The Traveler Chronicles 1


Aurora Alison shifted weight from her right leg to her left leg as she gazed impatiently at her proudest family heirloom, a golden watch, a rare collector’s item that her father had bequeathed before his tragic demise. It indicated that it was 10:01 A.M. and that the ceremony she had so expertly maneuvered her way into was delayed by a minute.

She sighed audibly as she stared ahead of her seating arrangement’s position; squinting to look at the elevated dais where the speakers would give their inspiring speeches about being masters of one’s own destiny; of bravery and strength in the face of insurmountable evil; of fighting the good fight relentlessly, never giving up, helping your fellow colleagues and the nobility of teamwork.

These were after all, the qualities embodied by the Magical Realm’s most revered and honorable law enforcement agency, the Protectors. For centuries, the brave men and women of the Agency spread out throughout both the Magical Realm and the Non-Magical Realm (named the Mortal Realm) had protected the most important of all assets; historical documents in the form of ancient scrolls containing all forms of magic including  ancient and forbidden arts of magic, very important historical and religious sites such as the very first Temple in existence in the Magical Realm and all Temples across the Realm and most importantly, protecting the Magical Realm’s most precious assets; its casters.

For millennia, the Protectors continued to inspire bravery and courage which were reflected across various genres of the arts of the Magical Realm. Most notably, the phenomenon which had continued to astound the Realm was known as the Protector’s Bond, something Aurora and many other magic-bestowed men and women of the Magical Realm knew all too well.

For Aurora, the Protector’s Bond, a favorite featured in all the tales her mother read to her at night during her childhood days spent in Brighton, England in a private community where her kind seamlessly blended in with the non-magical folk without the latter’s knowledge, had been a myth, up until recently when she discovered that she was exceptionally gifted even among the magically-endowed and what that usually meant was that the odds of having one’s own Protector with whom one shared the most powerful known bond in the universe was anything but fairy dust in the wind.

Aurora was happy learning of these tales as impersonally as possible. Her life in Brighton was one she rather enjoyed. Growing up, young Aurora rarely had the urge to practice her magic outside of school. She had absolutely no problem adhering to the strict requirements by the secret society in charge of maintaining utmost secrecy about magical- bestowed persons living in the community and merely attended Magical Summer school to adhere to those same requirements highly impressed on her and all the magically endowed in order to gain better control of their magic.

Aurora developed a great love for the sciences, particularly Physics and had continued to pursue it well into her college days, graduating as Valedictorian of her degree in Quantum technologies from the University of Sussex.

Unbeknownst to Aurora, her love of all things hard and soft science fiction and physics would lead her on a path of discovery to her latent powers and their awakening. Aurora did not know of the rare gift she possessed known to magic folk as the ‘travelers’ gift’. With this gift, Aurora saw science fiction come to life and gained further appreciation for Quantum and Theoretical Physics.

With her ever burning desire to learn, Aurora had investigated the possibility of having her very own Protector in depth and after searching through volumes of books of both her beloved sciences and magic, reading countless memoirs of first hand accounts and more she discovered that she did indeed, have a Protector of her own.

Something rather unsettling for Aurora who was so used to working alone was that she would have to work with a virtual stranger with whom she shared an unbreakable bond. This was the main reason why Aurora was so nervous and especially fussy about the lateness of the event. Aurora hoped to convince her Protector that she was best suited to working alone and he needn’t worry about her; he simply needed to stay out of trouble.

 With the goal of remaining solo on her mission,  she was determined to get over with it,  quickly introduce herself to him and move on with the work she did best- fight against the forces of evil in their new form, hopefully without his interference.

She uncomfortably shifted in her seat  for the nth time, wondering why the organizers of the 240th Graduation Ceremony were taking so long considering that they had had an abundance of similar ceremonies they had planned for which should have made them more efficient at time management. She glanced at her watch yet again and sighed as the clock indicated the passage of yet another minute.

Finally, about six minutes later than it had originally been stated, the dais started to fill up with some of the most elite Protectors of the modern magical world. Most of them appeared to be very old even by Magical Realm standards.

Aurora admired how disciplined the Protectors’ elites all were even so many years after their retirement from the agency. No one broke formation as they all walked towards their assigned seats. They stood up as straight as could be until the Chief Protector, the leader of all Protectors, walked past them where each of them bowed respectfully towards her until she took her seat. Only then did they all take their seats, again, in perfect sync as if they were performing a ballet.

