The Traveler Chronicles 2


Ember stood in the solar of his castle, overlooking the vast plains of the land he had called home for the past two years. The scenic beauty of the place was certainly picturesque but that was not the only thing that made this land truly beautiful…

His mother Penny had eloped to this land with his father, Blaize because they lived in a time when unions between varying races of the Magical Realm were strictly forbidden. His mother wasn’t the only one to do such a courageous and outlandish thing as the land they had escaped to, named Medula, had many such tales, some often with tragic backstories.

For the citizens of the undeclared state, Medula was a place of hope. It was built on the love shared between the races; it was a land where Penny Roth,  a witch and former slave of Lord Nahash of Breanna, the Fairy Kingdom (and later Lord Nahash’s adopted daughter and sole heiress to his fortune) and Lord Blaize, a fire fairy counselor appointed by the government of Breanna to be the trustee of the inherited fortune, could be allowed to be together and have children, as Penny and Blaize had; namely he and his sister Emilie.

To the rest of the Magical Realm at that time, such unions were considered taboo and the children from these unions were known as half-breeds. Half-breeds like Ember and Emilie were treated as dim-wits, outcasts and considered abominations and usually gravitated towards Medula to have at least half a shot at a decent life where such prejudiced attitudes were non-existent.

As Medula grew, so did it’s need for proper structures in its economic, social and political spheres. Penny and Blaize were among the wealthiest and the most beloved of all its people and were elected to take charge in its leadership .Their children, though informally, were thus declared royalty and respectfully addressed as the Prince and Princess just as their parents were the undeclared, newly elected Queen and King of the Medula before it was declared a sovereign state.

By the time of his twenty first birthday, the state of Medula was well on its way to becoming a state although the prejudiced attitude of the rest of the Magical Realm did not seem to change with the times. Ember always admired this humble little country and its very unique people. He liked to think he was one of them although he always knew he was something more…

Penny and Blaize had known their first born would be special from the moment Penny conceived him. She was suddenly more powerful than she had ever been, capable of a feat only the two most powerful casters in the Magical Realm, the Oracle and the Elemental Fairy, were known for, which was what magic folk referred to as ‘pure magic’.

Pure Magic was the ability to influence all elements and cast all known forms of magic to a certain degree usually determined by the power of the caster himself or herself. The only two known practitioners of this form of magic were seers and excelled in all forms of magic that existed; from rudimentary (or every-day magic such as alchemy, casting simple spells and basic enchantment) to more complex forms of magic such as foretelling the future and manipulation of the sources of magic itself such as aura and chakra manipulation.

What’s more, the pregnancy changed Penny from the being the simple witch she had been into a sorceress, something unheard of in 14th Century medieval days of the Mortal and Magical Realms. Birthing Ember had been the most complicated delivery witnessed in Medula and even its most highly skilled healers had been out of their depth. Witches were known to have  exceptionally easy births due to having unique and special body enhancements that set them apart from the other races. Despite this, however, Penny had astonishingly nearly died while bringing her son into the world. The healers and her husband Blaize had been especially concerned when they learned she was expectant again, almost an year later but hopefully her body had adapted by then and she had a fairly easy birth in Emilie’s case.

Yet what made Ember and Emilie even more unique, despite having pure magic, was their true origins. Their parents had traveled across the Magical Realm to the furthest Western Kingdom of Terra Sapienta, the sorcerer nation. They’d sought an ancient, immortal Master who had trained the previous Oracle on how to effectively use the powerful gift bestowed upon her and managed to convince him to come back with them to train their children. During the lessons they had, Ember had not only uncovered the latent traveler’s ability in his arsenal of magical endowments but had discovered the ability of Retrocognition; an ability to look into one’s own past.

Usually, retrocognition uncovered things long forgotten from one’s childhood but Ember and Emilie’s cases were uniquely different. This was because they were able to go further back as find out that they were indeed reincarnations who had lived on the Earth once before. Ember was able to glean out that he was the reincarnation of the grandchild of a fallen Messenger, known as the Grigori, and  had been the direct offspring of a Sidhe, the nephilium children of the Grigori.

The Sidhe, like their parents before them, had chosen to declare themselves gods and goddesses, enslaving the people of all the plains of existence with powerful dark magic. And just as was the case with their parents, they had passed on their knowledge and abilities to their offspring, the chosen ones. Ember was surprised that the world did not recall of the Sidhes and their evil reign of power and discovered that they had  been wiped from the collective memories of the people of the Magical Realm and Mortal Realm and had seemingly disappeared from the face of existence, without a trace.

