The Four Corners of the Magical Realm


The state of Denary in the First Physical Plane of Existence was the poorest nation in the entire Magical Realm as had been the case for centuries. It had the poorest performing economy and had the Magical Realm’s largest wealth gap between the extremely wealthy and the destitute poor. The people were oppressed by the wealthy classes and subjected to deplorable living conditions languishing in poverty while their wealthy wildly engaged in every debauchery known to man.

None were surpassed in extravagant lifestyles other than the Royal Family itself. Queen Mabel and her husband King Machan had four sons in total- two sets of twins exactly. Their eldest was Fenris, a truly brutish beast of a lycan that was renowned for his promiscuity and penchant for deriving great pleasure from inflicting pain on others. He was the heir apparent to his parents’ throne and had a witch for a mate that was suspected to be a dark Mystai priestess in the cult of the Enlightenment, a strange new upcoming religion that was all abuzz in the world of magic.

In recent years, there had been increased cases of missing witches in the Underground Kingdom and it was suspected that some of those mysterious disappearances were orchestrated by the royal family led by the Heir Apparent.

Fenris’ twin Conall was well known for his love of a fight. He fancied himself the title of a wine concierge and drank heavily of the sweetest fruits of the vine although he was said to favorite the infamous ‘Pixie Poison’ drink known to increase riskiness and disregard for any morals. Like his brother, he was an infamous heart breaker using his power and good looks to lure in his victims most of whom were innocent star-struck witches that were barely of age and entrap them for his nefarious purposes.

Like his brother, Conall was suspected of having a closet full of corpses. All in all, he favored seducing women already in steady relationships particularly those betrothed or married to lycan men. He found great pleasure in tormenting the women’s partners, asking them to duel and humiliating them before claiming the women for his own…

The twin Felan was more soft-spoken than his brothers and preferred a quieter lifestyle. It was nearly impossible to tell what he was thinking at all at any given time and his nose was almost always buried in a book in the Castle’s extensive Library; something his brothers often teased him about. However, Felan was truly vain and fancied himself as a superior intellect. The self professed most intelligent prince in the world looked down on peasants particularly those who had no formal education thinking them fools beneath him.

Lastly, Felan’s twin Channon, was known for being the most gluttonous of them all. There was no vice that Channon was not found to be partaking in mostly in copious amounts. He was an unpleasant person to be around, loud and proud as his brothers often going too far in hunting game as well as women. He was rarely sober to begin with and preferred to be outside enjoying all the pleasures a young lycan prince was deserving of according to him.

Their own parents were known for acting on whims and expected all their subjects to bend over backwards to serve them. They enabled their sons’ destructive behaviors and encouraged them to live as lavishly as they and their parents before them had lived…

The Queen and King were known for humiliating and exiling nobles who did not cater to their whims. Such was the case of Lord and Dame Cheng and Vivien Grayson respectfully, who were exiled by the King and Queen in the year 1985. Mr. and Mrs. Grayson were forced to abandon their children being given an ultimatum to either worship the nobles as gods or else face never see their children ever again…

Staying true to the family name, the Graysons lived an upright life even at the threat of being permanently separated from their children, avoiding any and all indecent and immoral activities. Their willingness to live the lives they led greatly intrigued the pagan nobles and as a test, they dared them to renounce their faith in the Creator and begin worshiping them instead or else be subjected to sanctions or suffer worse humiliation before having their family forever torn apart by the royals.

However, the Graysons remained steadfast in their faith and it did not waver even after being tortured and deprived of all the comforts of nobles. The people thought them fools for being so stubborn in the face of such persecutions but they remained faithful, eventually taking refuge in the Temple after they were completely humiliated before the eyes of the people.

Eventually, the King and Queen grew bored on the punishments they handed out to them and decided to make good on their threat of stripping the Graysons of their nobility status before exiling them without the chance of ever seeing their daughter, Qiao and their son, Chao.

Qiao and Chao thus grew up without their parents in extreme poverty, depending solely on the Temple and contributions from those who took pity on them. Chao eventually grew up resenting the nobles, joining the army and becoming one of the leaders that proposed and executed a botched coup that resulted in his death. His sister, however, never gave up on the faith and eventually chose to become a Scribe devoted to the Creator.

Qiao being the eldest of the Graysons’ children, recalled the time she and her parents had led a comfortable life. She recalled when she had studied elementary magic with Princes Felan and Channon and longed for those days as she faced life’s challenges but she was glad her parents had not allowed the nobles to break their spirit. She emulated their strength and ministered to the people in faith.

However, it appeared that Qiao was not the only one who got nostalgic while she thought about the past. Soon after devoutly prostrating herself before the altar of the Creator, she was violently dragged out of the Temple by military police and taken before the four princes. Qiao had had to counsel women afflicted by the royal family before but she had not expected to experience such cruelty first hand.

She came face to face with her brother’s executors and struggled to keep her emotions in check. Qiao tried to distract herself from the scenes unfolding before her- witches like her some of them barely past the age of maturity, passing out from the blood loss caused by the princes’ methodical draining of their blood and Witches’ element* (see Footnotes for explanation) into their goblets, utilizing their razor sharp fangs and discarded their corpses as they were so much trash.



  1. Witch’s element Witches are known to be an especially resilient race of human beings and rarely succumb to any illnesses because of a very special protective ‘layering’ spread-out across their bodies commonly referred to as the Witch’s element. The Witches’ element also ensures quick recovery from wounds such as scratches, bruises and even fractures in cases where critical damage is inflicted on a witch. Every witch and/or witch hybrid possesses a measure of the element but pure-blooded witches, that is witches that do not possess any other genes, possess the most element and are therefore better protected from wounds and all manner of illnesses. Under advanced microscopes, blood samples obtained from witches display this gel- like protective layer present in the blood cells in addition to having other contents of blood such as red blood cells, plasma, platelets and leukocytes present. The gel-like substance appears green in color although in some very rare cases, it is silver-colored.

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