The Entity

A nervous crowd lay waiting for Ember son of Penny Roth and Lord Blaize of the Fairy Kingdom of Breanna among them a very nervous Alyan, his Protector Thea, Lady Denise of the Sprite Kingdom of Atlantica, her Protector and several other gifted travelers and seers that Ember and Aurora had gathered from across the multiverse and brought to their little pocket world- a pocket dimension designed by the nephilium children of the fallen Messengers of the Creator known popularly as the Sidhe that had built the small pocket dimension occupied by so many gifted casters that was independent of the boundaries of time.

Ember was nervous as he knew the restless crowd was hungry for more knowledge which he had been less than generous about giving for several reasons. All the people gathered in the room including himself had been targeted by a wicked and malevolent force whose existence could shake the very core of the Physical Planes of Existence and cause mass panic of a kind never experienced before if not managed well enough.

The King cleared his throat and turned to the crowd feeling the entire weight of all the Realms of Earth pressing heavily on his shoulders. In sooth, he felt that Aurora, who could deliver an entire speech confidently and without the reservations he had about bursting the largest bubble since the discovery of magic itself, much better than he could but she was unfortunately, according to the word of her Protector, Leal Grayson, indisposed and caring for their newborn daughter.

He felt as if he was being X-rayed by every person gathered in that room and he could barely gather himself up to tell them the whole truth. He turned to Anna, his strength, his companion in life and her wide smile said it all- to Anna, no one was better suited to tell these gifted people the truth other than him. He smiled back at her and graciously accepted Anna’s help when she stood beside him ever so faithfully, holding his hand for support as the crowd looked on.

Ember took a deep breath and began,”Ladies and Gentlemen, I have gathered you all here for one particular reason which I revealed to each of you as each of us being targeted by a malevolent energy known as the entity. At the risk of repeating myself, this ancient, dark,insubstantial energy can be traced back to the years of reckoning when the Watchers destroyed the fallen ones, the Grigori but not before some of their evil and very dark energy had retreated deep into the earth occasionally poking its ugly head to take possession of a living being but being defeated…”

“However, the entity did what it could to feed its hunger for power- it possessed and fed off of dark spirits in the hellish lands before it began to target dark casters to fed off their life forces slowly gaining in the power it sought. The entity then created a sort of greater hell; a hell of hells so to speak, which it then used to absorb the collective dark energy of the hellish lands continually growing in power and strength…”

“Once it had gained greater power, the entity then began to focus more on its main goal: dominion of the multiverse by taking over multiple timelines across time. Most recently, we have learned that there was a timeline where the entity felt right at home… This timeline is basically an accumulation of almost all major time events of the Planes of Existence going awry from the Savior of the Three Lands losing her battle to the evil one to the First Sage of the Undine Pillars never making it back to the Second Plane of Existence to save her people. This world, as you can imagine, is the darkest place you’d ever find- the peoples of that land divided along any and all biases known to man, most particularly, those of race and magical ability…”

“For instance, the dryads and fairies there hatched a plan to trick the evil one into a pact whereby in exchange for allowing their races to survive they would help subdue the witch race by joining forces with her. They were able to gain invaluable information about the evil one and eventually defeat her but as you can imagine, the witch race suffered catastrophic losses to their numbers and as of now, are the dryad and fairy races’ greatest enemies…”

“The witches there  continue to wage war on all of their enemies entirely wiping out their greatest enemies, the lycans. The dryads and fairies formed a super alliance and unified their nations to rule the Magical Realm and eventually spread out to the Mortal Realm taking control of the mortal, non-magick folk. They also declared war on the were-cat race since, as you all may be aware of, were-cat venom is lethal to all races except witches and some select non-magic folk and they wished to eliminate that threat,”

“Currently, the ruling class hunts down their enemy races who were forced to go into hiding and enslaves witches because majority of the population in that world are sterile save for a chosen few that, no surprise, and as is the case with most worlds, are mostly witches. Witches that cannot reproduce and are not enslaved are caught by the ruling races, particularly the best of their soldiers, are immediately executed in rather… um… unsettling fashion to make the others of their race opt for surrendering for quick, painless deaths.”

“However, the witches continue to wage war with allies in spite of the threat of brutal executions. Finally, all warlocks found by the ruling races there are killed to prevent the witch race from repopulating themselves altogether and as a form of reproductive coercion in favor of the so called superior races. However, it is suspected that some warlocks do exist who are protected at all cost by the witches…”

“The entity, as I have explained has occupied this land and has used its followers to create a nexus into the hellish lands from this version of Earth. All of that means is that this world, which me and my companions refer to as the dark world, has an abundance of dark energy and the entity is at its most powerful there, feeding off the life forces and collective darkness of the world itself…”

“You might now be asking yourself, well Ember, this all sounds concerning and brooding but why are we all here? Well, up until recently, my partners and I had no idea until we began crunching the numbers and discovered a connection between all of us- we are all gifted uniquely but have one unifying common factor- we are all Travelers and Seers and everyone seated in this room is either a soothsayer or a time traveler or has some way of influencing or perceiving time better than the average caster…”

“Recently, the entity has been presenting itself in form of a malevolent woman and her dark companion, a warrior without compare and killing off seers in a nightmare with almost impossible odds stacked against the Seer. We know that this is not without reason and although we can only largely make assumptions based on the facts we know,  what we do know is that it has something to do with two dark and notorious versions of my partners, Aurora Alison and Protector Leal Grayson, traveling to a timeline where they used the Order of the Black Coats to acquire scrolls containing information about the forbidden arts and traveling back with them presumably to inspire the Dark Mystai of that world to create a host that could sustain itself on a nearly inexhaustible life force. Our very own Protector Leal Grayson was able to obtain information from Protector HQ which showed that the scrolls stolen from that timeline contained enough forbidden art information to facilitate the creation of this host,”

“Further, based on the evidence we obtained concerning the nightmares the seers gathered in this room recounted, this host has pure magic and is able to control all the elements comfortably which it uses to influence dream-scapes to conduct its bidding. The host also has control of the other non-physical Planes of Existence as we know them such as the Astral Plane where dreams and nightmares that can be linked to the actual life-force of the victim as has been the case with all those who have suffered through the Seer’s nightmare…”

“The situation is dire and we therefore ask that you lend a hand in helping to fight this great evil which is the greatest evil the Earth has ever faced… It shall not be an easy battle but I have hope and trust in each and every one of you gathered before me,” Ember said before taking a deep breath finally releasing his wife from the vise like grip he had held her hand in without realizing it.

The room was as silent as the grave as the couple resumed their seats. It had thus begun to sink in- for the first time in history, the evil one wasn’t just a High Scribe with way too many heretical thoughts rooted in philosophy or a wayward Sage with the false notion of enlightenment promising to show her people ‘the light’. This time, there was a source of evil unlike anything they’d ever known- this time, there was a devil- the exact opposite of what the Creator Goddess was and the people gathered in the room were wondering if there was any way this evil that even the Watchers were unable to fully vanquish from existence, was able to be defeated in the first place.






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