Finally, the graduating class  silently streamed out from the Administration Block in a perfect formation of their own, filling up the rows directly beneath the dais until finally, they took to their seats as in sync as their most elite had done a few minutes prior. The gathered crowd had been engaged in excited and happy babel until the Chief Protector stood up and picked up the conveniently placed microphone on the dais’ stand.

The Chief Protector (or the CP as most people referred to her) had a brief speech concerning the values that the Protectors’ Agency stood for since it’s inception in 1750. She then congratulated the 240th graduating class (the class of 2000) and handed over the responsibility of awarding the respective accolades to the Chancellor of the Protectors Academy of Terra Sapienta, the country where the very first Protector’s Academy was started.

There were various awards Protectors could be awarded with depending on their services to the people and level of work experience which were symbolized by employing the use of the traditional material assigned to them.

Most of the graduands that day would receive wooden elite status, the lowest elite status among the Protectors’ ranks. The exceptional top brass of graduands chosen however, would, by merit gained from the compulsory work experience required, being masters of physical endurance and/or intellectual prowess or by virtue of being selected by COs and/or Academy staff themselves as being the embodiment of the Protectors’ values to a degree surpassing expectations would receive the bronze elite status. For newbie Protectors, receiving the bronze elite status would be a great starting point for them in their respective careers.

Upon recitation of their name the graduates received their degrees where an already prepared certificate  would suddenly drop on their laps. These certificates had a characteristic bow and ribbon attached to them based on the respective color of a student’s elite status.

The cameras on ground highlighted different sections of the graduates at a time, capturing the varying array of emotions and occasionally panning out of the view of students to the excited, invited crowd…

When the camera finally panned in on her Protector, she began to hyperventilate and her heart beat faster than a drum, an expected and yet irate reaction to Aurora who thought she should have been better emotionally prepared for it. She nervously turned to face the people seated next to her, embarrassed by her reaction, horrified at the thought of them thinking she was anything but a neutral observer.

Anyway, Aurora thought of how unfair it would be for her to uproot him, such a brilliant student, already starting out at bronze-elite status with a very strong moral compass and force him to come along on her quest, no matter how noble the cause. This cemented the idea of her need to only introduce herself to him and take off for her mission alone so that he could go on to be the great Protector he was meant to be, foolish sentimentality aside.

Protector Leal Grayson,  was after all, from one of the most esteemed families in the Magical Realm, particularly from the witch nation of Mialand. On the flip side, Aurora was descended from one of the most infamous witch clans of the Magical Realm named after their founder, Aurora Alison the first.

Aurora knew Leal’s family would rather have a dead son than one fated to protect an Alison witch. After all, history had shown that the Alison clan almost always chose the side of evil and therefore, that was what everyone thought of and expected from every witch and warlock born out from that family.

The speeches were surprisingly short, as the CP’s had been and Aurora already had a plan on how to quickly approach Protector Grayson and disappear when all of a sudden, sharp winds and a sudden decrease in temperature was experienced on the grounds and Aurora instinctively knew what would happen next. She had anticipated that something could happen during that historic day and had come prepared.

She quickly gestured to the Protectors on ground to begin evacuation but rather than heed her call, they began coming towards her, believing her to be the culprit.

By the time they’d reached where Aurora was to forcibly evict her from her seat, there were several tears appearing out of thin air and the emergence of light from those same spots on the grounds and then sudden appearances of swirling masses of dark blue and white holes signalling portals opening.

“Evacuate now!” she urgently exclaimed to the Protectors who were stunned into silence like the crowd below the portals, weapons drawn, ready to apprehend her, the perceived threat.  “Everyone, run! Run!” she cried to the crowd to no avail. Everyone in the crowd seemed frozen in fear.

All the events preceding Aurora’s unheeded calls happened as quick as lightning. Out of the portals emerged several grey, faceless monsters, about 11 inches tall each; the true stuff of nightmares. The creatures had long, sharp, talon- like appendages attached to their abnormally shaped hands and teeth emerging from where a mouth should have been which appeared to be sharper than swords.

The Protectors, young and old, froze up and watched in horror, as the tall monstrous creatures threw themselves indiscriminately at the crowds, clawing and tearing their unfortunate victims to shreds. There was mass panic as more creatures descended from the portals and the crowds scattered.

