The Four Corners of the Magical Realm



Qiao’s eyes were filled with tears as she witnessed her sister-kin subjected to such merciless cruelty. She did not hear Felan approach her and turn her head to face him but she was soon forced on her knees as the prince looked at her with lust in his eyes.

Felan appraised her as if she were an object created merely to serve his whims and she was saddened to recall how innocent and sometimes kind the prince had once been. Perhaps she had assumed the young boy she had met in school so many years ago was innocent as compared to the monster who caressed her face so possessively, his fingers protruding sharp talons darkened a sickly blood red from all the blood and Witch’s element he had spilled that night.

He did not speak but his intent was clear. Qiao braced herself- this was clearly her end and she should be ready to die but she was frightened. She didn’t want to die- not then and not like this and yet the depraved look on Felan’s face betrayed the fate he had planned for her. She would soon bid adieu to this cruel world…

The Prince helped her stand up and forced her to stare at him even as he lowered his face to observe her palm. He saw the tattoo embedded there and faced her questioning what it meant. It was the runic symbol for hope in a place and time where there was no hope. The Prince was intrigued even as he brought her right palm to his lips.

He planted butterfly kisses along her palm and wrist. He expected her to blush or for her heart to race but she was surprisingly calm. He continued to stare inquisitively at her wondering what secrets she hid from him. He knew the practice of the Scribes was to wait until marriage to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and so her calmness truly astounded him. Was she really pure or had she let a man taste her forbidden fruit before time?

The thought of Qiao being an indecent and perhaps even sacrilegious servant of the Temple excited the prince more. Would she indulge in more forbidden acts for her prince? Would she defy the woman she was raised to be to become his slave; to cater for every depraved thought and desire he had ever had? He waited with bated breath before giving into the age-old lust for witch’s element mixed with blood that tormented his kind since creation.

Anyone who willingly chose to forfeit from the pleasure of drinking witch’s element directly from the source was truly mad. The element filled his body, seeped through every blood vessel and strengthened every muscle, nourished every chakra within his body. His magic circuits were bursting with energy- this was what witches were created for- to strengthen lycans for all eternity.

The Prince’s lust for her element was insatiable and soon Qiao was cursing her frail human body for not being strong enough to bravely face her persecutor for soon she was so weak from his indulgence that her knees gave out and she collapsed into his arms. He supported her full weight and nuzzled her beneath his chin her blood slowly dripping from his mouth to her forehead.

She could hardly stay conscious and soon he had scooped her up in his arms and was carrying her away from the throne room to a place unknown. It strangely reminded her of the time her father would carry her off to bed as she slept on the couch or rather when she pretended to be asleep just so her father could carry her to bed. Her father would then proceed to tickle her and pretend to let her fall to the ground and she would nuzzle closer chuckling as he took her away to her room.

The venom from the Prince’s fangs caused her nostalgic thoughts to turn into vivid hallucinations. She nuzzled the Prince as she did her father and giggled childishly feeling the heat of his skin warm up her freezing body. Soon she was lying on the Prince’s bed and he was undressing her and undressing himself but her vision was too clouded and her mind was spinning too fast for her to tell if it was real.

Qiao was indeed lost in more childhood memories- her father would help her get dressed in her pajamas and she giggled when she remembered that after he had properly dressed her up for bed, he would tickle her again. The memories she had distracted her well enough even as she felt more painful jabs made somewhere along in her body.

Everything was fading away and she was slowly losing consciousness but she was glad she was going to meet her brother again and her grandparents and all her lost loved ones in Heaven. She murmured a silent prayer. She felt herself begin to ascend to the Paradise Lands. She was floating away and it felt like a dream. Qiao fully disassociated herself from her physical body.

Finally, she felt her time was up and she made Prince Felan look up at her straight into her eyes. She was so weak, she was barely able to hold her hands up. “I- I forgive you,” she muttered weakly before she expired.

Her dying words shocked Prince Felan. Three simple words that held meaning to one who had never needed forgiveness. What a strange woman Qiao was. Did she truly think she had enough authority to forgive him, a Prince? Everything in the state belonged to him including its women…

And yet he was left staring at the corpse of the woman that had once been Qiao Grayson and he was awed. Suddenly, he found himself trying to revive her if only just to let her know that she had no right to tell him she forgave him. What was there to forgive? He was a Prince, a royal and she a classless nobody. Who was she to say such a preposterous thing?

Those three words remained with him long after Qiao was gone. He found himself wanting to attend her wake even though he had never wished to do so for any one of his victims before. Three little words made him reflect on his life and life choices. Three little words made him see the depravity of his actions and what he and his brothers had been doing to the witch community of Denary…

Three little words made him realize that he was a monster not because of being able to shape-shift into a wolf but because he was a murderer and a rapist. He was a depraved serial murderer, a psychopath who deserved to be condemned for all eternity. Why did Qiao forgive him? He had taken her innocence away, taken her life away when she had been so young. How could she forgive him for denying her husband a chance to meet her, for denying the children she would have had a mother? How could Qiao’s spirit rest so peacefully when he deserved her haunting him for all of time? Why did she not curse him and his kind as most of his victims wished upon them?

She had been such a beautiful young girl when he’d first met her- so untainted by the world. She had been God-fearing and faithful to Her name. And that was precisely what had intrigued the monster in him. He had wanted to possess her and destroy the goodness he had felt in her. He had wished to turn her into a monster like him but he had lost more than he had bargained for. Prince Felan had lost his blatant disregard for witches all over three simple words…


Phew! You made it to the end,  put your Wolfsbane and Pitch-Forks down. Haven’t met Prince Felan of the Four Princes of Denary? Worry not, link is right below… Enjoy;

  1. Tales from the Four Corners of the Magical Realm; Story 1: The Four Princes (Part 1)

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