The Acts of Purity



At the beginning of each Summer Solstice, Magick- bestowed persons across the Realms marked Litha, a deeply spiritual period when they celebrated the triumph of light over darkness. For young Purity, the daughter of the two most powerful Sidhes in existence, the Sidhe Empress Alyona and her mate, the Sidhe Arken, it marked something far greater- her first true debut as the second-known Messenger of the Creator to have been born.

For as long as Purity could remember, she had been compelled to help those in need, often times drawn to them as a moth to light. She would often hear the prayers of the faithful in her mind and the most compelling of those prayers often lead to her intervention and the eventual resolution of whatever ailed the petitioner…

For the longest time, her intervention had saved souls but the true test of how far she would go to answer to the people’s prayers had come in the form of the darkness threatening the lives of those dear to the Savior of the Dark World. Purity had enjoyed the privilege of choice regarding whose prayer she would answer to next but in the case of the Savior, she had felt the compulsion to intervene even stronger than usual.

Once her mission to exorcise the darkness out of the Savior’s mother had been completed, along with her intervention in ensuring the darkness could not soon retaliate and cause even more misery, she had felt a huge burden lifted from her soldiers and something within her had changed, for the stronger.

The morning after her mission was completed, Purity had woken up to find her feet grazed the foot of the bed, something she considered impossible as the size of the bed had been several times longer than her height . Further, none of her clothes seemed to fit her and the power constantly coursing through her veins felt more potent than ever before. Worried something might be wrong, she hastily covered herself in her robe that was suddenly too small to fit her and sought her parents’ intervention.

The look on her parents’ faces said it all- this was the very last thing they were expecting to happen to their beloved daughter. Her mother was quicker on her feet and used every bit of magic she could think of to assess and reassure herself that Purity was in good health and that no dark magic had been used against her.

However, even after checking and counter-checking, it appeared that the cause for worry had yet to be completely alleviated from Alyona. The next step was to call for the intervention of Purity’s favorite Aunt, Avery.

Avery got the best people from the Agency she worked for to assess Purity before they came to the same conclusion as Alyona had done. Somehow, Purity had aged 7 years overnight. Purity was then no longer the rumbustious 10 year old girl she had once been but a tall, beautiful, bustling 17 year old girl.

Purity recoiled from the shock of having aged 7 years within the span of a night and wondered what could have possibly caused it. Had the darkness done so? No, Purity was sure that the darkness couldn’t dare attack her then as she was. There had to have been some reason behind it and she was assured she would get to the bottom of it sooner or later.

The fun part about Purity’s sudden growth spurt, to the newly turned 17 year old, was shopping. Sure, it wasn’t like visiting the Mall as old teen movies showed teenage girls would sometimes do but it was still shopping for new clothes and shoes and Purity was ecstatic.

Throughout her online shopping experience, her parents appeared worried and were not entirely over the shock of suddenly having a teenage daughter but based on her choices, it was clear that like any other 17 year old, she was certain of what fashion appealed to her at the very least. Purity knew that her parents needed time to absorb the shock and so she sought the comfort of her own room to try on her new clothes and try and figure things out on her own.

No sooner had she decided on the ‘perfect outfit’ than Purity’s mind been bombarded with a barrage of prayers. These prayers appeared to be requesting things much more complex than the ones she was used to interceding in. It was difficult picking between the options but she was able to settle on the most pressing ones and immediately dashed past her parents towards the door ready to go on her missions.

“Purity, darling, where are you going?” her mother asked her worriedly.

“I’ve got a ton of missions to do, mom. I’ll be back before dinner, I promise,”

“You can’t just do that, Purity… You… You still have yet to wrap your head around what just happened- you can’t just leave,”

“Mom, I have to. Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. I promise I’ll be back before dinner. I love you and dad. I’ll see you both later,”

Without a second thought, she rushed out of the house towards her missions and returned with a few moments to spare before dinner, as promised. Her Aunt Avery and parents stared at her as if doubting whether she was truly the same Purity they all knew or a usurper.

