The Acts of Purity



Purity could hardly believe that the woman staring back at her in the mirror was actually herself. Within the short span of two nights, she had aged nearly two decades. Terrified of what the sudden growth spurt could mean, she hid in her room in her birthday suit with the clothes she had bought less than a day prior clearly not fitting her mature body anymore.

Would she continue to age as she fell asleep, Purity wondered? Was she going to die in the span of a few short weeks? What would become of her parents?

Purity began to cry in silence, muffling the sound using her hands so she did not alarm her parents, terrified at the implications of the uncontrollable growth spurt she had suddenly incurred.

“Please help me,” she desperately whispered in prayer.

“Do not despair, little one,” spoke a sing-song voice in the silence.

Purity looked around the room but did not see who it was that spoke to her. All she knew was that the voice that had spoken to her instilled hope in her heart. She hastily covered herself with the blankets and sheets that she had outgrown to hide her shame.

“Do not look for me with just your eyes but seek me with all your heart, little one,”

“Who- who are you?” Purity asked willing herself to perceive whoever it was that addressed her. She looked about the room nervously and began to notice something unusual in what was seemingly a room occupied by only herself and all objects she was familiar with.

An image of a being of pure light was suddenly visible despite Purity not being able to perceive it before. The more she observed the being, the more it began to resemble a humanoid figure and eventually took a female form.

“Fear not, little one. You are familiar with my given name which is Delia. You have been taught about me many times in stories and sometimes even in history classes,”

“You’re the Divine Messenger Delia? You’re… real?”

Delia nodded.

“What is happening to me? I… I don’t want to die,”

“You are not dying, little one. You are, in fact, very far from a mortal death,”

“Was I cursed? Is that how I was able to grow within the span of two nights?”

Delia shook her head. “You aged because your power is tied to your Life’s Purpose which is to aid the Savior of the Dark World and her Protector to perform their Goddess- given duties. Each time you intervened, you grew in power and indeed, in stature. Your mortal body as was, was not sufficient to contain the power that had grown within you and so it accommodated your growing power by expanding, so to speak,”

“So will I keep aging every time I help the Savior and her Protector? To what point shall this keep happening?”

“There is very little room for you to keep aging, little one as your mortal body has already reached its prime. Your wisdom and power, however, shall keep expanding and when such a time arrives when your body in its current state can no longer accommodate the power you amass each time you help the Savior or any other people you will meet along the way, then you shall age accordingly,”

“Shouldn’t my growing power have killed me? Whenever power exceeds the caster, isn’t there overloading of the Magic Circuits and subsequent death?”

“Not in your case, little one. You are very special,”

Purity nodded several times until it sunk in that she was not a typical magical caster, as she had always known but had been reluctant to accept.

“Are we alike?”

Delia smiled and nodded. “Like you, during my time here as an Earthly being, I was borne of two Sidhes. Once my mission was completed, Gaia called me to Heaven where I reside with my sister Messengers of Light. However, I was accorded this honor because of the path I chose. For you, that has yet to be decided,”

Purity was astounded to hear the words of Delia.

“What do you mean? Am I not a Messenger of the Creator by blood?”

“Yes, little one but being a Messenger of the Creator is more than just being borne by Nephilim as powerful as your mother and father both are… You have to be a Messenger by choice as well. You must continuously choose the light if you wish to join me and our sisters in Heaven,”

“I choose the light. Like my mother and father, I shall fight on the side of goodness until my mission is complete,”

“It is not that simple, little one. The light must be chosen, again and again. Your resolve and faith shall be tested, time and again and each time, you shall make a choice. The sum of all the choices you make shall then determine where you shall end up once your mission concludes,”

Purity was terrified at the prospect of reaching Heaven not being a done-deal despite the fact that she was a Messenger of the Creator.

“Worry not, little one for Gaia is a merciful Goddess and has sent me to you to guide you on the right path. However, there shall be another to entice and tempt you with the wrong path. The dark one shall attempt to ensnare you and win you for itself,”

“The Entity shall want me? Why? How can it be so daring?”

“It secretly longs to return to the glorified state it once was when it was whole but that aside, it is also consumed with hunger for power and it would leech off your power if you so desired it- it would desert its current host and fully possess yours and if it indeed achieves this goal, the Dark World and the rest of the world as you know it would be in grave peril,”

Purity gulped and nodded. “Will you always remain by my side, even if I… slip up?”

Delia nodded. “While living in this world of the relative, where you have free will to choose either light or darkness, I shall not depart from you, not even if you, sometimes, choose wrong, daughter of Alyona. However, should you choose the darkness entirely, I shall have no choice but to depart from you unless you can choose the light once more,”

“So you shall be my Guardian?”

“Indeed. I shall be your Spirit Guide,”

“And you shall teach me all the ways of the Messenger even if I choose wrong?”

Delia nodded. “It is my Sacred Duty to teach you everything you need to know about being a Messenger even if you should use this knowledge to the end of wickedness as the Grigori so willingly choose for themselves,”

“Are… the Watchers observing me?” Purity asked gulping and trembling at the thought of it.

“Yes, little one, just as they observe all people and events across all realities and timelines unfold. Do not be afraid of them. Watchers never intervene unless asked to do so by the Goddess Herself. They cannot interfere with Free Will- the Second Divine Principle after Preservation of all Life,”

Purity nodded but was not reassured of the Militant Messengers she had been taught about.

“What is She, our Goddess, like? Have you seen Her? What does She think of me?”

Delia smiled. “She is simply too much of an enigma to fully explain. Her Goodness surpasses any goodness you may imagine. And She loves you, Purity, so much that if you were allowed to comprehend how much, you’d be destroyed and renewed afresh by it endlessly. I have been granted the Honor of seeing Her and cannot find the words to express how magnificent Her face truly is. I can, however, assure you that our Goddess longs to see you as much as you long to see Her,”

“When can I see Her?”

“When you are ready, little one but for now, I sense you have many things to settle before we set upon the journey ahead of us,”

“Will I be gone long?”

“Time is fluid, little one. I may take you away with me for 500 million years and you could return to this exact moment in time, wiser but without time moving an inch here. You shall understand many things once I fully train you,”

“I… I need to tell my parents about everything you just told me,”

Delia nodded. “Do what you must little one and prepare yourself for your journey has just began,”


The Acts of the Angel Purity shall continue in subsequent parts so stay tuned to keep up with her. Haven’t read the previous part? Link to the previous entry is directly below. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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