The Oracle


Emica hated to admit it but she had bought into Imani’s stories of a ‘savior’ coming to get them within 7 days. Her Masters had bought into it so much that they went about their days preparing; such as stocking up on survival gear and reading up on all manner of defensive and offensive spells.

Imani was by far the most lighthearted of the bunch going about her normal routines like nothing out of the blue was supposed to happen. Emica, in contrast, had been the most skeptical, going about her duties as normal because she had given up hope and doubted any good could come from trusting an Alison witch.

However, as the days slowly passed by and it came to day 7 at long last, Emica realized that she had held onto some ray of hope after all even if it was against everything she had ever experienced or known. She knew that the Alison Clan had betrayed their own kind in exchange for the partially sheltered lives they led in the dark world. So why then, she questioned herself, would she think that an Alison witch would come to their rescue? Logically, it made no sense to her.

She realized that there was truly really something to be said about Saviors like Imani… Imani had after all, reignited the flame of Emica’s dwindling hope. And so in the warm evening of the seventh day, she nervously waited by the window, occasionally sighing as she repeatedly searched outside for any sign of the witch that was supposed to come save them.

Emica had all but given up all hope when suddenly, the center of the room was filled up with blindingly bright white light that swirled and expanded; an obvious manifestation of a portal opening. She immediately thought of Imani and her family and rushed to protect them as the conjurer of the portal came forth from the portal.

The conjurer lived up to the famous looks her family was well known for which paled in comparison even to her interesting futuristic Protector’s uniform she had on. Her wine-red hair made her look as if her whole head was on fire while her sea-weed green eyes made Emica suddenly wish to travel to a beach that she had never achieved in the cruel reality she called home.

In sooth, the Alison witch who came through that portal looked more like a runway model than a Protector but Emica knew looks could be deceiving particularly when they involved the Alison family.

The second the woman’s gaze fell upon Emica and Imani, she shocked all present by bowing respectfully before them. Emica was surprised when the lady respectfully addressed her as ‘my lady’ before introducing herself as Protector Avery Alison and stating that her mission that night was to rescue her and Imani and take them somewhere safer as it would soon be discovered by the Monarch’s Hand that Emica and Imani were no ordinary witches.

“How do you know all this anyway? Why should we trust you?” Emica asked her skeptically.

“My lady, I have seen these things come to pass in other timelines. I am a traveler from the year 2049. My main mission is to help you and the Savior defeat the Entity. I know it is difficult for you to trust me because of my family’s reputation but I assure you, I want nothing more than to see the entity vanquished. I will do whatever is within my means to ensure that happens,”

“And we’re just supposed to take your word for it?” Emica asked her still skeptical of Avery’s true intention.

“My lady, the decision solely lies with you and the Savior. If you will not entrust me with your lives, then I shall take my leave and never return but please know this- the Entity will do worse than rob you of your lives. If it captures you, there is no hope for you at all but if you can let your guard down for now and let me take you somewhere safer, I can promise you this- at least you will live long enough to have a fair shot at defeating it,”

Emica was still skeptical but she feared arguing back and forth with her which was not only futile but time wasting as well. She reluctantly watched as Avery drew a tiny object of a cuboid shape from her weapons holster and pressed a red button on one of its sides.

“What on earth is that?” Master Alradius asked Avery, marveling at the gadget.

Avery set the object on the ground and it began to emit some kind of wave that echoed everywhere in the room and explained the purpose of the gadget whilst maintaining her cold demeanor stating, “This handy little device shall erase all traces of the inhabitants of this house. Once it’s done, they won’t have any means of telling who lived here or anything about you by any means- scientific or magic,”

“Such a small thing can perform so great a task?”

“Indeed, Sir. Where I’m from, such things are not only common but just a tip of iceberg of the huge leaps in technology we’ve made,”

Master Alradius smiled and nodded then observed the tiny gadget which had evolved into an arachnid- shaped robot, quickly go through every corner of the house, highlighting each and every item in tow in an ultra-violet blue colored light, make a few beeps and then proceeding to the next item.

“How long until it’s done?” Emica asked Avery impatiently.

“I’d give it about 10 minutes but we don’t have to stick around until it’s done. It shall self-destruct after it has completed its tasks,”

Emica nodded and observed as Avery opened up another portal and watched it grow from a faint light to a large, rounded shape capable of accommodating them all within itself. Avery turned to face them and bowed respectfully yet again before ushering all of them into the portal with her. Once more, everyone immediately followed behind Avery while Emica hesitated.

“Emica, won’t you come along?” asked her Mistress ever so kindly.

Emica continued to hesitate before slowly and reluctantly following behind them.


Hey? Looks like Emica and Imani are just about to escape the Dark World… However, that does not mean that you have to leave too… Satisfy your Dark World craving by reading about the Oracle or one of the most infamous villians to have ever graced the Magical Realm, Amabel, by following the links below;

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