The Oracle


Emica returned home with no further incident and placed the luggage she was carrying in her hand gently against the door and twisted the door knob to her Masters’ residence as quietly as possible. She then got inside and placed the bag against the coat rack before shutting the door silently.

Emica knew she should have expected that her Masters would be wide awake and praying for her safe return but their presence in their lavish and well furnished living room nonetheless still startled her.

The Mistress noticed first that the child Emica was carrying was fast asleep. Somehow, the child had been so trusting of Emica’s ability to take them home safely that she had fallen asleep despite the cold weather that night. Her Mistress smiled encouragingly and came to greet them first and the moment she gently caressed the sleeping child’s back, she withdrew her hand as if she had been electrocuted and fell down on her knees in reverent prostration.

Before Emica or even her Master had time to ask why she was behaving so strangely, her Mistress Catania rose up on her knees, raised both her hands up into the air as she stared above her head to the Goddess, speaking these words with reverence, “Oh Blessed be! How can I, a sinful woman be privileged enough to host someone so profoundly holy in my home? How gracious and merciful is Goddess Gaia to grant me such honor!”

“Alradius, my love, come, let us kneel and give praise to the Divine Goddess! She has chosen us wretches to host such a powerful being- it is the greatest blessing we could ever receive.”

Her husband, Master Alradius, rushed to join his life-mate while she knelt and gave praise to the Goddess while a stunned Emica looked on. What had come over her Masters? She had known that indeed her Masters were devout followers of the Religion of Gaia (What nymphs referred the Creator Goddess) but their devotion had always astounded her.

Emica knew that that Gaia must exist, after all, in her many past lifetimes, she had been an avid believer and priestess at her altar but after everything she and fellow witches like her had been through, it was hard for her to be as indulgent in the faith and beliefs of religion. Her Masters had remained faithful to Gaia even at great threat to themselves even as Emica struggled to find faith in such dark times.

She lingered in the living room a while longer before heading towards the room she had been given by her Masters following her insomnia-riddled nights in the basement. She carefully placed the child on the bed and tucked her in ensuring the child was as safe and comfortable as possible.

Emica then walked towards the window and ensured it was firmly shut before going back to stare at the child she had rescued in wonder. What had her Mistress meant in singing praises of the child? Who was she?

Emica’s mind wandered for many silent moments as she observed the child, her train of thought occasionally interrupted by the child’s sudden sighing and turning. Emica’s heart broke for Imani once more. The poor child certainly seemed to have a burden far too difficult for her to bear alone and Emica wondered what part in carrying that burden she had to play.

Surely she had been too naive to think that the rescue of this mysterious and powerful child was her one and only mission as Oracle. This child had told her that she had met her in a previous lifetime and that like the last time, Oracle Emica would have to help her…

Emica decided to leave the room to ask her Mistress whom she thought the child was. As she walked out the door, she heard the child stir in her sleep followed by a whisper of a very common warlock name ‘Luca’. Stunned, Emica turned back to face the child for several moments, holding her breath waiting for the child to continue sleep talking but though the child tossed and turned severally and sighed a lot, she did not say anything else.

Was Luca another blessed child she needed to save? Surely not because all male Witch children were slaughtered after birth although rumors abounded that some warlock children were saved by General Rancid’s troops and grew up in relative safety.

She left the room and shut it quietly behind her as she walked towards the living room area. Her Mistress Catania smiled and rushed to greet her, hugging her affectionately.

“Thank you, Emica, for bringing such blessings upon this household,”

“Mi-Mistress Catania? Would you mind if I asked you something?”

“Of course, my dearest Emica. What is it?”

“Who- who do you think Imani is?”

“Imani?” asked Mistress Catania surprised.

“The- the child I brought home with me,”

“Well, I may not know whom exactly she is but the moment I touched her- I felt Gaia’s presence so strongly in her- it was almost as if it was Gaia herself I was touching, in the flesh. That child- Imani, you call her? There is something profoundly powerful and good in her. And if the Supreme Goddess deemed you worthy enough to go save her, there must be a very good reason why,”

Emica nodded and smiled feebly. She thanked her Masters and asked if there was anything else she could do for them. They thanked her but said that they were fine and headed off to bed.

From that night onward, Emica and Imani were treated as no less than royalty. Emica observed her carefully but Imani’s demeanor gave nothing away as to her true identity. She was a very helpful child and uncommonly intelligent and mature for her age but other than that, she was a child like any other. Could Mistress Catania have been wrong about the child?

One night as they practiced rudimentary alchemy, Emica turned to Imani and said, “By the way, Imani, the other night I heard you whisper someone’s name in your sleep. You called out for a Luca. Who is this Luca? Does he need our help?”

Imani appeared stunned and then she shook her tiny head vigorously indicating that she didn’t know anyone by that name before going mute. Emica thought that perhaps Imani was embarrassed that she had been sleep talking but as they stocked up on the translucent green colored plant growth stimulating potion they had been brewing for close to two hours, Imani turned to Emica and said, “Luca was the name of my Protector in my past life. In this time, however, he goes by another name.”

Emica was so shocked by Imani’s revelation that she dropped the potion vials she had already filled onto the floor and they broke, spilling the potion all over the floor. She immediately began to soak up the spilled potion as her Mistress rushed into the kitchen to see what the commotion had been about.

“Are you both okay? What’s going on?” Mistress Catania asked them both worriedly.

“It’s nothing, Mistress. Sorry to have worried you. It was an accident,” Emica said. Her Mistress lingered for a while but then left the kitchen once she was reassured that all was in order.

Emica turned to face Imani and they both exchanged knowing looks. At long last, Emica had it all figured out. She knew exactly who Imani was and knew which of her past lives had met Imani’s and how their shared past tied in to their present lives…


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