The Traveler Chronicles 4



The Oracle had been the last one in through the portal as anticipated by Avery but she did not hold it against  Oracle Emica. She understood that the only life Emica had known in the dark world was one where one could not so easily trust someone else especially if that trust was to be given to an Alison witch like her.

The portal transported them directly to the Dyson Sphere that the inhabitants of Timeline Beta 3 shortened to just Timeline B3 or sometimes just B3 were currently hiding. Avery made quick work of the wards protecting the Sphere’s inhabitants from being discovered with a little help from a friend of hers back in her home timeline.

However, she was told to anticipate a warning being sent to Ember and company and knew he would be sure to come to the defense of the Dyson Sphere immediately the alarm went off. She waited patiently and asked the others to wait with her explaining that they’d soon be joined by King Ember and possibly some others who would believe that they were a threat. She assured them that no harm would come to them but Emica was not convinced.

Avery knew that the Oracle would think that it was completely in line with the  assumed character  she had given Avery for the latter to give them false hope of escape only to dash all hope and cruelly mock them for trusting her in the first place. Oracle Emica was however, not after her own self preservation but the safety of the child Savior. Her over-protectiveness was a terrible guilt trip for Avery who had practically abandoned her own son back at home to chase after ‘baddies’. If Avery was to be truly honest with herself, she knew that fighting the Entity was way past fighting for the common good but was instead a personal vendetta against it.

Sure enough, it did not take very long for King Ember, his sister Princess Emilie and Princess Erabelle to show up ready to fight the intruders.

“Whoever you are, turn back from whence you came or face our wrath,” King Ember warned them.

Avery couldn’t help but chuckle at his threat. “It hardly seems fair, just the three of you against all of us, don’t you think, your majesty?”

“We do not take your intrusion lightly and we take it that you must be very powerful opponents to have so easily unraveled our magical wards. However, do not deceive yourselves into thinking you will so easily defeat us,” Emilie stated firmly.

“Aren’t you the least bit curious as to how I overcame such powerful wards, King Ember? Surely as powerful as I am there is no way a mere witch could overcome the wards of a chosen one, right? I must have had a little help and I am certain you know exactly who offered me the help,” Avery taunted. She was astounded at her own interest in playing mind games with Ember but she saw that she had not only piqued his interest but she had terrified him as well.

Avery boldly advanced towards them with her hands raised up in apparent surrender.

“I mean you no harm, King Ember, Princess Emilie and Princess Erabelle. After all, you are family to me. As my hair gives away, I am an Alison witch but I am less like the evil doppelgangers of Aurora and Leal and more like the real Aurora and Leal you have grown to love,”

“Do you really think that we can so easily accept all that you’re saying?” King Ember asked.

“If I was truly your enemy and I had such powerful back-up, do you think you’d still be standing by now? Do you think I am incapable of defeating you? You are many things, King Ember, but not arrogant,” Avery replied.

“I am not afraid of you or- or anyone who is your back-up,” Ember said courageously hoping that he sounded more courageous than he felt.

“Are you sure about that?” Avery asked him finally within arms reach of Ember, Emilie and Erabelle.

“What is it you’re after if it is true that you do not mean us any harm?” Emilie asked her.

“I need your help. As you can see, I have brought a few people along with me and for now, this is the safest place I can think of for them to lay low for a while. I’d have been happy to give you a heads-up but as you well know, it is currently impossible to do this with your shield charms in place,”

“And why should we help you when you are practically a stranger to us?” Erabelle asked her.

Avery smiled and Erabelle shyly blushed and looked away.

“Because as I said before, we are family. I’m a traveler from the year 2049. I am Avery Alison, the daughter of Aurora and Protector Leal Grayson from Timeline Delta one or D1,”

Emilie and Erabelle both gasped at her claims but Ember maintained his cool.

“Why should we believe a single word you say? For all we know, you are just an impostor sent here by those knock-off versions of Aurora and Leal,”

“I am glad you’re not so trusting, King Ember. I am certain that even giving you personal details about yourself and your family will not be enough proof for you. You’ll think that I am just someone with a lot of resources that give me access to that kind of information, right?”

Ember shrugged. Avery nodded. “Very well. Then what must I do to prove that I mean you no harm?”

Ember placed magic restricting shackles on her hands and feet despite knowing that since she and the others were already in the Sphere, they could not perform magic and stated, “I am not letting you or any of your party out of my sight. Now state your true business here,” he said then insisted on placing Magic Restricting shackles on all guests to the Dyson Sphere.

Avery replied, “Well, as I said, I need a safe place to keep my guests. See, these people are very instrumental to the end of the Entity. However, once I set them up with the proper safeguards in place, I’ll let them off your hands. Also, the child who is among them can help heal my dad- I mean Protector Leal Grayson…”

Avery paused for a moment before stating, “As I have already explained, I am Avery Alison but where I’m from my parents- well, I’m sure by now you know that even Erabelle’s special time suspension ability is not really effective and the healers can only do so much. At the current rate, Leal will die when my doppelganger in this timeline is only 5 years old. And when Leal dies- well, Aurora will follow soon afterwards,”

Ember was still skeptical of her but was consoled by the fact that she could not perform magic. He also ensured all those who came with her were properly shackled before allowing them to visit Aurora and Leal.

As was more often than not the case that time, they found Aurora mournfully observing her Protector, with rotting plates of uneaten meals  spread throughout the room. She did not even acknowledge the presence of the others in the room and simply just observed Leal suspended in time.

“Aurora, we have some guests. They claim that they can help Leal,”

Aurora did not respond. Ember unshackled Imani and watched as Avery knelt down to her level and speak sweetly to the child, “Imani, please heal my dad.”

Imani smiled sweetly even as Emica said, “You don’t have to-to help these people if you don’t want to,”

“That’s okay, Emica. I want to help them. Only I can,” she said with a smile as radiant as the sun.

Imani nodded to Erabelle that used her power to revoke her earlier suspension ability on Leal. Immediately she did so, Aurora began to hyperventiliate as Leal’s condition began to deteriorate rapidly. Aurora began to angrily claw at anyone in her visual range and had to be contained and taken out of the room by Emilie.

Imani took Leal’s hand in her own and smiled at him as she looked at him. “It’s okay Leal. I’m going to make you better,”

Her hands began to glow with radiant white light that was so powerful, it generated a warm, calming effect in the entire room. After a short while, the pace maker indicated a normal heartbeat as opposed to the erratic one previously displayed by an unconscious Leal and he no longer appeared to be under any sort of duress. Imani chuckled even as she let go of his hand.

“Did it work?” Ember asked curiously.

Imani nodded. “Leal is okay now. He was just telling me a funny story,”

“You- you spoke to him?”

Imani nodded. “He is still really tired so he won’t wake up yet but don’t worry. He’ll be up real soon. He misses Aurora and Avery very much,” she replied.

“He- he remembers them?”

Imani smiled and nodded. “But he will be a bit… scary sometimes,” she replied.

“Scary? What does that mean?” Avery asked her.

Imani shrugged and then went to stand next to Emica who had been suspiciously eyeing the fair-folk in the room. The room remained eerily silent until Queen Anna came bursting through the door with Prince Emre accompanying her.

Even as Queen Anna rushed to her husband’s side terrified that the strangers in the room were there to hunt him down, her son turned to face the strangers and his eyes settled upon Avery. Once he saw her, the prince knew that she was the one he had been dreaming of- she was the mother of his child and his one true love. He gasped even as her name that had eluded him since the time he become spiritually entangled with the Emre from D-1 finally sprung in his mind.

“A-Avery?” he called to her.


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