The Oracle


Emica was surprised it would happen so fast… Was it really so easy to be swayed from thinking about the persecutions of witch folk in the Dark World? When had she started caring about the affairs of Alison witches, fair-folk and strangers in general? She was astounded by her own behavior even as she and her family bore witness and discussed the issues facing their hosts in the strange Dimension they occupied.

Perhaps, Emica reasoned, it was because her life was no longer in a state of perpetual danger. Emica was less burdened than she had ever been in her life and found that she had plenty of time to explore the Dyson Sphere she called home; indulging in activities she would otherwise have risked certain death for had she been discovered. Emica enjoyed reading volumes of Magical Knowledge Books in the Library, a building somewhere not too far from where she lived, where there were helpful staff members willing and happy to assist her in picking the books she so desired. She was happy to practice all  new potions she learned from the Magical Volumes she read from but due to the Sphere’s protections, she found that she was unable to practice the new spells she learned while pouring through the books in the Library.

Emica also found that her Master and Mistress were happier in their new life. She had thought that their love could not possibly grow beyond what it had always been since she’d met them but she had been wrong. The Dark World had a way of stifling every positive emotion such as love and so Emica had assumed that her Masters’ loved had hit a ceiling and she was so glad that she was wrong and proud to see the love the two life-mates were truly capable of having. She observed her Masters freely express their love to each other and began to covet a love-life of her own for the very first time in her life.

It was a pity that Emica couldn’t find a Warlock such as the handsome Protector Leal Grayson to love and to hold for as long as she lived. Indeed, she was happy to finally get to meet the Protector of Aurora Alison who awoke a few days after Imani healed him successfully.

At first, Protector Grayson scared them all when, upon waking and seeing his charge, he had immediately attacked her quickly pinning her onto the bed with as much strength as he could muster and began squeezing the life out of her. There had been a huge commotion and the Protector had been sedated to save Aurora’s life. As a result of the incident, Aurora had proposed staying away from Leal for sometime as he clearly suffered from some form of Dissociative Amnesia as a result of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he had developed from the prolonged exposure to the severe trauma he had endured whilst fighting their evil doppelgangers.

Protector Grayson was certainly a pleasant person to meet and Emica enjoyed being in his company especially considering that she had never met a male of her kind before that day. He was polite and friendly and adored his beautiful little girl, Avery and her older doppelganger. He desired to be in the presence of his charge Aurora but did not trust himself enough not to cause her harm and so he kept away from her.

Emica found herself wishing that a cure was found soon for the effects of his PTSD so that he and his beloved could be reunited once more. She also began to obsess about her own Protector despite her best efforts not to indulge in such wayward thoughts.

Imani and Protector Avery informed Emica that her Protector, First Lieutenant Nobu was a righteous man and had been secretly protecting witches in his charge and finding Travelers to take them out of the Dark World for as long as he was appointed a Monarch’s Hand officer but she was very reluctant to accept their claims.

Instead, Emica found comfort in observing the public displays of affection between her Masters and those of King Ember and Queen Anna whilst coveting a piece of happily ever after for herself. Emica did so while rejecting the notion that her forever ever after began with entrusting her life to a dryad.

She was engrossed in the lives of Avery and Emre as well, two rather interesting and  travelers and their unending drama. Emre insisted upon seeing his son by Avery but she would not have it. Avery insisted that seeing Emre would set their son back after several months’ worth of therapy after they had lost him. She was also as reluctant as ever to accept Emre’s advances towards her. It was clear that a part of Protector Avery desired Emre’s love but another part of her was very reluctant to accept the handsome young Prince having lost him once before and being unwilling to endure such grief again.

Aurora appeared consumed in the work she had once engaged in prior to falling into a deep depressive state when her Protector was so gravely injured and on his death bed. Perhaps it was the fact that she couldn’t stay with her own Protector or a deep fear that she could fall back into that dark abyss that drove her into working around the clock on her mission to defeat the Entity.

Indeed, it was a pleasure meeting a determined and focused Aurora who had a brilliant scientific mind and unmatched ambition. Aurora was the only other person she knew of that spent as much time pouring over books in the Library and even going as far as to order for some more, as much as Emica herself. Aurora was very polite and she was nothing like the Alison witches she had ever met. Emica was surprised she was so comfortable around her and was even more astonished by Aurora’s ability to offer help to her whenever she required it.

The Dyson Sphere hosted more than just what she called the ‘Main Players’. From time to time, it hosted other travelers and seers afflicted by the Entity. Some of those Travelers and Seers became permanent residents of the Sphere while others were simply passing through. Sometimes Emica observed them being trained either by King Ember or alternatively, by Avery or Aurora. It was clear to Emica that the pair were truly a cut-from the same cloth- mother and daughter pair as it appeared that their way of avoiding unpleasant situations was to over-indulge in work, exhausting themselves to a point where they couldn’t think more about the things they’d rather not dwell upon.

Emica knew they’d come a time when she would have to develop her own coping mechanisms to meeting her Protector. She tried not to let Imani and Avery’s accounts sway what her own intuition was telling her but when Avery herself presented information she had received from HQ that her Protector would soon be in grave danger, she reluctantly agreed to allow Avery to plan for a rescue of him from the Dark World.

Aurora immediately volunteered to tag along with her daughter as Emica expected she would. It was funny how living in the same Dyson Sphere for just a matter of weeks- or at least that was what Emica assumed was the time that had elapsed in this land beyond time- could make you know people so well.

The Oracle had once thought she had been subconsciously chronicling the lives of the fair-folk, Alison witches and other permanent residents of the Dyson Sphere because she was learning her enemies better but came to realize that it was not true. Deep down within her, Emica knew that it was because she had been starving for human interaction of the purest form, that was about the everyday lives of ordinary casters.

It was understandable, then, she reasoned, to want to ‘tune in’ to another episode of Avery and Emre’s back and forth arguments about when to tell their son about his return, or to watch the heart-wrenching situation Aurora and her Protector suddenly found themselves in being forced to stay far apart while desiring more than anything to be together.

Surely Emica could be forgiven for being transfixed at King Ember and Queen Anna and admiring their perfect love, or admiring the fine son and daughters they had raised even though one of their daughters, Erabelle, was particularly melancholic and withdrawn most of the time Emica had known her.

Was it so wrong to make friends with these people or to at least want to be friends with them? These men and women dedicated their lives to saving the world from the darkest force that had ever existed, after all. Was it so bad to want to know them all a little better? Was Emica truly so broken that, unlike Imani, she could not just naturally trust and even gravitate towards these very interesting individuals? She hoped not because she was certainly too emotionally invested in their lives to turn back then and knew it had something to do with the person she was created to be by the Creator- she was created with a disposition to be tied to humanity, sometimes in its most intricate and purest form.


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