The Acts of Purity


The morning hours seemed to be racing and soon, Alyona and Ark were at their daughter’s bedroom door knocking on it. Alyona apologized profusely for her inadequacy in raising Purity and defended herself by saying it was because she had thought she had ample time to prepare for Purity’s teenage years.

Purity nervously looked at Delia who smiled encouragingly at her. With just a snap of her hands, Purity was dressed in an elegant and modest white dress that accentuated her mature body. Delia nodded encouragingly at her and Purity breathed a deep sigh of relief before walking up to the door to open it.

Immediately she opened the door, her parents filed into the room and froze upon seeing her in her current state.

“Purity… where… where is my Purity?” Alyona asked her suspiciously.

“Mama, it’s me. I know it’s hard to understand but… I aged a further 7 years last night. It was because I have grown in power. I shall be happy to explain everything to you when-“

“Ark- quickly, get Avery over here! What- what are you? Please, do not harm my daughter Purity. She- she doesn’t know any better-“

“Mama, it is Purity. Please believe me. I wouldn’t lie about something this important. I know it is hard to believe but…” Purity pressed on but she realized her mother was far beyond comprehension of all she was talking about and so she turned to face Delia, concealed from all but Purity.

“Be patient with her, little one. It is not every day that one has her child age 14 years in the span of 2 nights. She needs time to absorb the shock,”

Purity nodded and stood there observing her mother losing her mind trying to come to terms with the results of her power-growing induced growth spurt while her father rushed to contact Avery Alison.

Her Aunt Avery was there within the next few minutes and gasped upon seeing her latest transformation.

“Purity and… Great Scot, is it really you? Are you… Delia?”

“You can see her?” Purity asked in shock.

Avery turned to look at her best friend, Alyona who was still too stunned to speak and Ark appeared to be equally as dumbfounded.

“Avery Alison, daughter of Aurora Alison, we meet in this reality at long last,” Delia said.

“What do you mean by that?” Purity asked Delia.

“A version of myself in an altered reality met Avery Alison and her son, Blaize . I suspect that the reason she can see me and recognize me is because that version of myself imbued her with her power,”

Purity shook her head in confusion.

“Avery, is this young lady really ,my daughter? And who are you both talking to?” Alyona asked her best friend.

Avery shook her head but then responded, “I believe it really is Purity and there is another being here with us, a Messenger of the Creator named Delia,”

Ark and Alyona involuntarily shook in terror, a reflex upon hearing a Messenger of the Creator was among them.

“Please, be at peace Alyona and Arken. I mean you no harm,” Delia stated revealing herself to them.

They fell on their knees and refused to face the Messenger eye to eye.

“Please, do not punish our daughter any further on account of our sins. We have been making reparations for them and shall continue to serve our Divine Mother faithfully for as long as She allows us to walk upon her Green Earth. If penance is what shall appease your heart, then punish us instead, my lady,” Alyona stated.

“Rise up, daughter of Ayarak. I do not wish to punish your daughter any more than I wish to punish you. Your atonement has greatly appeased our Merciful Goddess and as such, she has blessed you and shall continue to do so as you too are Her Children,”

“Please, if we have found favor with you, my lady, restore our daughter’s youthfulness to her,”

“I am afraid that I cannot do that. The choice to do so lies entirely with our budding Messenger herself,” Delia said turning to face Purity.

“I can do that?”

Delia smiled and nodded. “However, if you should choose to do that, then note that the power you currently possess shall be lost to you and inevitably, as you help others as is your Divine Life Purpose, you would end up aging again,”

“If I restore my youthfulness, would I be more like a child or more of an adult stuck within a child’s body?”

“You would adopt the mannerisms of the age you so choose to restore upon yourself,”

Purity was stunned to hear that but intrigued that she had the power to undo the 14 years of aging she had experienced.

“Purity, please… You should not have your childhood stripped away from you so… so abruptly. There are still many milestones you needed to achieve, and to deny us, your parents, the chance to gradually get to know you, to truly be your mama and papa when… when such an option was never availed to us because of our curse… We… We beg of you, please, Purity, restore your childhood,” her mother begged of her.

Purity looked at her parents mercifully. As she mauled it over and came to a final decision, she tearfully and sadly revealed, “Mama, I love you and Papa more than you’ll ever know but I am a Messenger of the Creator and as much as I would want to return to being a child for your sake, I cannot do so. I need to embrace the life and mission for which I was born. I cannot progress in understanding who I really am if I do not train with Delia. However, I shall never cease being your child. I still love you both so very much and… and if you ever need me, I shall always just be a few miles away,”

No!” her mother exclaimed, grabbing hold of her daughter’s legs and tightly clinging to her daughter.


“Please Purity… You are the only reason your father and I even considered joining the forces of good… How… How can we be good without you here with us to inspire us? Please… do not do this to us! I am begging you. If I have truly displeased our goddess this much, please, please Messenger Delia, intercede and beseech for Mercy on our behalf,” Alyona stated weeping.

“This is not a punishment Alyona but a great blessing. The Creator bestowed a great honor upon you and She is pleased with how well you raised her. You are not losing your daughter but clinging onto her now shall only delay the inevitable greatness Purity is destined to have. She has a destiny to fulfill and can only do so by training with me and learning about her incredible powers. She shall not be long nor too far away. You need only summon her and she shall appear promptly,”

“No… No… Please do not take my daughter away from me… Without her, I am nothing more than the Nephilim spawn of the Grigori. Purity redeems me in every way. Please… I need my daughter…please…”

It took a long time to pry Alyona off Purity but eventually, it was done.

“I am really sorry to have hurt you this much Mama. I will try and return to you as soon as I can. I love you,” Purity stated and then both she and Delia disappeared and Alyona’s grief was inconsolable.

Avery and Ark tried their best to console Alyona but she was so distraught that the only thing that they could do for her was sedate her so she could rest. It was a nearly insurmountable task but eventually, they managed to get her to sleep.

As Avery returned to her own home, she thought of the Messenger Delia and how she had been able to perceive her despite the Messenger being concealed. It appeared that whatever connection had bound them in a previous altered reality had not been completely severed and she was intrigued to learn of it and wondered what she could do with it.


The Adventures of Purity shall continue in subsequent parts. Haven’t met the budding angel yet? Fear not, links to the previous parts are listed below. Enjoy!

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  2. Part 2


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