In one fluid movement, Aurora summoned up a make-shift flame-thrower from a mini-portal of her own and began firing at the creatures. The flames of the make-shift weapon were brilliant blue and never seized burning the creatures which wailed in agony and set the grounds on fire as they spread out the fire between themselves in an attempt to quell the fire.

She shouted to the Protectors to only use fire-based weapons as no other weapons were effective against the monsters but they weren’t listening, panicked as they were.

However, Aurora’s advice rung true as bullets bounced off their skin while swords, maces and spears broke as easily as twigs underfoot. Not even enchanted high- end weapons like offensive staffs worked against the creatures unless they produced fire to burn them.

Luckily, not every Protector was panicked and some quick-witted Protectors managed to close the portals which made Aurora’s job of burning them with Greek fire that much easier.

Aurora cleared a path to her main concern- her Protector. His bravery and courage in the face of such danger made her heart swell. He stood up boldly with his arms outstretched to protect his fellow graduates from two hellish golems threatening them. The golems were just about ready to pounce on him when Aurora shot them down with Greek fire effectively destroying them.

For several moments as the carnage ensued, all Aurora and Leal did was stare at each other in awe. The sheer force of the psychic Protector’s bond was all consuming and for that moment, the world outside them seized to exist.

Aurora recovered first summoning another make-shift flame thrower she had made and throwing it over to Leal. He caught it, nodded appreciatively and helped Aurora eradicate the remaining threats together with the other Protectors who had seen fire was the only means to eradicate them.

Leal stared at Aurora in awe after the vanquishing was done and for several moments could not speak. He was in awe of her bravery but her beauty could only be compared to a nymph’s. She was breathtakingly beautiful, a force of the universe; of his universe. He had so many questions to ask her such as who she was and why he had the sudden urge to bow down and worship her.

“What were those things?”he began by asking what he thought was the safer question.

“Hellish golems from the sixth plain of existence- the hellish plains,”

“There are six plains of existence? I thought there were only three- ours ,the Mortal realm and the land of the spirits,”

“There are several plains of existence which I’ll be glad to explain to you, among other things, if you come with me, right now,” she ordered.

Against his training and better judgement, he followed her even when his special pre-cognizance ability informed him that she was a very dangerous and powerful woman. His behavior astonished him. Had she cursed or magically compelled him? Why did everything in the world suddenly dull in comparison to her? Why did he suddenly feel like singing even though he previously couldn’t sing a tune to save his life? Who was this mysterious red-haired, green-eyed beauty with the flame thrower?

His colleagues were thankfully less trusting and less compelled by her. They attempted to catch her but she opened up a portal and took Leal’s hand, pulling him into it with her right after she had extinguished the Greek fire produced non-verbally and retrieved the crafted Flame thowers.

The portal took them to a cottage isolated somewhere on a lonely hill , overlooking a steep cliff with jagged rocks and tremendous crashing waves below, a perfect location if she planned to murder and dispose of him quickly. Yet he was unafraid, ready to do whatever she asked of him, die for her or at her hand; even kill his own mother if that’s what it took.

His thoughts were rather interesting to Aurora, who used a telepathathic spell to read her Protector’s confused thoughts. He acknowledged her power and her ability to easily murder him.

Some part of Leal had deduced that she was from ‘that evil clan his mother warned him about’ and yet the other part was wrapped up in the thoughts  only a Protector could have of his charge-that his charge was more important than anything and anyone in the universe, even his own self.

He would kill his mother to save her if need be, a thought that intrigued and scared him in equal measure and yet even with so many thoughts swirling in his mind, he did not immediately deduce that they shared the Protector’s Bond.

“Who are you?” he asked her.

“My name is Aurora Alison,” she responded with an accent Protector Grayson had never encountered before. He tried not to think too much about how sexy he found it.

“Did you conjure up those- those monsters?”

Aurora snorted at his question. He shook his head realizing how ridiculous he sounded to his own ears.

“Do you know who conjured up those monsters?” he corrected himself by inquiring.

“Not particularly but I know that they were created to serve a great evil- in fact, the greatest evil that has ever existed,”

“Greater than the evil one?”he asked referring to the Magical Realm’s worst villain who had been defeated merely a decade ago and had been responsible for the deaths of millions of casters of all races.

