The Traveler’s Chronicles 3



Princess Erabelle held onto the box in her hand with trembling hands looking frighteningly at Mrs. Aurora Alison and her husband, Protector Leal Grayson who were seated facing her in the carriage that they’d used in their travels across time. Os was as cautious as ever and ignored the box his princess held in her hands entirely, instead focusing on ensuring her safety. The journey back to the exact moment they’d traveled to the future from was incidentally less traumatic than their first.

Aurora smiled up at her encouragingly and in spite of her terror, Era replied with a smile of her own. The box would make their deaths quick and painless, Aurora assured her, a kinder fate than what her enemies would have used against her and those that stood with her had they been accorded the opportunity Era had been given. And it would be effective, Aurora insisted. A tiny box which boasted of such intricately carved runes and embellishments on it with a tiny crank affixed to its right side like a children’s toy Aurora had shown her called a ‘jack-in-the-box’ was a sure-fire way of ending all of Era’s problems…permanently.

Justice would be served. The evil abuser who had taken too much from her would finally pay for his sins. The evil bastards that stood with him, that threatened the lives of her precious sisters, would suffer a similar fate. All Princess Era needed to do to obtain justice was follow the instructions of Aurora and Leal, it was just that simple.

On the day of her wedding, all her loyal subjects and her sisters would be safely transported from the venue of the wedding to a safe, secret location while all followers of Regent Bellows would be at the wedding venue back in her original timeline. She would mutter a spell in a long forgotten language and it would be enough magic to wound the box’s crank unleashing true justice on her foes…

Within five minutes of muttering the spell, the box’s tightly sealed lid would open and her foes would fade into non-existence finally according her, her proper right to rule her kingdom in peace. No blood would be spilled and they’d be not a trace- neither corpse nor incorporeal substance would give evidence to the deed of the box– Aurora had assured her. The evil ones would simply fall asleep and gradually fade into nothingness- it was that simple.

And so when the day came and she was all ready to rightfully grant herself the justice she rightfully deserved, she whispered the incantation to the spell. The crank began to turn on its own and with it, Era could hear frightening whispers seemingly coming from inside the box. She quickly set the box by the vanity mirror before cleverly evading her maids in waiting and assigned guards, eventually meeting up with Aurora at their agreed upon meeting place where a beaming Aurora sang her praises for taking justice into her own hands and making Era blush all the way as they made their grand escape.

Princess Era spoke to her loyal subjects then and assured them they’d return home once their enemies were long gone. Aurora told her that she needed to give the box time to work its magic which took a very long time- 2 months to be exact. Era, thinking that it had been far too long to wait to return to their rightful home and not willing to risk anyone’s life, attempted returning to her home world several times on her own that night eventually succeeding.

She was immediately taken aback by the land that was once her home for it didn’t feel like that anymore but felt more like a barren, long forgotten land of nothingness. There was not a sound made by insects or by beast, and not even the soft sound of the breeze could be heard. Instead it was frighteningly quiet…

Princess Era walked around the Kingdom for hours without encountering a single sound nor seeing a single living creature. The eerie silence began to take a toll on her and she had to stop every so often to calm herself down after she began hallucinating sounds- her mind’s own attempt to fill the void of silence with sound. She checked every place people were to be found from the Temple to the city centers, to each individual home to no avail.

Finally, she arrived at the Palace where she had been preparing for her wedding to Bellows and where the box was. The box was no longer located where she’d originally placed it on her vanity mirror and was instead on the floor and it had more than tripled in size. A dark aura was emanating from it and the frightening whispers she’d heard while first winding up the crank were then insidious shouts and screams from the dead… from her victims. They cursed her, wished harm and death upon her… Some pleaded and screamed that she let them out, claimed that the fate she had submitted them to was worse than death. Princess Era could hear her own mother’s voice among those voices, cursing her, calling her the accursed fruit of her womb…

Princess Era felt the last shred of her sanity fade away as she fell on her knees and screamed. She had done this… She had used very dark magic in her bid to ascend the throne in the name of justice. She had not questioned how one tiny little box could possibly be the end to all her problems.Era had simply blindly followed the advice of two virtual strangers and all for what? In exchange for little snipets of knowledge which she could have discovered on her own?  Or was it because she had found Aurora more than just a little fascinating and would have gladly walked into the hellish planes for her if Aurora had asked her nicely? In her naivete and desire to be accepted for who she was, had she entertained the thoughts of swaying a woman clearly in the strongest bonded relationship in the world, to her favor? In retrospect, her logic seemed absurd.

She had darkened her soul for all eternity in her naivete and there would be nothing she could ever do to make up for her colossally stupid mistake. The voices coming from the box all seemed to warp together and form into one terrifying voice laughing at her, mocking her stupidity.

And then the crank began to turn by itself ready to consume her and claim her soul for its own. She surely deserved this fate, she thought. She had screamed herself hoarse and her entire body was trembling. And yet some part of her, some horrible part of her still believed she deserved to live- that she could somehow make up for what she had done. That part of her, the part that still cared about self preservation, came to the surface and just before the lid opened, Princess Era released a burst of energy so strong that it halted its progress.

After a long period of time of Princess Era curling up into the fetal position and rocking herself back and forth fearing the burst of energy she had released had been too little too late for her and waiting to fade into nothingness herself, she found some calm after the storm and was able to face the box,  which had, astonishingly not opened up at all.

Curious, she examined it and determined that she had somehow halted its progress by suspending it indefinitely in time. Astounded by this new found ability, Era simply stared up at it with her mouth open. However, she found that she could no longer stay in that deathly silent place and instead she escaped back to the haven timeline Aurora and Leal had taken her people to, overwhelmed by the weight of her sins…


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