The Four Corners of the Magical Realm



Princess Edenia nervously concealed her face in her beautifully embroidered red cloak as she awaited  her love on the famous Ambrosia Bridge commonly known as the Ambrosian Love Bridge, a beautifully constructive bridge that linked two of the Witch Kingdom of Mialand’s cities together. The Bridge had a beautiful history as it was a gift offered to one of Edenia’s ancestral relatives named Princess Ambrosia.

At the time, the Ambrosian Woodlands were not a part of the Witch nation and there had been a lot of fighting between the resident dryad and witch populations. To quell the constant fighting between the two magical races, Princess Ambrosia called for a peace meeting with the Prince of the dryads occupying the woodlands, Prince Locharn with the Oracle of the time, Oracle Andrea, presiding their re-conciliatory talks.

However, it had culminated in more than the peace both Locharn and Ambrosia had hoped for as the Prince and Princess fell madly in love with each other upon meeting. Locharn grew so fond of Ambrosia that he renamed the dryad woodlands in her honor and happily offered his Kingdom to Ambrosia to rule. He then commissioned the construction of the special bridge that Princess Edenia stood upon the warm Summer’s night of January 16th 2018…

Princess Edenia truly had hoped that she would have had the heart Princess Ambrosia did to not only defy her parents’ will and thus forfeit the crown of Mialand, but the defiant spirit witches were known for. Ambrosia had not kept her love for Locharn a secret. She had boldly defended their love even after being threatened by her parents with being disowned, forfeiting the crown and exile from the Witch Kingdom. Ambrosia went on to elope with her love and their marriage was blessed and sealed by the Oracle herself in Pharland (modern day Medula).

The Queen had sought to change the name of the city named after Ambrosia and to have the bridge destroyed but the people would not have it. Even nobles were in favor of keeping the name and so it was. Edenia sighed as she leaned on the railing on the furthest southern end of the bridge trying to make herself as small as humanely possible from the curious onlookers passing by even as late as 11PM.

In no time, the person the Princess had hoped to meet came to the bridge and she smiled as she embraced him, her heart beating erratically. He did not lift up her cloak even though Princess Edenia knew that that was what he wanted to do more than anything and she took it as a sign of his unwavering love and undying affection for her.

“My love, I came here tonight to propose something to you,” Edenia stated.

“You want to elope with me?” he guessed.

Edenia nervously looked around for any sign of on-lookers before nodding.

“My family doesn’t- my family would never allow us to remain together even though you are my true love. I cannot stand another moment without you by my side, Alexander. Please elope with me,”

Alexander smiled and nodded. “Maybe your parents are on to something. It appears that I am a bad influence on you,”

Edenia shook her head and gently caressed Alexander’s face. “Those are mere unfounded superstitions. What family in the entire Magical Realm doesn’t have skeletons in their closet including the royal family? Why are we still so obsessed with archaic stereotypes that no longer apply to these modern times? Why can we still not chose to be with those we love regardless of their family’s past misdeeds or failures?”

“Because the world is cruel and hatred so often wins over love. I do not wish to burden you with the curse associated with my family name. You deserve far more than I could ever give you. Even though I’d be broken without you, I would understand your decision to stay here where you can be a princess and where my retched name could not stain your immaculate reputation,”

Edenia shook her head. “I shall so gladly give up being a Princess if that is the price I must pay to be with you always. If that means inheriting the hatred and bias your family name is associated with then so be it,”

“Edenia-” Alexander began.

“I shall henceforth abandon my name and thus become an Alison witch,” she stated boldly.

“You have no idea what that means,”

“Then I shall learn. Let’s elope to Pharland, my love. Like Ambrosia and Locharn, we can find our happily ever after there,”

“How very touching, dearest sister. And to think that even I almost bought it,” spoke Princess Edna, the heiress apparent to the throne and Edenia’s one and only sister.

“Edna?” Edenia asked, turning to face her sister who was surrounded by Palace guards.

“Good evening. There’s no need to continue pretending that you did not sense me,”

“I had no idea you were coming here. What are you doing here?”

“I came to settle the score once and for all, dearest sis. I know all your dirty little secrets, from this heathen you chose to mate with to the spawn of evil you have borne for him in your womb. In truth, I never would have imagined that you were capable of being so calculating but you are so great at playing the role of the perfect Princess and had us all fooled,”

“What are you even going on about? How does my love affair even concern you?” Edenia snapped.

“How does it- you stupid little bitch! Do you take me for a fool? You know very well what your plan was from the very beginning and suddenly it made sense to me why you chose an Alison warlock for a mate! You are just as calculating and power-hungry as they are. You have always coveted the crown despite knowing it is rightfully mine by birthright! You of course know that I am barren and therefore sought to usurp my throne by pairing with this- this heathen of a lover you have. And now you are pregnant and your child has a stake at my throne. You were perhaps hoping that by bearing children, you would sway mother and father’s hearts from handing over the Kingdom to me,”

“I don’t care about such things! All I want is to live happily forever with the love of my life as Princess Ambrosia did with her Prince. What is so wrong about that?”

Her sister laughed cynically and approached her sister slowly with the guards following her lead so that they closed in on both Alexander and Edenia. Alexander held onto Edenia for dear life. She was his whole life and he would do whatever it took to ensure no harm came to her by any means necessary.

“Aw, I’d find your embrace adorable if it were not for how repugnant your union truly is,”

“We wish to elope and therefore exile ourselves, your Highness. Please allow us to take our leave and you shall never hear from us again,” Alexander asserted.

“And I am supposed to take the word of an Alison warlock? What a joke! Do you think that there is any place in this entire Realm that you could run to that would assure me you’d not come running back to claim my throne? Do you really think that I am so foolish that I cannot see right through your scheme? The Alison family has more than enough money to fund its own private army and when that spawn of evil reaches the age of maturity, your wretched family would need only send its army to defeat mine then you’d finally have what you have been waiting for the throne of Mialand,”

“Your Grace-”

“Silence, you fool. Do not presume that you have the right to question me. I know the truth. I have received enlightenment and this night, I swear upon my goddess, the Monarch, the goddess of Enlightenment, I shall offer the sacrifice of your pathetic lives! My goddess shall delight in the sacrifice of royal blood! She shall protect my birthright and grant me the mercy the Creator goddess could not accord me!” she spoke reverently before withdrawing a cursed dagger from a hidden compartment in her clothing and immediately aiming to stab Edenia straight through the heart.

Alexander instinctively placed his hand against Edenia’s chest to protect her heart but Edna was fanatical in trying to get the knife to pass straight through Alexander’s palm to her heart. Alexander struggled with her, hastily pushing Edenia behind him to protect her.

“Run, my love! My family shall offer you refuge! Please!”

“You shall not escape Divine judgement this night!” her sister said cursing under her breath even as she repeatedly stabbed Alexander with the cursed knife while her sister looked on, terrified.

“Stop it! Please!” she begged her sister.

Alexander turned to face her with blood dripping from every orifice on his body. He coughed up blood even as he struggled to urge Edenia to run away and save herself. Edenia shook her head and stated, “I shall not leave your side. If she kills you, then I die with you too.”

“But- Edenia- the- the baby,” he stated barely audible on account of the extensive blood loss that was so severe by that point that he dropped onto his knees.

Edenia cried and kissed him full on the lips as he took his last breath and she held onto her fallen love’s body even as her sister Edna fanatically stabbed her with the same cursed blade until she was no more.


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