“Greater than even she,”

“You should tell the Protectors! They’ll get the message across the Magical Realm and aid in its preparedness against this threat and we can begin hunting for whoever this villain is,”

“I’m afraid that the villain is not a person but a thing… an extremely dark energy, an… entity,”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you recall the tales you were told as a child of the rebellious Messengers of the Creator? Do you recall what happened to these evil ones?”

“Yes. The Watchers destroyed them. What does that have to do with this entity?”

“These evil ones used magic and as you well know all magic generates energy. Light magic produces light energy while dark magic produces dark energy…”

“These evil, rebellious Messengers were the most powerful of all the Creator’s creatures. They generated very powerful dark energy as they sought dominion of the created and though they were destroyed, this energy lingered and is what led to those infamous emerald ore possessions- you remember, those possessions taking place in the 17th century?”

“Yes, in 1655, via the medium of jewelry made of this dark emerald ore,” Leal asserted, recalling his advanced studies in Magical History.

Aurora smiled and nodded. “Well, these dark energies retreated deep beneath the ground away from the Creator’s light. They carried with them the last aspirations for the dark ones; their anger at defeat, a promise of retribution…”

“They lay deep underground until mining really began in this country in the 17th century. From there, they sought hosts- powerful hosts so they could manifest themselves in form. They possessed all who wore the emeralds, as you’ve stated,”

“Yes but the possessed were exorcised and the jewelry was destroyed. The lands were also cleansed and exorcised,”

“Exorcised but not destroyed… These dark energies retreated into the hellish plains and fed off the souls they encountered, all the while gaining in power but remaining insubstantial and then slowly but surely, the energies, now unified together into one single, insubstantial form discovered a way to live- by using dark casters that they live off…”

“These dark casters can house this energy but it is at the cost of life itself- the entity feeds off their life forces and replaces what they were with what it is- a hollow mass of evil energy,”

“But if this is happening, why don’t the Protectors know of it? Why am I only now hearing this?”

Aurora smiled and took a deep breath. What she had told him was already a stretch to believe but what she was to tell him would be harder to explain. She decided that showing him instead would be best.

“Leal, please follow me,”

“How do you know my name? I didn’t tell you my name!”he said.

Aurora turned away from him for a second and chuckled soundlessly while walking towards a large grandfather clock. She petted the clock as if it were a living, breathing being and turned back to look at her puzzled Protector. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Indeed. And I’m guessing that it is no ordinary grandfather clock, isn’t it?”

Aurora laughed, her beautiful laughter echoing throughout the room, something that made Leal beam with pride for some inexplicable reason.

“No, Leal, this is no ordinary grandfather clock. It is my masterpiece; my crowning achievement,” Aurora responded ashamed at her cheerful outburst earlier but beaming with pride at her self-proclaimed masterpiece. Aurora tried to concentrate on keeping it together or else she’d never have the strength to say goodbye to her Protector.

“What is it?”he asked curiously.

Aurora smiled and lightly touched the face of the grandfather clock. After just a single moment of silence, the minute and hour hands began to swirl speedily and the clock began to chime and continually grow bigger and bigger before settling down and a large door, tall enough to accommodate a reasonably tall person appeared right beneath the clock’s face.

Aurora opened the door and got in first and then stretched out her hand for Leal to take. He did so without hesitation and was surprised by how trusting he still was of this virtual stranger.

Leal’s hand was strong and firm and very warm and Aurora felt right at home despite her wish not to. She had hardly been able to breath properly since bringing him into her home and then her heart was beating faster than ever and he held on tight to her hand and didn’t let go, even when they emerged out of the grandfather clock’s strange room-like chamber not to long afterwards.

Leal was certainly surprised to see that they emerged, not into the cozy cottage on the hill but to a larger, fully furnished, lavish home in some woodlands. The den of the home was almost as large as the cottage itself had been and he wondered why Aurora thought it was a great idea to bring him along to break and enter into someone’s home.

Aurora laughed at his thoughts.

“What’s so funny?”he asked rather curiously.

“Oh nothing,” she stated casually shrugging.

“Whose house is this?”he asked her while looking around the room. His question was answered by several framed photographs by the fireplace. He picked one up and gasped at the absurdity of its existence. The picture must have been some kind of joke- an elaborate one but a joke nonetheless, he thought.

