The Sidhe Sagas



The Sidhe Empress Alyona appeared in the Underground City of Daphne in Timeline Alpha 3 (A3) to apprehend the Dark Sidhe Rhiannon who begun to retreat from that place. The Empress conjured up chains from the cave ceiling that held the Dark Sidhe in  place.

“Em… Empress Alyona… My… My liege,”

“Do not think me to be a fool, Rhiannon. I know where your allegiance truly lies,”

Rhiannon hissed. “You are a betrayer of your own kind! You persecute the children of the true goddess,”

“I was a betrayer before, Rhiannon daughter of Rhiene but no more. I have many sins to atone for but the True Goddess of the Universe is far merciful than I could ever comprehend. It is for the sake of this Divine Mercy that I extend the offer to you. Do you wish to be forgiven and to be on the side of Justice and Goodness? The Creator welcomes all her lost children to herself but you must repent and make amends,”

Rhiannon laughed sardonically. “Do you think that anything you do shall ever be enough, Alyona daughter of Ayarak? Have you forgotten about all the heretical transgressions you led us to commit? Did you forget of your intentions to resurrect our fallen parents? Do you really expect all witnessing this to believe that so evil a creature could be forgiven for lifetimes of wickedness?”

“The past is the past. I have long regretted the wickedness I wrought on this Earth and in the other worlds. I would not have believed in the Mercy of our Goddess had I not been a beneficiary of it myself. You too may enjoy Eternal forgiveness- you too may be redeemed-”

Rhiannon hissed. “I am not interested in your so called redemption. Do what you must to me, heretic,”

Alyona appeared troubled even as she summoned what appeared to be an invisible weapon that could not be seen by Rhea or her charge Prince Xerxes of Mariamne.

Rhiannon gasped apparently able to see what the weapon was.

“How can it be that you wield such a weapon; that- that should- should annihilate you,”

“Then I shall happily accept being vanquished from this Earth knowing that the Creator deemed me worthy of her forgiveness and mercy,”

With a swift movement that easily escaped the notice of even Rhea and Prince Xerxes, the Empress dealt a blow that destroyed Rhiannon and then fell to her knees, weakened from using the weapon. Unaware of who she truly was but sensing her great power, Prince Xerxes immediately ran to her side and offered his hand to help her.

Rhea looked on horrified but too weak to warn her charge of the doom he had placed himself in. The Empress took his hand and thanked him. He saw her right hand, which she had used to smite the evil Sidhe that had threatened them, was blackened.

“My lady, I owe you our lives,”

“Think nothing of it, Prince Xerxes. It was my honor,”

“It appears that the foul creature dealt you with a dastardly blow. Please allow me to heal your injuries,”

The Empress smiled at him. “I am afraid there is nothing you can do for me. These wounds are a part of the atonement I must make for the evil deeds I wrought on this Earth. Protector Rhea, may you be healed from your injuries,” she stated and just by her word alone, Rhea made a full recovery and was able to rush to her charge’s side.

Rhea eyed Alyona suspiciously even as she gave the same healing command to the warriors of Daphne City that were still alive. She then used her magic to mend the City and restore it to its former glory with slight improvements and reinforcement of magical defenses.

“Protector Rhea, I saw it fit to send your family back to the Royal Palace. They are none the wiser about what happened here, of course,”

“Why are you helping us?” Rhea asked her.

“I have a lot to atone for, Rhea. As you well know from my reputation, I did many wicked deeds but the Creator looked down upon me with mercy and gave me and the others another chance,”

“There’s- there’s more of you?”

Alyona nodded. “144 of us good Sidhes live spread-out throughout the various timelines. A vast unknown number of us are Neutral while 66 known Sidhes of a dark nature existed in this new age. Rhiannon was the 46th Dark Sidhe I have slain. I wish they would reform. It gives me no pleasure to slay my own kind,”

Rhea nodded too terrified by those numbers to say another word.

“What made you change?” she asked Alyona, nonetheless.

Alyona smiled. “The Creator truly is a mysterious goddess of goodness. After so long of a barren existence, living in the banished land we escaped to, perpetually dying and being reborn over and over again, she recalled our souls from that world and we were henceforth reborn in the new age…”

“When we began to fall back into our old ways, the Watchers apprehended us. We expected that the Watchers would destroy us as they had destroyed our faithless parents before us in the years of reckoning but instead they imprisoned us and separated us from each other. In our prison worlds, we were made to atone for our sins- it was our purgatory and the Watchers were relentlessly on our backs. It took many-a-year for them to allow us to interact with other creatures. Once they saw we could be of help to the other creatures of the universe, we were allowed to interact with them…”

“We assumed mortal lives and were allowed to live as mortals. In my mortal life, I adopted the name Sianna. So engrossed in my new life was I, that I had all but forgotten about my Sidhe self. I met and was drawn to a handsome man, a faerie like me whom I fell madly in love with. He, Laslo, and I were soon mated to one another. Only recently did we learn of our true self. Laslo is the Sidhe Lord Arkias. We were blessed with a daughter and she- she is the reason why I must fight so hard for sake of goodness.

“I must forge the world my daughter deserves to live in by my own two hands. I never imagined a love so deep and profound could exist but when I look into her eyes- into my beloved Purity’s eyes, I become a firm believer in such perfect love existing,”

Rhea nodded appreciatively acknowledging that same love for her daughter in her own life.

“I understand why you mistrust me and so I hope someday you will look upon this night in favorable kindness,”

“I hope so too,” Rhea mused. The Empress smiled and then simply disappeared as if she had not present there at all, leaving Prince Xerxes and his Protector Rhea, to themselves.


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