In his past life, he had been an entitled, pompous jerk who did anything it took to have his way. There had been no limit to the evil he was truly capable of and the people at the time were right to fear him, the self declared god of fire as his mother had assumed the title of the goddess of fire before him. Indeed, no one dared challenge Lord Kyron as he was known in those days. His downfall had been a  result of the Elemental Fairy who guided by the knowledge of the most powerful book of Magic in existence known simply as the Grand Grimoire, had forged a weapon powerful enough to effectively kill and destroy a chosen one such as he and the other chosen ones that had chosen such a similar dastardly path.

Ember tried not to think about how power-hungry he had been or his natural inclination towards evil. This new life was an opportunity to redeem himself. It was an opportunity to prove that even the son of a Sidhe could be good… He decided that he would begin on his path to redemption by being the Prince the people of Medula truly deserved. He learnt all he could about being a great leader, mostly from observing his parents in this second life and from his beloved Master Ammon. He also used the powers he had to help people from the simplest of tasks to more complex tasks such as helping the healers at the only Hospital in existence at the time.

He’d love to think he was succeeding but his Master continually instructed him not to fall into the laxity of being completely satisfied- to always seek goodness and strive for goodness as a vision that could never be fully completed. His sister Emilie, a chosen one herself, was better at being good than he was but then again, in her past life, she had chosen not to damn her soul by embracing the light and sticking with it. Emilie had lived a lowly life in a liberated witch’s village and assumed the identity of a witch. She had even married a humble man and they had had children and upon his death, she had taken her own life, consumed with grief.

Through Master Ammon, he had mastered the skill of traveling, not just physically but telepathically. He had gotten so good at it, he could practically travel in his dreams. He often navigated his own multiple possible futures and on one such trip, when he had been twenty years old, barely a year to his full maturity (in accordance with his physiology as a chosen one, Ember would mature at the older age of 21 similar to highly gifted magically bestowed persons such as dryads and fairies), he had began to wonder if such a powerful man was truly meant to be alone.

He had certainly done enough evil to warrant a life’s worth of good deeds but he couldn’t help but notice how many multiple futures were devoid of love and the happiness of a family and a woman to walk with him as a companion for the rest of his days. His past life was marred with debauchery of every kind, including having multiple partners but he had never fallen in love and in his lust for power and control, he had never thought about having a woman of his own.

When this possibility presented itself to Ember in his waking, conscious mind,  he began to travel to worlds where he did have it all- the love and adoration of the people of Medula as well as of a very beautiful woman. In most of these possible futures, it was the same woman and whenever any doppelganger of his met this woman’s doppelganger, his life was irrevocably changed for the better. With her by his side, he was the best version of himself. Goodness was his second nature and happiness was personified in her.

Ember sighed and held onto his chest as he felt his heart beat fast as he gazed outside, lost in thoughts of her; his light, his happiness, his best future… His sister woke him from his reverie and he nearly jumped out of his skin in fright. His sister laughed at him and shook her head.

“Thinking about her again, were you?” Emilie teased.

“Why do you bother me this way, sister? Don’t you have better things to do? Has every corner of your house been scrubbed? Have the pillows been aired? Are you done with your knitting or have you otherwise composed a new tune on the piano?” he teased.

Emilie rolled her eyes and playfully  flicked her fingers on her brother’s forehead.

“You’d do so well as to concentrate on the training our Master set for us rather than the finer intricacies of mortal women’s work,”

Ember sighed and walked away from his favorite viewpoint walking down from the solar past the Lord’s and Lady’s Chambers straight through to the Castle’s Great Hall with his sister in stride who was skipping merrily along every corner and humming all the way. Unlike he, Emilie had not had to struggle much to find her true love. He was a noble and they had all studied rudimentary magic together as children. Lord Travis was indeed a strong warrior and a fitting suitor for his sister. He, on the other hand, would have to struggle to secure his love’s heart.

What was worse was his Master could tell he had not been following his instruction to improve his concentration and maintain the strict discipline regiment he had instilled in his students and had instead been daydreaming about his love. Emilie, ever so obedient  and dutiful was sent away with her Master’s positive remarks and blessing . However, he stuck around in the Great Hall of Ember’s twenty-first birthday gift from his people and together they tried working on some control exercises rather futilely before the Master sighed and said, “Ember, you must go find her now. Go to her and convince her to come with you.”