“It’s not a joke, Leal,”

“You can hear my thoughts?”

Aurora saw no point in hiding it any longer and simply nodded. Leal reached out to cover his head as if that would kick her out of his thoughts. Aurora coughed to disguise the next fit of laughing caused by such a naive sentiment. She walked towards him and took the framed photograph from him and made a disapproving face.

“She certainly has different tastes from me but you’ve always had such exquisite taste, Leal,”

“How can this not be a- a joke? This- this can never happen,” he said and regretted saying so right away when his own heart chastised him for such a carelessly thoughtless utterance. This could not only happen but it was what he wished would happen… What he needed to happen.

He turned his attention to another framed photograph and picked it up, stared right into it. There was a beautiful family in that photograph; it had expanded by one, a beautiful little girl being carried by her father, his exact replica, who was very clearly in love with his daughter.

How could these photographs, the first being of a colorful wedding and the second of the birth of a beautiful baby girl be real? Was he somehow killed by the golems and this a fever dream as it was theorized could happen when one died? Was Aurora a Messenger of the Creator sent to guide him on his journey to the land of the spirits?

“Certainly not,” she responded to his thoughts.

“Then how… how can this be?”

Before she could respond, the owners of the house walked into their home, walking hand in hand and glowing in the light of their love. Leal was partially horrified to see an exact replica of himself only older and an older version of Aurora as well standing right in front of them.

“Aurora, it’s lovely to see you again! And I see you’ve finally met your Leal,” said the woman who looked like Aurora.

“He is in shock, I think,” Aurora replied, hugging her look-alike.

“It is understandable, it is certainly a lot to take in,” asserted Leal’s look-alike.

“What are you people?”he asked frightened.

“Why we’re you, Leal, or rather, versions of you,” responded his look-alike in a matter of fact tone.

“What do you mean?”

“You know about doppelgangers, Leal, don’t you?”

“As theoretical figures, yes. The term is synonymous with the term ‘clone’,”

“And yet you stand here, in my home, with me speaking directly to you and you think I’m merely an object conjured from earth or clay or water as a clone would be?”

Leal shook his head and continued to stare unblinkingly at his doppelganger who chuckled soon enough.

“Is that what I look like when I am questioning my own existence?” he asked of his wife.

His wife chuckled and nodded. “I find it adorable,” she cooed.

“Not in front of the guests, honey,” he cautioned her with mock embarrassment. She rolled her eyes and playfully punched his arm.

“What does this all mean?” he asked of the couple.

“It means that your charge is extremely gifted and that this is one of your many possible futures, if you’d like,”

“You mean we’re in the future?”

“In one possible future, yes,” his doppelganger responded.

“And she- she is your charge?” asked Leal of his doppelganger.

He nodded and lovingly embraced his wife. Leal hated to admit it but it felt like that was what was right even in his own life.

“Aurora, does this mean- are you my charge?” he asked Aurora.

Aurora nodded reluctantly and loathed the sudden light appearing in Leal’s eyes as he processed this new information. Suddenly, his eerie behavior was explained. And the moment he realized this as truth, he felt the power of the bond drive him to his knees.

“You don’t have to… so long as you are safe and away from the entity where it can’t hurt you, you need not, um, do that … that’s why I came to your graduation. You don’t have to tag along with me. You can resist the power of the bond…” Aurora told him knowing full well what would come next.

“I never had a choice, Aurora. You are my charge and I, your Protector. You are the reason I was created. For you, I would give my very life, my… my soul, my heart, my being… I understand now why I could never find love. I understand why I was never truly satisfied no matter how well I did in life…”

“I understand why I wanted to become a Protector so much- it was not for the sake of honor as I thought but for you. That is why I must bind us to each other forever by swearing my allegiance,”

Aurora shook her head. “You don’t have to do it out of a sense of duty. I am more than capable of taking care of myself,”

“Yes, but the road before you must be long and you need a companion, the only person who will ever truly understand your burden… I am that companion. It is my honor, my privilege, my life’s purpose… Please, Aurora, I know you’re scared, I’m terrified too, but we can help each other,”

“Your family would never allow it,” she responded desperately, seeking any excuse to ward him off.

