Legend of the Lunar-Titania


The joint invasive force did their best to hold their position as they successfully managed to dock on enemy soil in the Battle of Avala. The enemy relentlessly kept up the barrage of long-range attacks directed on their enemy and although the joint invasive forces had the upper hand in terms of manpower and other war resources, the Avalan army showed no signs of withdrawing from the battle.

The invasive forces employed the usage of futuristic force protection ocelots that could brave and safely navigate the rough terrain of war soil ferrying builder-bots to fortify and reinforce the invading forces’ position. Accompanying the armored vehicles were the Siege War tanks that effectively halted all enemy attacks directed at the Ocelots. The builder bots that were soon released on the enemy’s terrain immediately began their single-minded purpose of fortifying the battle grounds in favor of the invading forces by establishing highly sophisticated barriers and projecting force-fields that would render Avala’s attacks futile.

Dulcina, who was still in a trance, masterfully established and perpetuated the intricate spell-work required for the battlefield, utilizing the knowledge contained in the Grand Grimoire. The Grand Grimoire hovered at her eyes’ level as the Lunar-Titania continued her work, with its pages flipping wilder than ever before. She completed her spell work by casting the Geo-Temporal Spell of Endless Night, resulting in a large boundary spell encompassing the Island country and thus effectively cutting them off from any outside help.

The completion of Dulcina’s spell-work led to the skies and moon darkening thus transforming the battlefield into a vivid, dark crimson colored landscape. Crackles of lightning illuminated the dark skies with the rumbling of thunder promising a torrential downpour in the near future. Nonetheless the enemy continued its assault on the invaders sending out their own drones to halt their enemies’ progress.

Although many of the invading forces machinery was lost, the Siege machines and soldiers using powered exoskeleton suits managed to minimize the losses and the fortification efforts bore fruit not long afterwards. The invading forces’ fortification effectively prevented any further attacks issued by Avala from negatively impacting the invading forces and helped kill Avala’s momentum. With no hope of reinforcements coming into Avala, the invading forces had the upper hand, knowing they only needed to wait out the rest of the fight while occasionally expanding their territory, until Avala run out of armor.

Avala seemed to realize the strategy its enemy was utilizing and began to send out Blood Golems in addition to its own Siege weapons and soldiers in powered exoskeleton suits even as it reinforced its own inner city defenses with impenetrable, enchanted steel bulwarks. Dulcina, empowered by the knowledge contained in the Grand Grimoire, knew that blood golems were invulnerable to many attacks including magically conjured fire. The only way to truly vanquish Blood golems was to destroy their progenitor trees.

Dulcina then utilized the power of the moon to enhance her divining abilities to seek out the dreaded Bloodwood trees via advanced scrying. As the Bloodwood trees came into focus, it began to rain and soon the red moon illuminated the path to the trees’ roots, displaying real time images of their location in the puddles that formed on the ground. She resumed her complex spell-work and a few moments later, the trees began to shake violently and quickly shrivel up and collapse, one after the other. The Blood golems soon succumbed to the same fate as their progenitor trees and no longer posed a threat to the invading forces.

Almost immediately after vanquishing the threat of the Blood golems, Dulcina’s wings unfurled and she leaped off the ground and into the sky, raising her arms up. She commanded the torrential downpour to cease and downpour immediately ceased. The invading forces continued to pushed the boundaries of their fortification until they were at the enchanted steel bulwarks cutting their access from the city. Their Siege machines then used plasma lasers to begin burning through the enchanted metal whilst successfully fending off attacks from Avala.

As the Siege machines and soldiers in the powered exoskeleton suits effectively overcame the bulwarks’ protections, the furthest defensive lines begun issuing covering fire with each layer of defense issuing attacks of greater magnitude than its predecessor, creating an impenetrable defense and protection for the defensive lines closest to the enemy. This strategy helped to secure more ground for the invasive forces and eventually cornered Avala that was forced to withdraw its forces further inward.

The invasive forces eventually managed to break through the enchanted steel and rushed forward into the city. Avalan soldiers failed to hold their own against their invaders and although a few of them managed to retreat successfully, many chose to go down fighting. The invaders persisted and managed to capture several Avalan soldiers. However, the captured Avalan soldiers failed to give any meaningful information pertaining to the whereabouts of their Empress or give any other pertinent information. Furthermore, the captives soon succumbed to ghastly blood curses and expired before they could be further interrogated.

The invading forces were not dismayed by their lack of progress with their captives and thus continued pursuing the enemy further inward, encountering stronger resistance from Avalan soldiers the further they advanced into the city. They found that soldiers defending the city were greater skilled and possessed greater battle proficiency than their fallen comrades. Among the specialized Avalan soldiers was a magical race unique to few timelines such as Timeline A-31 known as the Night Wolves.

Stealthy, intelligent, highly adaptable and dexterous, the night wolves appeared to give the invasive forces a run for their money as they seamlessly took out key war leaders of the invasive forces, causing momentary panic and confusion to spread among the invaders which the wolves capitalized on to further assassinate more key personnel.

Dulcina scowled on hearing the real-time reports she received on the damage inflicted by the night wolves which resulted in her personally intervening in the matter, rushing to the city with the Moon faeries and Alpha team following close-by to back her up when the need arose. Dulcina ignored the panic and confusion spreading among the invasive forces and strongly issued a command in the Ancient fay tongue (Fay Gaelic) for the wolves to immediately cease their actions.

The wolves involuntarily obeyed the command and immediately ceased fighting. Dulcina then followed up the command by demanding that the night wolves sat down, in her most condescending tone. The wolves involuntarily obeyed Dulcina’s second command and docilly dropped their weapons and sat on the ground looking up at Dulcina for further instructions.

Both the invading forces and Avalan forces stood in awe of the Lunar-Titania’s power and with the momentary confusion caused by night wolves dissipating, the tide turned once again in favor of the invaders who continued to push the enemy further back into the city until they drew ever so near to the Royal Palace that they could almost taste victory.

However, Dulcina warned against prematurely celebration as both she and all seers present grew uneasy, knowing the Mystai had something sinister up their sleeves. Furthermore, the Royal Palace contained a large pyramid-like structure similar to those the Crimson Emperor had once erected at Felicia with a large red crystal embedded at its apex that let out a eerie glow.

There were crackles of lightning constantly hitting the structure powering it as well as perpetually swirling, dark mystic energies emanating from it. The site of the structure itself was ominous enough to cause panic to spread among the invading forces as they struggled to come to terms with what they would do once they fought there way to the Royal Palace. In the midst of their growing anxiety and panic, the red crystal glowed brightly until it completely enveloped the city in its nefarious light and then sprung forth the Furies ready to exert vengeance for the fallen Mystai.


How shall the invasive forces address the threat of the Furies? Shall the invasive forces finally making through to the Royal Palace, and if so, shall they prove victorious even in the face of the threat of the malignant structure? What more sinister plots against them shall Empress Weylyn hatch? Stay tuned to find out! The link to the previous part in this series is linked below. Enjoy!

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