The Travelers’ Chronicles 4



Avery Alison uncomfortably shifted weight from her left leg to her right one as she glanced at the golden wrist watch on her right hand. The watch was one of two heirlooms she had inherited from her mother which was one of her most prized possessions.

An agent from the Department of Transportation came to her shortly and greeted her politely as he and Avery were transported on hoverboards to the next area for clearance. A medical scanner scanned through Avery and ensured she was fit for travel via teleportation before transmitting the results of the scan to the agent that had escorted her to clearance area B.

Once cleared, Avery was handed over to another agent that cleared her to enter the vacuum tube that would teleport her from the First Plane of Existence to the Fourth one- her desired destination. It was such a marvel to Avery that her timeline had such advanced technology.

Indeed, the quantum entanglement teleportation device that she stood in was connected to the world’s most advanced Quantum Computer ‘Quix’  which was able to scan and record the amount of human atoms contained in each potential passenger within the blink of an eye.

Once computed, Quix made short work of converting the physical form of Avery Alison into data- atom by atom at the speed of light. Disintegration was always very disorienting and Avery braced herself as she essentially faded from existence and then suddenly faded back into existence from the end of her desired destination- Gardenia, the Fourth Plane of Existence.

Scientists warned that every time one used teleportation as a means of transportation, the traveler was never the same again and instead became virtual clones of themselves but such knowledge never phased Avery who had used teleportation several times as a means of transportation.

After clearance from the Department of Transportation, Avery opted to take an autonomous cab (which were very affordable in the year 2049). She hailed for a cab with a mere thought and the vehicle promptly arrived with all her custom- preferred specifications. She pre-set her destination which only a select few even knew about having more than just the Fourth Dimension of Gardenia’s magical plant-life. Gardenia, after all, had plenty of top-secret covet operations going on unbeknownst to the general public.

The autonomous vehicle stopped at her pre-set destination and Avery paid for her ride electronically before being allowed to exit from the vehicle. She safely passed through the magical barrier that protected the concealed institution that was her mission to visit that day. She opted to walk rather than lazily use another hoverboard to reach the Main Administrative building and made it in roughly fifteen minutes’ time.

She found a familiar, smiling, amiable face smiling at her from behind the reception desk and replied with a feeble smile of her own.

“He’s been waiting for you,” Aiden, the receptionist jovially announced with a characteristic wink.

Avery felt her heart expand in her chest. “Where is he?” she asked Aiden.

“In the playroom,” Aiden replied jovially. Avery thanked him for the information before heading straight for the children’s playroom where she found her son; the only light in her tainted world.

He was as handsome as his father had once been- a beautiful little boy with a fair face, cute locks of chest-nut colored hair and the brightest sea-weed green eyes Avery had ever seen. He was short but she excepted he’d grow taller as time went by.

“Blaize, honey, Mama’s here,” Avery called out to him.

The boy who had been happily watching some early morning cartoons on his translucent ultra-thin viewing tablet immediately turned away from the gadget to run straight into his mother’s arms, crying as he hugged her. The two then headed to an unoccupied room together so they could talk in private.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t come sooner, honey. Please forgive me,” Avery said wiping away her son’s tears from his face.

The little boy shook his head and sniffed. “Please take me with you, Mama. I don’t want to live here without you. I miss you, Mama,”

“I know you do, sweetheart and I miss you so much and I am so, so sorry that we can’t live together. You know the baddies I take down would hurt you if they knew you were my baby. It’s safer for you here,”

“I’ll protect you from the baddies, Mama. We’ve learnt so many spells here and I’ve read about so many spells from books in the library- I can cast protective charms and protect us,”

“I don’t doubt that you can but I am your mother, sweetheart and I just can’t take that chance. You’re a very special boy and you have a great destiny ahead of you and your Mama just has to make sure that you are safe even though that means that we can’t be together all the time,”

“I don’t want to stay here without you, Mama. I want to go home. I want to live with you, Mama, please,”

“Oh honey,” Avery exclaimed before proceeding to give her son a tight bear hug. Life was especially cruel to Blaize who had not only lost his father at a tender age but whose family had been cruelly torn apart by the demands of his mother’s work. Despite her spending the whole day with him, he was as reluctant as ever to see his mother leave him yet again. Her heart broke each time she had to leave him behind and his tears of despair as he screamed and pleaded for her to take him with her haunted her dreams every night.

This cruel reality they lived in was often times more than Avery could take and she was glad to become fully immersed in her work as a distraction. Avery was an exceptional Protector in her own right. She had achieved golden elite status and had been offered the top job several times but had declined severally to focus on her mission for vengeance- to hunt down and destroy the entity that had destroyed her family…

Avery was determined to complete the work her parents had began but had ultimately failed at. She had scars from the childhood trauma she had endured watching her mother succumb to the same fate that had befallen her grandmother when her grandfather was murdered and worse still, seeing her father’s life ebb away slowly until he was no more…

And so on the night of July 21st, she used the second heirloom she had inherited from her mother which was a time machine disguised as a grandfather clock to once again travel to the dark world with a clear goal in mind- rescue the Oracle and Savior and safely transport them to a better timeline where hopefully, it was not too late for her parents’ doppelgangers…





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