“How was your day, darling?” Alyona asked her wearily.

“It was awesome, mom,” Purity said.

“Care elaborating what you were up to for the day?” Ark asked his daughter.

Purity was surprised how irate her father’s question made her. “I would rather not elaborate on it. I don’t ask you how any of your missions go, do I?” she snapped. She then shook her head and apologized for her rudeness.

“We are just worried about you, darling. It’s a lot to take in, you know?” her Aunt Avery asked delicately.

Purity nodded very quickly. For some strange reason, she had an intense desire to prove herself to Avery. She had always admired Avery growing up but then, she realized how much she wanted to mimic the red-haired badass Protector.

“You can just tell us when you’re ready,” Avery stated delicately.

Purity nodded. “I was just helping out some folks- like a guy who was in a coma after he OD’d and a child whose nanites were fried and she was about to die, no big deal,” she stated playing coy. Seeing the impressed look on Avery’s face made her beam with joy.

“That was quite the day you had, huh? Just try not to get too absorbed in missions. They can really weigh you down,” Avery advised.

“It’s really no big deal, Auntie. A. I’m stronger now. Maybe I can help you when you go on your next mission,” Purity offered.

Avery was stunned by the offer and turned to look at Alyona who was still worriedly observing her daughter.

“Mom, you wouldn’t mind, right? I’m just helping the forces of light against the darkness,”

“I think you should slow down, honey. You haven’t even been 17 a day,” her father stated.

Purity stood up in a rage and banged down on the table. “Well, like it or not, I am 17 now, dad. You need to stop treating me like I’m still 10. I am 17. I am almost a legal adult,”


“Auntie A., my offer still stands. If you need my help, all you need to do is call my name and I’ll be there,” she stated before storming off into the night.

She took several breaths before looking up at the sky and observing the star patterns and the brightly shining moon. Purity was surprised she had never fully appreciated how gorgeous the night sky truly was before that moment. One star in particular stood out to her among the others and she thought that perhaps she was like that star, shining brilliantly and uniquely in an ocean of other stars.

Purity closed her eyes and extended her hand to the sky willing herself to touch it when she heard another prayer that sounded as far away as the Savior’s and yet it was loud enough in her mind to cloud all other prayers constantly swirling there…

Purity sighed but bid the call of the prayer, appearing right before Aerlin Alison, the Protector of the Savior of the Dark World. The young boy appeared terrified to see her and yet he bravely stood his ground and asked, “Are you a Messenger of the Creator?”

“Yeah?” she asked irritably.

“Please help me, my lady… I… I beg you to restore my memories of the past,”

Purity shrugged her shoulders, took Aerlin’s hands in her own and nodded to his request, her body glowing the same ethereal glow it had whenever she performed great magical fetes. She left young Aerlin staring in her wake with his jaw nearly dropping to the floor as he tried processing the memories she had restored of his past life.

Purity reappeared exactly where she had stood before and found her mother worriedly seeking her out.

“Where were you?” Alyona asked her worriedly.

“On a mission,” she responded.

“What kind of mission?”

“Does it matter? It’s over now,” Purity snapped at her.

“Purity, please open up to me. It’s difficult when just last night, I was reading you a bedtime story and tucking you in and now- now you are this teenager that doesn’t want anything to do with me! Please talk to me! Tell me how you’re feeling, tell me how I can help…”

“Tomorrow, mom. I’m beat right now,” Purity stated irately as she walked away from her mother in defiance

However, it appeared that her sudden growth spurt was far from ending because when Purity next awoke, she was no longer the rude 17-year old girl she had been for the past day, but was, instead, then a 24 year old woman.


The journey of the Messenger Purity shall continue in subsequent parts so be sure to keep coming back for more! Thank you and please come again later! Your feedback is highly appreciated, friends.


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