The Four Corners of the Magical Realm



It had taken several years but public opinion of the Royal Family of Pharland was suddenly taking a turn for the worse… For centuries, the House of Penny Roth had ruled over the country without much opposition. The descendants of the powerful witch turned hybrid were legendary and the people had been more than star-struck by the sheer power possessed by the family…

Not only had the family matriarch had two exceedingly gifted children; both Chosen Ones, but these children had gone on to have powerful children of their own and the line had persisted throughout time. However, with the wave of hysteria staining the hearts and souls of the Magical Realm’s inhabitants following the rise of power of another goddess, the people turned to their nobles to help steer Pharland in the rightful direction.

Pharland had silently observed the other countries of the Magical Realm fall to the goddess of Enlightenment and though the people had been forewarned of the dark days ahead which had included; the curious disappearances of Princess Edenia of Mialand and her purported lover Alexander Alison; the death of a Scribe named Qiao Grayson that had led to an uproar and deepening mistrust of an entire nation and most recently, led to the suicidal death of the Denary Prince suspected of killing her, the terrorism that had shaken the purported most fortified nation in the world, the death of the previous Prime Minister of Great and the subsequent promotion of her closest political rival, a professed devotee to the Church of Enlightenment, the very publicized sensational executions of those blamed of the death of the former Queen of Nymphadora and the Unification of Amana as a Protectorate of Fiernon with the purported full consent of the Royal Family.

Queen Emilie Roth knew that these happenings were not just random coincidences and knew they were all carefully planned for and deliberately executed instances of the Entity in a bid to gain control of the world. Queen Emilie knew that there was more than one timeline affected by the Entity’s evil influence and that it had been growing in power. And she had known that the Entity was seeking a chance to destroy Pharland as well but this had not startled her in the slightest…

Pharland always opened its borders to those that needed it. Sometimes that involved helping with provisions and military support to the neighboring Cosmotopia still crippled in fear of another terrorist attack and other times it was helping the Princess of Amana and the youths of the country to escape from certain death as their peaceful haven was turned into another corrupted shell of what a country should have been…

However, it was this demeanor that attracted backlash on the Royal Family in the first place. The Queen was accused of prioritizing helping strangers over the well-being and safety of her own citizens. The citizens lived in constant fear of arousing the anger of the vengeful goddess of enlightenment.

Her refusal to allow the Church of Enlightenment any room to set up in Pharland had already provoked the goddess of Enlightenment enough and the people feared that her thirst for vengeance would destroy the uncommon peace they had experienced.

Though Queen Emilie had secretly rescued and hosted the escapees from Amana in her own Palace at great risk to herself (as she had rescued other royals when called upon to do so), the agents of the Entity had known that she had done so and had then used their power and influence to rope in the Kingdom of Fiernon to declare war should Pharland not agree to surrender the ‘war criminals’ it harbored within its borders.

Fiernon had received the historical document to amalgamate Amana to itself as a Protectorate and argued that Queen Emilie’s decision to harbor the Princess of what had once been a state was an act of malice and seriously dampened the relations between Pharland and Fiernon.

Further, it declared that any nation allying itself with such notorious criminals was an enemy of Fiernon and would therefore be dealt with in such a fashion. The Queen insisted that she did not have any criminals currently hiding within the Royal Palace and even invited Fiernon officials to come investigate for themselves partnering with none other than her very own ancestors (through a middle woman- Aurora Alison) who existed in a land beyond time and agreed to host the escapees for as long as Emilie required them to but the Fiernon officials were not placated.

A huge challenge for Pharland was that its mineral deposits were perpetually getting depleted and the Queen knew that she needed to strengthen her International Cooperation ties to enhance trade and commerce or else risk her country becoming impoverished like the State of Denary.

However, it appeared that the only other nations that wished to maintain such ties with Pharland were the distant Breanna and Mialand, to a certain extent. Its largest trading partner had always been Fiernon and the declaration of Pharland as an enemy to Fiernon was already beginning to take its toll on Pharland’s economy.

In the midst of all the chaos rose a movement; an uprising calling for the institution of a government to rule the people of Pharland the way they deserved to be ruled- democratically as opposed to the claimed dictatorship of the ruling Monarch.

In honor of the nation’s first Queen, Penny Roth, the nation would still revere the Queen and she and her family would still retain a great proportion of the powers bestowed upon them and become exempt from paying taxes as was the case of the nation of Great. However, the government would be elected by the people and would be answerable to them.

At first, the uprising began as little more than a little rabble but it soon grew to include more and more supporters all crying for the institution of a government elected solely by the people. In no time, certain provinces even begun demanding for secession from the nation of Pharland entirely. It became a well known fact that the government of Fiernon was secretly funding the organizers of the uprising and even funding politicians’ private bids for power.

The Queen of Pharland was soon faced with a very difficult decision, one she could not change no matter how she tried… The documentation supporting the change of Pharland from a declared Aristocratic nation into a Democratic one was soon right before her with majority support from ‘Parliament’ and with only her part left to fill in the historic document. The Entity was surely enjoying this, the Queen thought but her pride would not allow her to so easily sign the documentation.

Mounting pressure and more riots continued with the constant threat of war with Fiernon looming over the Queen’s head. It was clear that even if she stuck to her pride, there was no helping what would become of Pharland if she so stubbornly resolved to preserve the nation as it was designed. She finally caved in, defeated and depressed at having lost to the Entity.

Soon, the Queen predicted, she would be nothing but a forgotten figure in history as the people of Pharland cheered her on for her purported humility. Close aids assured her that it was not the end of her story but Queen Emilie knew that was far from being the truth. She watched helplessly as the new parliament overturned precept after precept, changing the Constitution to suit them more. It was only a short while before outstation churches of the Doctrine of the Enlightened goddess sprung up in Pharland.

Hope was something the Queen lost entirely. What was the point of anything anymore? The world had welcomed a new age and there was nothing she or anyone else could do about it. For all her family’s service, for all the things she had helped Pharland achieve, she had received nothing but betrayal and mockery. The Queen sunk to her lowest low, contemplating her fall from grace…


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