The Four Corners of the Magical Realm



More measures were put in  place as the state of Cosmotopia declared a state of emergency. The King instituted a total media black-out of all forms of media as his nation struggled to gain normalcy following the worst terrorist attack in Cosmotopian history. The Protectors’ Agency had apprehended several suspects in the terror attack but were no closer to generating any solid leads.

Among the suspects were Cosmic Fm staff members. For several days, they endured every interrogation method known to man including torture in the hopes that it would generate some leads which the Protectors could use but unfortunately, it appeared none of them had any idea what had even happened.

Miss Adesina Okafor was terrified she’d never get to see her two beautiful children ever again. She had no idea what was happening out there but she knew that all the torture she had endured had been as a result of some kind of catastrophic event unfolding. Some of her colleagues, including her co-host, Tripp Grader, were just as bad if not worse off than she was. She wondered how long they’d keep them locked up in there and prayed for a miracle to happen soon.

Her prayers would not go unanswered as soon, a few weeks after the event, she and the others were taken out of the containment cells housing them and were properly fed,  given privacy to bathe and even given a spare change of clothes each. However, they were all forced to go through mandatory ‘immunizations’ before being allowed out of the Protectors’ Maximum Retention Facility.

The Cosmic FM staffs were then taken to their respective nearest Community Centers where they were reunited with their families and friends. Adesina was happy to see her children again and thanked the Creator that they were both in good health. It appeared that even her grandmother and mother had made it and she felt safer with them around albeit shaken and worried.

Naturally, her family wanted to know about her whereabouts but strangely, Adesina could not recall a single thing that happened to her between being apprehended from Cosmic FM Media House to rejoining her family earlier that morning. Her family filled her in on what had happened- that she had sounded very strange on air on March 19th 2018 and that she had announced the winning lottery ticket numbers of the day and repeated them.

Further,  it was explained to Adesina that her co-host had given a list of weird prizes associated with the winning numbers and then people spontaneously started getting seizures and falling very ill. Several thousands of people were already dead while others remained in critical condition in Hospitals spread-out across Cosmotopia.

Adesina was surprised she didn’t recall announcing the winning lottery numbers or anything that happened following that event. She was terrified of what happened to her during the black-spot periods in her memory. Had she been abducted? Was she compelled to forget everything she knew? What had the winning lottery numbers and weird prize associations truly been intended to convey and what role had she played in all of it?

Cosmotopia received a lot of help from the other nations of the Magical Realm, in particular, from neighboring Pharland. Pharland had lent its own law enforcement officers to aid in investigating what had happened and within a few weeks’ time as the month of July 2018 drew nearer, they all had the answer.

In the morning of 19th March 2018 during the scheduled Breakfast Club show, there had been interference with the radio signal waves. It was found that someone had hijacked the radio signal waves and further, had used those signals to send out psionic waves that had affected listeners of Miss Adesina and DJ Tripp Wire’s live broadcast of 1,000,000 people.

The numbers and word associations announced were found not to have been random and it was discovered that the entire terrorist attack had been planned for months in advance and these numbers and word associations had been psychologically primed on the unsuspecting citizens of Cosmotopia via scheduled advertisements played during prime hours when the largest number of views were tuned in especially on Television.

Once psychologically primed, the brains of the Cosmotopians had been subtly and subconsciously manipulated to perceive and interpret the ‘lottery numbers and prizes’ as impulses that caused the vivid hallucinations perceived by victims leading to their deaths and unstable critical health conditions.

A further investigation into the strange happenings of March 19th revealed that there were specific ads that primed the unsuspecting victims of the terror attack. In particular, 12 ‘Window’ was an advert that aired consistently of a Vacation to Mialand at very low prizes. So crazy low were the prizes, the ad asserted, that people would lose their minds at the opportunity. What truly sealed the deal was the ad was accompanied by what was a presumed ‘Banshee’ shriek. Victims of this particular primed ad were all dead as the hallucinations they collectively suffered from was of a Banshee appearing to them wherever they were and shrieking fatally thus causing their hair to turn snow-white in fear and causing fatal cardiac arrests.

The second lottery number 7- Candle, was primed on a hot sauce ad. The Hot Sauce Ad from the Koco Brothers Incorporated, promised the sauce gave the aftereffect of breathing flames from your mouth like a dragon. Victims of this primer suffered the hallucination of being on fire, or alternatively, suffering from the hallucination of whatever space they occupied being engulfed by flames.

The number 11- Squid primer was a 60-second movie trailer for a horror flick scheduled for the cinemas in August of that year called ‘Fear of The Deep’. The Flick would feature a horror-film favorite cliche of monsters from the infamous Dark Lake. It portrayed all manner of dark creatures from the Lake attacking the characters of the film. As with the premise of the upcoming film, surviving victims to this particular number hallucinated being choked or attacked by these creatures usually describing creatures with long tentacle like appendages asphyxiating them.

Number 21- Dagger, came from a scheduled event ad that coming April of that year of the Annual Festival of Honor. As was the tradition each year during Cosmotopia’s Cultural Day, there would be a display of fighting from numerous swords, daggers, spears and other weapons from experts. The catch of the fights was that each of the swords or daggers were ‘possessed’ Spirit Blades and therefore, the fighters would be possessed by the spirits of past warriors who had utilized the weapons before them. It was a much anticipated part of Cultural Day and all looked forward to it. Unfortunately, following the Terrorist Attack on March 19th, the Festival was indefinitely postponed.

Number 22- Torch was representative of the Golden Torch Ceremony marking the start of the Magical Realm’s Unity Sports Games. As the hosts of those years games, Cosmotopia would be having a Ceremony to mark the beginning of the games. An ad proudly displaying one of Cosmotopian’s own champion fighter, Milena Suarez running towards the People’s Stadium in Cosmopolis, the Capital City of Cosmotopia, with the torch in hand.

In each case, the numbers and primers were so deeply embedded in the people’s minds that it was not discovered how the terrorists had manipulated the subconscious minds of the victims until it was too late. No terrorists were named as being responsible but Adesina knew the government probably knew all about who was behind the attacks but preferred to keep that knowledge to themselves.

It was somewhat ironic for Adesina and the many ‘Cosmo’ castors to have their own propensity for influencing the mind being used against them. It was strange for a nation that prided itself in being the safest in the world to be attacked in such a subtle yet very effective way.

As life began to resume slowly and Adesina and her family along with others resettled to their homes, one last surprise awaited them, a final calling card from the terrorists. Every broadcast in Cosmotopia was hijacked and a terrifying female voice boomed in the silence of the static.

“Welcome the Age of Enlightenment! Fear the Monarch, the one true goddess! Fear her Children, her faithful who shall exert justice from the Children of the False Creator Goddess! The attack was merely the beginning… Repent and worship the true goddess and she shall spare you! Resist and you shall suffer her Wrath! The Age of Reclamation of the Earth for our goddess is come! Rejoice Children of Enlightenment! Rejoice, Children of Light! Rejoice oh ye Enlightened ones!”


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