The Oracle


Emica realized how conceited she had been in thinking she had the biggest secret in history to keep to herself but Imani’s secret was far bigger than even she could have ever imagined. And so Emica continued to take Imani under her wing as her ward and she held onto her secret as Imani held onto hers as they continued serving her Masters.

Imani was a profoundly gifted caster as was to be expected of someone of her caliber so the trick was for Emica to show her how not to give her true power away. Imani’s loneliest hours were those spent away from Emica whenever she had to run errands for her Masters in spite of Mistress Catania and Master Alradius keeping her company and playing with her.

At night, Imani insisted on sleeping next to Emica. She had horrific nightmares and terrifying night terrors and Emica was always there to comfort her. Imani grew to love and admire Emica as a child would her own mother in spite of the fact that her mother’s spirit was constantly near them, watching over them rather than leaving the limbo between life and death and resting in the paradise lands.

Even as the weight of keeping their secrets continued to burden Emica, she was occasionally preoccupied with thoughts of her Protector Nobu. As the weeks turned to months and it became abundantly clear that they would never meet again but Emica’s mind still wandered to the man she had been irrevocably tied to for all eternity.

She was glad that he had never sworn allegiance to her otherwise she knew that she would have been maddened being away from him. In any case, she was grateful that she hadn’t seen him again- she loathed his kind and by extension, loathed him.

Emica had been a slave nearly all her life. She knew where she’d get the best bargain at the barter market. She knew almost all the dens where enslaved witches like her sneaked to when they needed some mead or to engage in any kind of debauchery they wished. Emica also knew of the slave market and the horrors therein. It was always better to keep oneself from going there but sometimes her curiosity got the better of her and she’d have a look at it at a safe distance.

The slave market had virtually every kind of slave fairies and nymphs required. There were slaves for the households and slaves for entertainment; slaves that would put up a fight and those that were broken. There were slaves that were well refined and groomed (popularly known as ‘Belles’) and there were slaves that were no better than animals; tattered and savage; the ‘Rabids’. There were slaves for every type of sin one could imagine, some were even slaves to be hunted for sport- these slaves were rebels that had been caught and tortured and were then handed the death sentence.

Emica observed the market from a high vantage point atop a tree, tears constantly streaming down her cheeks as she saw the harsh realities of the dark world before her very eyes. The nymphs and fairies at the market were particularly barbaric that day.

One Fire Fairy had been so excited to procure a slave for sport, he had barely let her get away before setting her on fire to the applause of the fairies and nymphs present. Emica nearly fell over from the tree from having to vomit at the putrid smell of burning flesh carried by the wind. The witch’s screams were haunting and Emica knew that it would haunt her dreams for a long time to pass.

After that particularly gruesome incident, Emica had had enough of the slave market and therefore climbed down from the tree and headed towards the barter market having to stop every so often to calm herself down from weeping. Where was the great and powerful Gaia then when her daughters were burnt like animals by the so called elites?

Suddenly, she felt like she couldn’t breathe and her heart was racing. A thick sweat began to permeate from her head and drop down onto the earth in torrents. Emica suddenly found that she couldn’t move. What was this feeling? Was she cursed? Why couldn’t she move? She tried calming herself down but nothing seemed to alleviate her restless spirit until she saw him

He was dressed in the blood red uniform of his office- the Monarch’s hand. He was dashingly handsome and he literally took her breath away. Emica knew she must run or he might not be so merciful that time but her body did not comply and she found herself stuck in place even as he and his colleagues approached her. She covered her face by her cloak’s hood, clasped her fingers nervously as if in prayer and did not look up at the Monarch’s Hand officers.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” one of the officers sneered as he approached her.

Emica did not look up. Instead she continued to stare down at the ground and tried breathing  deeply to calm herself down.

“Hmm, I wonder, is she a looker?” asked another sneering officer lifting Emica’s face up forcibly to look at them and removing her cloak’s hood to boot. Emica looked straight through the second officer and saw him staring at her in awe.

“What a pretty face! Are you up for sale at the market? How much does your Master want for you?” asked the first sneering officer.

Emica continued to stare at Nobu who was seemingly too stunned to speak.

“I think she likes you, Nobu. She just can’t stop looking at you,” teased the second officer.

Only then did Nobu come to her and then he stared deep down into her eyes and got lost in them. For a few breathless moments, it was as if they were having a heartfelt communication in silence and it deeply unnerved Emica at how natural it felt.

“Who are you?” Nobu asked her curiously.

“I am no one, my lord. Please excuse me,” she said turning her back to the officers and running away.

The officers laughed at her sudden retreat and asked Nobu whether they should pursue her for sport. Nobu shook his head but continued to stare in wonder as he watched Emica run.

Emica thought of her close shave that day as she prepared herself for bed that night. Her breathing patterns and rapid heart beat had not changed after meeting with Nobu even as she settled in for the night. Imani smiled at her and said, “I prayed for you today.”

“Thank you, Imani,” Emica said nonchalantly.

“You know, Protector Nobu isn’t all that bad,” Imani mused.

“He works for the Monarch. Of course he’s bad. Anyway, how did you even know I’d met him?” Emica asked her.

Imani shrugged. “Sometimes I just know things,”

Emica nodded. “Anyway, it’s getting late. We should go to sleep,”

“Oracle Emica, will you leave Protector Nobu behind when she comes for us?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“In seven days, someone is going to come for us. She’ll save us from the Monarch and take us to another world- one where the Monarch isn’t the leader,”

“Who is coming for us? How do you know this? I can’t see that?”

“I just told you- I know things- I know that in seven days, someone will come for us and she’ll take us to meet some good people. Her name is Avery; Avery Alison,” Imani stated.



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