“Master?” he asked confusedly.

“I can no longer teach you when your mind and heart are so merrily lost elsewhere. Go find her and convince her to come here, to be with you. It is the only way my instruction will get through to you,”

“But- but I have no idea where she is, Master. Where- where will I begin?”

His Master smiled and shook his head. “You’re one of the most powerful creatures in the world and you think such a trivial thing would hinder you?”

Ember smiled and shook his head. He would find her. It was surely the least of his worries. He closed his eyes and pictured her as he had seen her across the multiverse. His heart beat erratically and his soul begin to sing. At long last, he could see her in all her glory.

She was as beautiful as he had seen her in his dreams and his heart swelled, the obsessive love he felt for her growing in intensity. He could see that she was speaking to someone; in particular, a gentleman and she was charming him into supporting her cause. He felt a tinge of jealous anger so powerful, it caused his mind to retreat back to his body.

“What is it, Ember?”

“I- I saw her. With- with another man,”

“Calm yourself. Remember your breathing… good, now, let’s start from the beginning. Tell me everything you saw,”

Ember nodded, rage still burning and recounted what he had seen.

“Where is she, Ember?”

“I- I don’t know exactly where. How could I know? Besides, it doesn’t matter, she is- she is with someone else,” he said and felt his soul shatter at the realization that he’d never be happy and that some other man had beaten him to the punch.

“Ember, you must find exactly where she is and go to her. It is not over- you must fight for your love. Isn’t she the love of your life? Are you so easily discouraged? Come on now, you’ve never let foolish fear get the best of you. Find your woman, Ember and convince her that you are the best choice because, after all, you are a Prince and you are not without your own charm and abilities. Concentrate, focus your mind towards finding her location; you can obtain it from her, if you concentrate long enough and oversee every other detail,”

Ember sighed but nodded and shut his eyes once more, allowing his mind to focus solely on the object of his desire. He did not allow any other thought to come to mind; he focused on his love and he saw her again. The gentleman was still with her and had already conceded defeat to the power of her charm. He searched through her mind impassively, seeking only to know where her current locale was. In a few moments, he noted the exact location and came back to his Master who smiled encouragingly at him.

“Well? Did you find her, majesty?”

“Yes Master. I know her exact location. I must go to her, right this instant,”

His Master nodded approvingly. Ember smiled, focused on that location and opened up a portal. He emerged on the other side of the portal a few moments later, mere inches from where his love and the gentleman were having a chat. The gentleman whelped in fear at Ember’s sudden appearance and immediately began to ride his mighty steed,a white, winged unicorn mare that galloped on the ground for a few moments before taking flight and disappearing with its rider into the clouds above, completely out of sight thus abandoning the gorgeous woman he had met a couple of minutes earlier at the superior caster’s mercy.

Ember stared for countless moments, utterly breathless. She appeared even more beautiful in person in her peasant’s gown in a faded pink color over a white kirtle. Her rounded face was accentuated by a white headdress she wore with only a slight hint to the gorgeous auburn curls that lay hidden beneath it. She recovered faster than he and curtsied, judging him to be a noble by his dressing.

“Anna,” he muttered and his pronouncement of her name was like the sound of music. Anna curtsied graciously once more and added, “Blessed be, my lord.”

Ember was quite ashamed that he couldn’t find the proper words to say but how to begin? He couldn’t downright tell her he had obsessed over her for nearly three years straight nor that he knew with absolute certainty that she belonged to him. Even in such times, that was considered highly improper.

After countless moments just standing there, distracted by each other, Ember took Anna’s right hand in his and greeted her with a kiss as a gentleman would a lady. “Lady Anna, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. I am Prince Ember of Medula. I have heard of your noble mission and I wish to contribute to it, if it pleases my lady,” he began, pulling as many details out of her mind  about her mission as he could while making up the true purpose of his visit as he went.

