern as Prime Minister and head of National Government was making sure that Great had political stability and that the individual provinces maintained their sovereignty in a way that did not pose threat to any of the Provinces or to the country as a whole. As more of a Darwinist and atheist herself, Everleigh blamed religion for most of the wars that had destroyed and destabilized the Magical Realm nations.

To Everleigh, politicians that professed their faith openly stuck out like a sore thumb and were considered highly suspect. Religion had been used as a scape goat and at times as a valid reason for one people to go to war with another and to inevitably enslave it. To spare the land of Great, she and other lawmakers had seen to it that as few religions were registered and recognized in the country as possible and to ensure those religious institutions were properly controlled at the threat of closure and arrest of any spiritual leaders should they be deemed a threat to the stability of the Great.

Many religious institutions, as was to be expected, did not appreciate being muzzled and controlled by the government. They were constantly seeking loopholes in state and provincial laws to assert their power further but it was of no use. The state government always sought to make sure not one institution, religious or otherwise, ever rose in power to a point where it had the potential to destabilize the country.

As the years passed by, new religions were formed and many of them were turned away or else spent spiraling into failure with the many bottlenecks set in place to ensure the process of registration and recognition of the religions was as tedious as could be as a deterrence method.

One new cult had begun in the land of Great that was slowly becoming a consistent prick to the Prime Minister’s side. As was to be expected, the new cult proclaiming themselves to be the Enlightened ones, had begun as most of the cults in Great with what would be the Church’s Clergymen holding town-hall style meetings and conferences and therefore gaining a following.

The Church of Enlightenment clergy then went as far as to appear on Television where fierce debates on Spiritual Doctrine were held against other religious leaders that was a source of entertainment to the mostly atheist population of Great. However, these debates led to increasing numbers in the Church and once they had reached the so called ‘Sacred 1000’ number required for registration of a new religion and once all those tedious bottlenecks had been overcome, the document for officially declaring it as a recognizable religion by State standards had found itself on Everleigh’s desk.

For several months, the Prime Minister observed the document with disdain and ignored its existence entirely. It didn’t help that the Cult’s leaders were so incessant and kept following up on the progress of registering their ‘church’. Everleigh had been hounded by journalists, activists and just about any Tom, Dick and Harry with a vested interest in the Church of Enlightenment’s recognition claiming that she was abusing the power of her office by refusing to recognize the religion.

She had gone through the lengthy document that had given a brief overview of what the core beliefs of the Cult really were and had scoffed at the sheer idiocy of the gullible laity. As if to reinforce her beliefs of the dangers of religion, the Cult had organized nation-wide demonstrations that had initially been about advocating for the people their right to conscience but had quickly been turned into a personal vendetta against her and a campaign was started to impeach her on the grounds of abuse of office.

Everleigh sighed as the last contents of the excellent mug of coffee her assistant had so lovingly prepared for her were emptied from her cup. She quickly requested for another one as she reflected on the new religion and the dangers of allowing it to spread whilst gazing outside the window reflectively…

Like a virus, Everleigh was certain this new cult would spread and infect the populace of Great. Many healthy skeptics would remain atheists like her but significant scores of gullible people would begin to profess their faith in that cult to their own detriment. It was her job to make sure it never got to that point.

Kayla, her lovely assistant, hastily rushed through the door with the coffee jug and poured her boss another double shot espresso with no sugar or cream as she liked.

“‘Scuse me boss but what’s the progress with getting that new religion recognized, huh?” Kayla asked her boss on a presumption of casualness.

Everleigh sighed. “It isn’t going to be recognized on my watch. Honestly I just think religion is a huge waste of time. Why does anyone bother any way? Isn’t it easier to accept that all casters are simply genetically superior living beings? Does it have to mean that there is this Big Mama Bird up in the sky or whatever watching over us who is responsible for us existing? It’s all so ridiculous,” she mused.

“You really don’t believe in all that stuff- the Creator goddess and all that?”

Everleigh shook her head. The coffee’s steam was making her feel somewhat dazed and her head began feeling heavy and so she pushed her coffee mug aside for the time being rubbing her temples to ease the pain.

“You mean those lofty tales of a vengeful goddess destroying her own Messengers because they followed their own wills by playing favorites and then destroying those Messengers for it? What a load of bologna. Honestly, where did the crackpots that came up with that one get their ideas?”

“So you don’t believe in the Monarch or even the Creator?”

“The Monarch? Who is that? Are we worshiping Royals now?”

All of a sudden, Everleigh fell violently ill and began vomiting all over her pristine floor as her assistant looked on. She fell on all fours as she constantly projectile vomited onto the floor. Her assistant slowly walked to the door and shut it firmly behind them.

“Gods do exist and one of them lives among us although we are unworthy of her benevolence in assuming a vulnerable form. I sacrifice your unworthy life in honor of that goddess, the goddess I revere and serve with all my heart and soul,” Kayla spoke reverently.

“Kay- did you- oh god- did you put something in my coffee? Why?” asked Everleigh in between violently coughing and choking whilst continually spewing her guts onto the floor.

“Because you deserve it for failing to recognize the Church of Enlightenment, the one True Faith,”

It suddenly dawned on Everleigh just how right she had been about religion. It really was the antithesis to all progress in the Magical Realm. She was surprised that the young female assistant she had personally groomed and mentored to someday take her place, the same woman she had constantly had drinks with after work; the same young woman who had been present during the delivery of her second born son was the same demon that observed her with wicked glee dancing in her eyes eager for her demise.

As she dry-heaved, dangerously devoid of oxygen, she reflected on her atheism and concluded that she had been right all along. She knew that reincarnation was possible because, after all, the Great Mother had come to the nation of Great on several occasions but knew that reincarnation only truly occurred for beings as powerful as her and her life would most likely end right then and there.

Kayla readjusted Everleigh’s body so that she sprawled up like a cockroach on its final kicks of life. Kayla then chanted in a language Everleigh had never heard before then and withdrew a cursed blade which she used to repeatedly stab her on the chest so violently, Everleigh’s blood spattered all over her clothes and face even as the large pool of vomit surrounding her dying body stained both their clothes. Everleigh coughed repeatedly, continuously releasing all her bodily fluids as she drew closer to death.

As she took her last breath, Everleigh said a prayer for the first time in her life,”To any gods out there listening, if I have been mistaken all my life about your existence, I apologize but please do not hold it against my sons. Please- protect them.”


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