“So be it. I am willing to be shunned, hated, rejected… You’re worth it,”

Aurora shook her head in awe of the sheer power of Protector’s Bond that had existed for millennia but astounded even those special enough to experience it. She nodded, no longer delaying the inevitable and he took both of her hands in his, held them firmly and on bent knee pledged total and full allegiance to her; the words pouring out of him smoother than the greatest orators he knew and after he had done so, the entire house and surrounding areas were suddenly engulfed by brilliant white light, enveloping them, the final symbol of the eternal psychic bond binding two people in the most irrevocable and powerful way possible manifest.

There was nothing but peace, hope and joy left in Leal once they were bound. Above all, there was love of a kind he could never even have dreamed possible in his heart.

And yet Leal’s entire world was now the beautiful woman standing before him and he was in awe that he had not known that she was his charge from the moment he first laid his eyes on her. His doppelganger slapped him on both shoulders in congratulatory manner and nodded approvingly while Aurora’s doppelganger hugged Aurora too asking her if she was okay.

“Thank you,” Leal told the couple. He turned to Aurora and was overwhelmed by the sudden rush of emotions rocking his heart and mind  by merely looking at her and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’d rather be distracted by her presence than receive Platinum or Diamond Elite status, the highest accolades a Protector could achieve.

“You’re welcome anytime, Leal,” responded his doppelganger.

“Where exactly are we?”

“This is our home, what could be your home, in twenty years’ time, in the city of Yadalle, Mialand.”

“Twenty years time, you say? That means that we must be in the year 2020?” Leal inquired, his eyes not once departing from his charge. He was acutely aware of every single thing she did and wondered how he was even able to focus on the conversation he was having with his doppelganger.

“Yes, Leal, it is the year 2020,”

“Aurora, you brought me here for more than just a chitchat with our doppelgangers right?” Leal asked, his heart filled with admiration for her intellect and swelling with joy at having been chosen to be her Protector.

“Of course. It was also my diabolical plan to scare you out of your mind from swearing allegiance, as is to be expected of an Alison witch,”

“There’s not a single shred of villainy in you, Aurora Alison,”

“You say that now but just you wait. Anyway, I also brought you here so you can learn from Leal. He has received the gift of a heightened consciousness which is essential in our battle against the entity,”

“Are- are we fighting it alone?”

“Certainly not. This threat is way too powerful for a single person to defeat even if there’s multiple versions of that same person in the fight,”

“I’m ready,” Leal asserted. He trained with his doppelganger who was the best trainer he needed to open his mind up to a greater awareness of space and time; of the elements of the universe; of the multiverse’s connectivity and how all branches of time existed to serve one purpose- to glorify the Supreme Maker of all things; the one true Goddess of the world known as the Creator.

There was a lot to learn and Leal’s lessons certainly weren’t over even one year later but he was better off with the limited knowledge he had than with none at all. As time went by, he realized Aurora’s purpose- she was a very special witch blessed with one of the rarest gifts of all; the traveler’s gift, the gift to travel across the multiverse.

Though Aurora had her limitations, she could influence the timelines simply by steering events in the right way by strategically placing herself at the right place and at the right time.

In time, Leal learned that the entity was trying very hard to gain influence of all timelines and it craved to inhabit and possess the souls of the most powerful beings.

It was for this reason that Aurora used the sensory abilities gained from her heightened consciousness to seek out these very powerful beings and she went to whatever lengths possible to acquire these powerful beings and gain them as useful allies.

Leal acknowledged that this was a difficult task and it cost her in terms of energy but there was nothing he could do about it. Aurora was relentless in her duty, completely focused on meeting the ends of her mission and would not change her mind no matter how much he pleaded with her to for her own safety.

One particular instance that truly stood out for Leal was when she spent too much of her spiritual energy on her sensory magic such that her spiritual energy reserve, the main powerhouse of magical energy in every caster, was nearly all depleted which would have led to her death.

Aurora had lapsed into a coma while she recovered and upon waking nearly one month later, she had been ready to get back to the action despite warnings from her healers and Protector.

She had exclaimed that she had at long last found very powerful beings that had been referred to in ancient times as ‘the chosen ones’. She had, with great difficulty, discovered two of the most powerful chosen ones that had ever existed and was ready to win them over.

Aurora claimed that winning these powerful chosen ones over would be the difference between winning the war against the entity or losing and evil taking control of the collective multiverse. Leal sensed the beginning of epic adventures to come…



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