Anna was shocked and it was clear that she’d never dreamed of arousing the curiosity of a Prince. Of course she had heard of Medula, everyone in those days had as infamously legend as it was.She had thought of going to live there herself, being a half-breed; a part fire fairy and part witch but she rejected the part of her that was a fairy for it was because of this inherited heritage that her mother had died…

Anna’s mother had been a slave in Breanna like Queen Penny and had like so many other witches, been victim of the debauchery of her Master and had conceived Anna. Upon learning the truth, her father had cast her mother away and she had remained on the streets for three whole months, the usual gestation period of a witch pregnancy and had barely had enough to eat let alone live decently.When the time came to have her baby, she had no money to afford a Hospital and had therefore had to give birth on the streets, guided by other slaves that had been chased away by their masters for similar or other reasons. As the case was for so many others without proper healing care, Anna’s mother had not survived the birthing process.

She had grown up in the streets and become a slave herself until the time when she escaped with many others to Mialand on a trading vessel (crossing from the Fairy Kingdom to mainland Mialand, through Medula and the lycan underground kingdom, Denary). At the time, Mialand was a small nation of witches which was continually growing through trade. This occurred because witches were especially gifted in farming and since the previous war (started by a powerful sorceress from the country known as Cosmotopia, who enslaved the less magically bestowed together with ordinary humans), they had began trading with the other expanding nations of the Magical Realm.

However, witches knew that trading alone would not help them build up the country they aspired to belong to. They were in constant fear of yet another war and therefore needed to woo the other nations into signing peace treaties. Anna, though loathing that part of herself, used the skill of charming, a fairy gift, to help win over these powerful allies. With hers and other similarly gifted witches, particularly those with the powers to influence their intended targets such as telepathic-empathy powers, Mialand was well on its way to being a safer country.

Anna began to see the advantages of having the Prince of Medula on their side. Not only could he fund their efforts financially but would also be a powerful ally to have in the event of another war in which witches, as history had proven, would be the losers. “Thank you, sire, for your offer. I would love to organize a meeting with our Queen, so you may discuss the matter in detail,”

“I’d much rather have you… I mean, I’d rather you explained to me exactly what I need to do to be useful to you and your people before I meet with your Queen,”

Anna curtsied yet again and began to charm him as she had charmed so many others even though at the back of her mind, she knew that since he was so clearly part fairy judging from the distinctive long pointed ears and his fair features, he could not possibly succumb to it.

Ember barely heard a word she said. He was too distracted with her beauty and the sound of her voice for anything she said to truly register in his mind. He loved hearing the gentle inflections of her voice, how she stressed certain letters over others, how her voice sounded as clear as a bell and yet as sweet as honey. She was very confident in her abilities to charm him and he wondered how anyone, be it man or woman would reject anything she proposed. He found himself smiling sheepishly and blinking severally like an imbecile once she was done speaking.

“That was an excellent presentation, Lady Anna. I am ready to participate fully, pen and pence, so to speak but I’m afraid I must make an imposition on you,”

“My lord?” she asked surprised.

He nodded. “I must insist that you come with me, to Medula, so I may hand over this treaty you propose and plenty of gold of course,to support your cause and for all your trouble,”

Anna stared blankly at him for several moments and it was clear from her mind that Ember, like any other part or full fairy, could not be trusted. She sought the words to reject him politely and said, “I am fairly certain that our Prince, the son of our Queen, would be so kind as to honor your request, my liege,”

“No! I mean… it must be you, Lady Anna. I’m afraid I must insist,”

“I- I hate to disappoint you, my lord, but I cannot honor your request. I am bound to serve my Queen and she requires that I stay here, in Mialand. You should be so pleased to welcome, his majesty. I assure you, Prince Nexlon is indeed a fine gentleman and would be happy to come with you,”

“Then I shall simply speak with your Queen so she may honor my request,”Ember replied. Anna was very uneasy at the prospect but took him to meet the Queen anyway. Luckily, the Queen was quick-witted and noticed Anna’s dis-ease with Ember and offered her son as an ambassador instead, much to Anna’s delight and Ember’s disappointment. Ember thanked the Queen and set a date for when he could meet with the Prince to discuss a treaty between their two nations. As they discussed the intricate details for when the Prince of Mialand could visit Medula, Anna politely begged her leave, following all the observances expected of her and left the royal castle.

Anna thought about the day past and about everything that had transpired, grateful for having evaded Prince Ember. She kept all thoughts about how handsome she thought he was or how much she liked to hear the sound of his voice more so when he called out her name hidden in a dark corner within her mind. She simply needed to ignore all the feelings he was inexplicably stirring up in her or else fall into a pit of her own making. The last thing Anna ever wanted was to fall in love with anyone with even the slightest hint of being a fairy; that inherited wickedness could not be passed onto her offspring.

