Ever since being detained in a nameless facility in a place she had yet to learn of, Amabel Alison had schemed and plotted for her escape. The Institution was very careful in their containment procedures and there was truly only one way she could escape- when the hatch to her containment tank was opened in order to feed her. She had tried multiple times to escape but had been unsuccessful. However, Amabel did not lose hope going back to the drawing board to find other means of escape.

In addition to the virtually impenetrable tank that was her prison, she had been psychically inhibited from using magic and therefore her attempts at escape were rendered futile. For weeks all she could do was plot and scheme, try different means to escape without magic while keeping her eyes and ears peeled for any weaknesses she could exploit.

An opportunity seemed to present itself when one day, out of negligence, she assumed, she overheard two of the cleaners assigned to clean her tank gossiping about a new prisoner brought in. One of the cleaners was quite livid about having to clean up after the new inmate brought into the facility complaining that she had a husband and children back at home depending on her and it was far too risky.

The other cleaner had mused that she felt that the containment procedures for that particular inmate were inadequate judging by the amount of personnel who had been killed in action ever since she was brought in. Curious, Amabel listened to the conversation intrigued that whatever Facility she was in that was so advanced that they could capture such a dangerous entity, whatever it might be.

For weeks, she tried to escape but it always had the same result; failure and for those weeks, Amabel heard more about the mysterious inmate that was supposed to be transferred to a more secure facility owing to how dangerous she was and how she appeared to be costing the facility countless agents.

Whatever she was proved too much for even the Facility to handle because soon there was a Containment Breach on a massive scale that provided the perfect opportunity for Amabel to escape. She wasted no time leaving the tank by connecting to her Lake home the second her magic was back Amabel  feeling lucky for having being provided the opportunity to escape the fortress. Her only regret was having not met the mysterious entity responsible for her escape but she was grateful to be back in the Dark World, her home.

Amabel was free to exercise her revenge on the Monarch that stole her Thunder as well as free to send her underlings to find out exactly whom she had to thank for her imprisonment in the first place when their attentions were focused on containing the Massive Breach and escape of several highly gifted Magical entities that had been imprisoned there.

Amabel received a debriefing from her Chief Underlings that informed her of new persons of interests the Monarch had by her side to conduct her wicked domination plans for the world. After a few more weeks, she had the information of exactly whom she would extract revenge for imprisoning her in the Facility in the first place…

It really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to her by then that the Mastermind behind her kidnap was an Alison witch but it was still astonishing to find out that she had a Protector Avery Alison to thank for her abduction and imprisonment. Amabel begun to scheme on how best to extract revenge on the Protector even as plans to obtain more underlings for being that consistent thorn in the Monarch’s side were underway.

Using the Lake’s powerful effects to entrap more victims to the cause, she amassed a great following of underlings under her beck and call. Before long, it occurred to her to join forces with the elusive General Ryna Rancid surprised learning of her base had come so easily to her.

Amabel presented herself to the General in person using the Placid Lake to breach into the current base the General was residing. She made easy work of the warriors there and when she saw the General, to the latter’s credit, she did not even seem remotely scared of the infamous Lady of the Placid Lake.

“Lady Amabel, state your true business here. What do you want from me?”

“I presume you know of my family history, General. Let us cut straight to the chase. You and I have a common enemy and if we join forces, defeating it becomes that much easier. I come to offer my troops for your service,”

General Rancid smiled humorlessly. “She always said you’d come,”


“Protector Avery Alison, another incessant, accursed witch from your clan. I would not have spared her life had members of my own inner circle not vouched for her. I do not trust a single word that comes out from her mouth but she has been right on the money so to speak, every time. She promised me that one day, the infamous Lady of the Placid Lake, the world’s strongest Melusine and also an Alison witch hybrid would come offering her aid, in person. Looks like her word checked out as always,”

Amabel hissed on hearing the name of her captor. “Any idea where she is so that I can pay her a courtesy call to thank her for being my Herald?”

Rancid shrugged her shoulders. “She comes and goes as she pleases. I know nothing about her other than her utter loathing for the Entity and of course, her resolve to destroy it by any means necessary and at whatever cost. Anyway, your generous offer is accepted,”

Amabel was taken aback by the General’s pronouncement. “Is it really that easy to convince the Rancid General?”

“Of course not. I am not trusting you just as I do not trust Avery Alison. You two are simply enemies of my enemy and therefore an uneasy truce can be held with both of you until the Entity is slain for the time being. If you or Avery or really anyone should dare turn your back on us, I shall personally see to it that my people are avenged hundredfold,”

“You presume that you can threaten me? How foolishly naive of you, General,”

“It is you who is foolish and naive if you assume for one second that I do not have the means to kill you. Anyway, your business has been settled. Now please exit my camp. We shall be in touch,” the General dismissed her.

Amabel was stunned even as she returned to her home. Avery Alison had somehow predicted the events that had come to pass just as she had successfully abducted and imprisoned her for the duration of several months on end. Then as the Yule Festivities at the end of the year drew nearer, she trained her underlings and prepared them for war.

The General did communicate to her as promised and furnished both she and her troops with modern weaponry that she had never set her eyes upon. The General’s own soldiers trained her own using the modern weaponry. The Lady of the Placid Lake was pleased with the progress she was making with her reluctant ally…







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