The Traveler Chronicles 5



The Mystai and Shaman who had been called to carefully examine a distraught Prince Emre by the King and Queen of Medula got the prince to reveal that he had been experiencing vivid lucid dreams about places he had never visited before and sometimes he remembered events in totally different ways than the way they had happened in the past. His level of clairvoyance sometimes was baffling even to himself and he often found himself lost in thought about his dreams and foreign memories…

Emre described that his dreams and the memories that often plagued him were, for the most part, about a particular woman. He claimed that he knew deep down in his heart that the woman he dreamed about was his true love and was to him what his mother was to his father. He revealed that there were no lengths he wouldn’t go to for her even if it meant dying for her or murdering someone if it came to that.

The Prince described waking and dreaming fantasies he had of the life he shared with his true love. They had been happy despite the dangerous nature of their work which was to destroy the Entity that had torn his true love’s family, and by extension, his family apart.

Emre claimed that he and his true love had had a common childhood together and had even been raised together like a brother and sister for a short while before she had been adopted by another woman. However, he and his love saw each other a lot throughout the holidays after school where they had developed a close friendship evolving into a secret romance unbeknownst to anyone that knew them.

The two love birds had shared dreams and aspirations of a shared life together once the Entity was properly vanquished despite the fact that Emre had already been married to another woman. Eventually, their secret love affair became public knowledge when his true love conceived their first and only child.

Emre described in detail how terrified he was for his love’s life when she revealed that she was expecting his child. He feared the cruel woman that had adopted her would force her to get rid of their baby. He offered to bring her to his Kingdom where she could assume a new identity and live under his protection but she was stubborn and adamant about wishing to remain her present…

Despite their challenges and the pain they caused Emre’s wife who promptly divorced him upon learning the truth, their love blossomed and their son was born. Emre broke down in tears as he described the joy of holding his baby boy in his arms for the very first time. He was surprised that his love’s mother did not force her to have an abortion or to stop seeing him. In fact, she allowed them to be together more frequently and their family life was perfectly happy until the Entity had gotten to them and torn their family apart.

While engaged in a fierce battle with dark forces, Emre had unwittingly become the victim of a horrific curse that had culminated in his death. The curse cast upon him caused severe tears of his flesh right down to his bones in an excruciatingly slow and painful fashion.  Unfortunately, there was no cure for the curse and he had suffered agony unlike anything he had ever felt in his life and he eventually begged and pleaded for death by his love’s hand…

“Please- please end this. I can’t- I can’t take it anymore,” he had begged her. She wept for him uncontrollably denying him the mercy of death with each passing moment of pain increasing in intensity.

However, his love could tell that keeping him alive was only prolonging the inevitable and eventually and reluctantly agreed that she needed to grant him the mercy of death. Emre described the taste of her tears in his mouth and her warm hand firmly holding  his cold one as she obliged him of his wish. Her hand grew warmer and warmer as the curse accelerated to the end of his death.

Emre recalled promising his love that he would watch over her and their son in the afterlife before taking his last breath. Then he saw himself ascend as his body burst into fairy dust even and his spirit traveled to the Paradise Lands or so he had thought…

Emre’s spirit had not wished to move on terrified of the miserable life he had condemned his love and their son to. He had lingered and as a result, his spirit had remained in limbo struggling to hang onto life despite death claiming his soul. Being in spiritual limbo had been an excruciating experience for Emre as his spirit was trapped between life and death and it became clear that if he did not move on, he’d be stuck there forever.

Another challenge Emre described was there were creatures known as the Furies that ruled limbo. These creatures were not too pleased to host spirits like Emre’s that would not move on either to the Hellish lands or the Paradise Lands. As was to be expected, Limbo mostly consisted of the spirits of people who had lead wicked lives who were terrified of facing the rightful wages of their sins which was whatever hell they were destined for and therefore desperately clung to life.

The Furies had power to send wicked souls straight to hell if they so wished but they were rather sadistic creatures and preferred to let the wicked ones souls wander about their limbo and do tasks for them as punishment for their sins. Sometimes the wicked ones made enough atonement for their souls to enter the Paradise Lands but other times, the Furies grew bored of them and sent them all the way to hell…

However, the Furies were terrified of Messengers and therefore rarely intervened in cases of mostly good souls like Emre’s. Though rare, some good souls did wind up in Limbo usually those with unfinished business and the Furies found them like a nuisance as they were unable to freely administer punishment to them without evoking the ire of the Messengers.

Emre had thought that he couldn’t possibly keep living in Limbo, with his soul and spirit in constant excruciating pain and with the Furies a constant threat on his back. Furthermore, the dark souls entrapped in Limbo with him always tormented him and the other good souls trapped there. It appeared that there was no option but to move onto the Paradise Lands. He came to that decision with a heavy heart and sought to travel to where his true love was to say goodbye yet again before setting sail to the Paradise Lands.

However, on his journey to say goodbye to the love of his life, Emre had thought of how cruel it was and had changed his mind at the last second. He had expected that he would wind up back in Limbo but then had suddenly wound up in the world of the living instead where everything in his present seemed to have been drastically altered so much that he felt like he was living another person’s life…

That’s when it dawned on all gathered what had truly happened. It was a rare case but it was entirely plausible that the Emre that had died from another timeline’s soul and spirit had become spiritually entangled with the spirit and soul of the Emre of timeline B-3. The vivid lucid dreams he had been experiencing as well as the change in his personality had been as a direct result of the merging of two versions of the prince and the man who had narrated all those strange happenings was neither Emre from Timeline B-3 nor the Other Emre but was instead, some kind of hybrid.



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