She prepared herself for the night and fell asleep quite easily. She arose in the middle of the night with a sense of dread. She almost thought she could see a shadow moving about in the room but decided she must have been having night terrors. Before long, she was fast asleep again, as if she hadn’t woken up in the first place. When she arose, she was surprised to find that she was a lot more comfortable than she had ever been. The bed also seemed to be larger than usual.

Anna awoke to find herself in a large room; the type of room only Princesses and noble women had. Furthermore, she was in an enormous, comfortable, four poster bed complete with an ornamental canopy and beautifully crafted hangings, possibly of nymph origin; the best quality gold could buy. She was surrounded by the fine luxury of high-end nymph made linen and a warm, woolen blanket among other luxurious bedding. A quick view of the room also showed her the sheer beauty and magnificence of the room and was very clearly the Lady’s Chamber of a fine Castle.

She knew immediately that she had been kidnapped and she had only one suspect in mind. Terrified, she pulled herself out of bed and rushed to the door only to find that there was no door knob. She tried the few unlocking spells she knew but none worked. She even walked up to the window and tried opening it to no avail. It appeared that she was stranded in a luxurious room surrounded by beautiful things only the very wealthy could buy by a far superior caster than she could out-magic.

Anna then tried calling out for help. She knew the people of Medula would not dare betray their Prince but she was desperate. None came to her aid, as predicted. Exhausted and with her voice hoarse from screaming, she returned to the four poster bed and slumped down on it beginning to cry. She had thought she was free from slavery only for her to be enslaved by another fairy  lord, no less. Anna was under no delusions; she was Prince Ember’s slave and he would subject her to no less than his depraved fantasies. She had not thought he was capable of such an evil misdeed but she always knew fairies were inherently evil and couldn’t resist the allure of enslaving those deemed less powerful than them.

“Anna, are you alright?” asked Prince Ember concerned to see her crying, suddenly appearing out of thin air. Anna raised her head to see the Prince seated right next to her with their intertwined hands on his lap. She forcibly withdrew her hands and moved away from him.

“You- you kidnapped me,” she accused him. Ember nodded, ashamed by his weakness. The truth was, what he had done was beyond cowardly and he deserved her hatred. He just hadn’t been able to return home without her. Knowing he’d never have a fair chance with Anna because of her bias towards fairies or any part fairy was unbearable.

“It was cowardly but- but I could not contemplate a life without you, Anna. I am weak; a monster without compare and you- you are my only light. It was a simple choice for me between eternal damnation or committing this cowardly act for this time and I chose the latter,”

“Let me go then, please. I can sense goodness in you or at least a strong desire to do good. Please do not prove me wrong,” she said, using her natural gift of charming to the best of her ability.

“Oh Anna, if only you knew… if only you knew what you are asking me. I… I have never been good, you see. I have been very wicked and I- I can so easily lose my way. You- you are my only shot at goodness and I know if I let you go, I will lose you forever and I can’t live with that fact.”

Anna shook her head and walked away from him. “You are no different from the nobles in Breanna. I had thought you were better but you’re just as cruel and selfish as they are. I know you mean to use me as a pawn in your evil game and I shall not allow you to have the satisfaction of my fear. Do as you will to me but know that my people shall not rest until they have avenged me,”

“Your people do not have the means or the will to go to war again. They have already lost too much. Besides, why would they go to so much trouble for one they would call a half-breed?”

Anna reached out to cover her fairy ears in shame, remembering she had no headdress to hide her shame. She then suddenly became aware that she was highly indecent- still in her undergarments while the Prince was fully dressed. There were no words  to describe how improper that was and she ran to the bed to grab a sheet falling of the bed to cover herself.

“They don’t know, do they?” Prince Ember asserted focusing on their conversations more than on her attempts to cover herself.

“Know what? I am no half breed. I am a witch. That’s… that’s all there is to it,”

“You cannot escape the truth, Anna. You are a beautiful hybrid; a mixture of witch and fire fairy heritage. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Why do you hide your true heritage?”

Anna glared at him and retreated to a corner like a hunted animal. From her thoughts, Ember could see just how much he’d wounded her. He had made her feel vulnerable and had brought forth all her anger and hatred at being part fairy. It seemed no matter what he did, she’d always resent him and hurting her cut his soul open to bleed.

