The Acts of Purity


Purity looked around her and realized she was surrounded by pure light. She felt the greatest sense of peace she had ever experienced and all negative emotions and sensations were entirely gone. Purity was entirely confident and comfortable in her own skin and she knew then that both she and Delia had ascended to a higher Plane.

“Is this… Heaven?” she asked Delia feeling a deep sense of fondness for her. Though she had been an only child, Purity felt as close to Delia as she would to a sister. The love in her heart for Delia was pure agape.

“Yes, in a sense it is, sister,” Delia responded.

“I… I can feel Her here too… It’s… Overwhelming, She is… She is so loving, so… so perfect… I want to cry,”

Delia smiled at her. “Amazing, isn’t it? She is all around us but here, Her presence is stronger than in all the Realms of Earth and other Planets,”

“Are we here to meet her?”

Delia shook her head. “We are here to bear witness to history. From its beginning to all its possible ends, here you will see everything, Purity,”

Purity nodded and looked around the place. There were millions of individual lights in the world of light enveloping them and she asked Delia, “What are those lights, sister?”

Delia smiled radiantly and stated, “Why these are our fellow sisters, Purity. Messengers are, after all, beings of pure light. It is for the sake of our missions in the Realms that we assume a form at all and usually those forms are influenced by those who perceive us.”

Purity was stunned but nodded. The individual lights all passed through her and she felt more loved and accepted than she had ever done in her life. She then saw dozens of streams of pure energy constantly flowing.

“What are those streams, Sister?” she asked Delia.

“Those are rivers of pure Arche, my sister. From Arche, all created beings are formed. The rivers also provide Prana Energy and all other forms of Energies required by the larger Universes for life to exist and perpetuate,”

Purity nodded, satisfied by Delia’s explanation. In time, Delia would explain deeper just how those streams of pure energy worked. She then took Purity to witness the very beginning of the universes where only the Creator Goddess existed.

“Delia, why does it not feel as if… as if this is truly our Goddess?”

“That is because before she was just a Deity. A powerful Deity indeed, but a lesser one because the Great Work of Creation had not begun,”

“So it is through Creation that our Goddess became who she is?”

“Indeed Sister,” Delia stated.

The Deity first created the Divine Messengers to help her with the Great Work of Creation and Purity bore witness to it all. She was most intrigued to see her own maternal grandmother, the disgraced Ayarak being created.

The mystery of Creation was revealed to her without omission. She saw the Creator design everything preceding life across the universes and saw the Messengers assist in the great work.

“Messengers have the power to create new living and non-living beings. However, no life is possible unless the Creator Herself gives the new creatures souls- only She can do this. She then bestows a little of Herself to every creature which forms their spirits… And she breathes life through their nostrils,”

Purity was too astounded to speak. She simply nodded and continued to silently observe all things Delia showed her.

Purity then witnessed the Deity transform the void into the Universes that then existed using pure creative energy (Arche) to fashion and design them and the more She created, the more powerful She became. The Creator grew and the Universes with Her.

“Each time a new life is created, the Creator grows in power. Creation has never ceased since the world began and the Universes and all realities keep expanding exponentially. To living beings, the concept is difficult to grasp but for you while you are here, you can comprehend it deeper,”

Purity nodded as she acknowledged that knowledge that seemed too difficult to grasp in the mortal realms was like a walk in the park in the Higher Plane. She could comprehend things as complex as infinity which seemed as easy to understand as any other number.

She was astounded that remained unafraid even as Purity witnessed the ending of several universes and timelines. She was merely an observer in all the events unfolding before her very eyes. And the peace that she experienced never faded.

Once that was through, Delia took Purity around all the Heavens with the exception of the Seventh Heaven where the Creator resided which was still inaccessible to Purity.

Finally, the Messengers arrived at the Library of Life, a gargantuan building that expanded infinitely across all dimensions. In the Library, the Record Keeping Messengers kept records of any and all living creatures that had ever lived. The large volumes of records were spread out across the Library and it expanded each passing moment as the work of Creation never ceased.

Each living being and every version of it that existed across the timelines of its reality was preserved and existed on the shelves in the Library.

“May I read any of these volumes?”

“Yes, Sister Purity, you may although I highly discourage it,”

“And why is that?”

“There is something you must learn to accept about yourself with time. Messengers of the Creator do not intervene in any case unless expressly asked to by the Creator Herself. As such, going through the volumes contained here and still having a unique connection to the Earth as an Earthly Being may tempt you to intervene which would go against your very nature. The moment you allow yourself the option to go against your nature, then, you begin to allow for the possibility of becoming lost to your own will. A life of subservience to the Will of the Creator is Bliss but it can equally be a great pain if you are not too careful,”

“I… I was merely curious, Delia. I wasn’t going to do anything about it..” Purity quickly explained.

“Your curiosity is not sinful nor discouraged but because of your unique circumstance, it might be difficult and perhaps even impossible for you to access knowledge on possible futures of yourself or even your loved ones and not do a thing about it…”

“However, all knowledge contained in the Library is yours to explore and what you do with that knowledge is your choice. I was merely trying to protect you for I too was nearly lost after reading the volumes I found contained here of my own life and those of my loved ones at the time. It was very difficult to contain myself and I nearly lost everything because of it,”

“You mean that you’d have been lost because of what the books here revealed?” Purity asked Delia. Delia nodded.

Purity was cautious but undeterred, bearing the advice she had obtained from Delia in mind even as she picked up books on her loved ones beginning with her beloved mother. From the books, she was able to read and comprehend her mother’s story. Purity noticed that as she read the books, she began to have vivid visions on the same so that it felt like she was actually watching a movie rather than reading a book.

All through reading through the volumes, Purity was stunned to learn new information about those she cared about. She learned of different versions of her loved ones, all the countless possibilities that could befall them and she understood why Delia was worried about her knowing too much.

Even then, it was difficult for Purity to imagine not intervening in the tragedies she knew could easily befall those she held dear. Only time would tell whether Purity would indeed completely submit herself to the Will of the Creator or follow her own will.


Thanks for making it to the end! Missed out on anything concerning our beloved Purity? Or perhaps you cannot get enough of her? No worries… Links to the previous parts are disclosed below. Enjoy;

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