“Forgive me, Anna. I have no right to- to say such things. I- I merely hoped to make you see that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are among the fairest of the Creator’s creatures and I am proud of the woman that you are.”

Anna hid her face between her knees only moments later to feel Ember’s warm embrace. “Do you really hate yourself so much, Anna? What your father did was abhorrent but you are not the monster he is. Your mother loved you so much that she gave her life bringing you into this world. Do you think she’d so happily give up her own life for a monster? You are pure light, Anna, and are pure goodness. You don’t deserve to be hated least of all by yourself. You are more than I deserve but I cannot… I will not give you up. You are my life, my happiness, my all and I adore you and love you more than anything in this world,” he said lifting her face up to see him. She was terrified by his words and even then, she was the most beautiful creature  in the world.

Nothing he said or did  for her after that seemed to get through to her. In fact, she appeared even more terrified of him as the minutes ticked by. He finally gave up and left the Lady’s chamber for his own partition of the room, holding his head in his hands and sighing audibly.

He couldn’t concentrate or do much of anything all day because of the woman trapped in the Lady’s Chamber, constantly checking for ways to escape. His Master came to see him when he didn’t show up for his usual instructional classes. He found Ember at his favorite viewpoint looking like a lost sheep.

“What is the matter, your majesty?”

“I- I followed your instruction, Master. Anna is here, in the castle but… but not of her own volition. She didn’t- she didn’t want me so I- I took her and now she is terrified of me and hates me. I can’t… I can’t live like this, Master. I must let her go but I know in doing so, I have sealed my fate. Without her, I am doomed to fail- I- I don’t have the stomach for it, Master,”

“Then convince her to stay,”

“I’ve tried but to no avail, Master. Nothing I say or do will ever be enough to erase what I’ve done. She- she hates me,” Ember said and let the news sink in. It caused a deep depression in him.

“Again, you doubt your abilities, Prince Ember. You are gifted in many ways, persuasion being one such way,”

“Are you- are you asking me to use my magic against her?”

“I am asking you to do whatever is within your means to get your desired end. You’ve seen your future- you know that she is yours. Why let her free when she is finally here where she belongs? My only advice would be to recall that a bird can learn to love its cage, if it doesn’t know that it is caged at all,”

Ember was left in shock as his Master dramatically exited the solar and left his home, leaving him in a moral dilemma. His Master had served both as his counsel and as his conscience. If truly Master Ammon believed that there was nothing wrong with imposing his will on Anna, then perhaps it wasn’t all that evil…

Besides, Ember was more than capable of imposing his will on Anna in such a way that she wouldn’t even know it. She’d be the proverbial bird so happy to be caged. The benefits outweighed the immorality of the deed, after all, as the Master said, she was his. What did it matter how that came to be? It was either he did this small, corruptible deed or be doomed to a life of evil forever. It was the lesser of two evils…

He walked to his room, his heart beating pump and thump. He hesitated on the door knob of the connecting door to the Lady’s Chamber, questioning the morality of his deed once more and his heart won then just as it would always win in anything that involved Anna. He found her on the knob-less door, banging on it relentlessly calling out for help. He moved swiftly and fluidly,  with feet not touching the ground as was the way of a fairy. Ember spun her around to face him and she looked at him frightened. Never again would he tolerate the irrational fear she had for him. He could never harm her and she needed to understand that.

“Are you still frightened of me, my love?” he asked her, subtly impressing on her mind that there was no need to be frightened and reinforcing his love for her deep within her subconscious.

She was claircognisant and could feel the mental compulsion and automatically began to fight it. He pushed his compulsion further so that it became a mental load that she couldn’t bear or fight and made it so that she could only accept his will. The changes took effect from when she couldn’t fight and he buried his will deep into her subconscious mind, carefully veiled and disguised as her own thoughts.

The power of the subconscious never ceased amazing Ember. Once implanted, his will began to spread telepathically as a disease of its own volition would do and Anna’s subconscious began to convince her that Ember was the person she trusted the most and that he loved her therefore there was no reason to fear. Suddenly, Anna’s mind began to reshape her thoughts about their meeting, emphasizing on the emotions she’d been so reluctant to embrace- the emotions she had reluctantly felt for him- the butterflies in her stomach, her attraction for him, her desire to be with him…



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