The Sidhe Sagas


It had been two weeks since Avery Alison had come knocking on Alyona’s door asking for another huge favor. Alyona had not failed to notice that Avery was very uncomfortable while speaking to her and Avery had uncharacteristically averted making direct eye contact with Alyona which had astounded her.

Alyona rationalized that perhaps Avery was simply embarrassed about having to ask her for yet another favor but after Avery had unexpectedly gone on a two-week family vacation with her son and Prince Emre who was then residing in the same house as Avery and her son, she had noticed that Avery had avoided her at all costs prompting Alyona to think that perhaps she had done something offensive to Avery.

Unfortunately, Avery threw herself back into work as she always did and Alyona was not availed an opportunity to speak to Avery privately until Friday the 26th of January 2018, the scheduled date of the Ceremony of the Seven Seals- a powerful ability-binding ceremony that would seal away Blaize’s reality warping abilities.

On the fateful day, Alyona pulled Avery aside right before the Mystai High Priestess performing the ceremony with them had finished setting up and noticed Avery’s gaze avert from hers once more.

“Avery, did I do something offensive to you?”

“No, I can’t think of anything offensive you have ever done to me. Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that I have noticed that you can barely stand to look at me. I have also noticed that you have been avoiding me like a plague. I just wanted to understand why that is,”

Avery guiltily looked down at her feet. “Alyona, I- I feel so embarrassed that I didn’t just come to you. Well, the reason I have been avoiding you is well, see, how I came to learn about my son’s reality warping ability was because he transported us to two separate alternate realities of his own making and in one of them… well… I- I met a version of you that wasn’t… good,”

Alyona nodded emphatically as she tried to absorb Avery’s explanation.

“I don’t think you’re evil but- well, I suppose I have yet to fully adjust to seeing you as my friend rather than as… the Unspoken One,” Avery offered.

“The Unspoken One?” Alyona asked.

Avery nodded. “That was the alter-ego the alternate reality version of you adapted. I am sorry,”

“It must have been hard seeing me like that- like how I used to be,”

Avery nodded. “I nearly died in the first alternate reality. It is even harder to process considering my less than friendly encounter with the Unspoken One,”

Alyona nodded. “Did you ask her why she did it? The other me?”

“Well, she had initially tried to resurrect the fallen Grigori of her world but had failed and so she had amassed a vast amount of power using the Vajra, instead, to avenge them,”

“She could wield the Vajra? How can that be if she was evil?”

“Well, she absorbed the power to yield it from the very first Elemental faerie bestowed upon with that gift confused the power of the sword. And then she used the sword to kill and absorb the power of the Messengers of the Creator and managed to create an army of Banshees and enslave all Chosen Ones and by extension, their offspring,”

“She must have been too powerful to defeat. How on Earth did you escape from her?”

“We had a lot of help from a Messenger of the Creator. She died helping both me and Blaize escape from that reality,”

“What happened to it- that other reality?”

“It was destroyed- the Messenger asked us to destroy it because there was no hope of saving it and the Unspoken One could learn how and therefore cross over to our reality if left to it,”

“All the inhabitants there- everyone died because of me,” Alyona stated grimly.

“No, they died because of the Unspoken One. You are not her. She never had a reason to change- you know but I discovered that you are a much better person because of Purity,”

“The Unspoken One didn’t have a child?”

Avery shook her head. “No, she did not. No wonder she was so driven to take over the world- she was trying to fill the void, a battle you have already fought and won. I wish I had noticed this sooner,”

“That just goes to show that should I ever go dark, the world itself may be doomed,”

“Your years of darkness are over, Alyona,”

“How long shall you keep underestimating me, Avery? If I were you, I’d seek out a means to destroy a Sidhe without yielding the Vajra,”

“There is no need for that. You have proven yourself time and time again and have redeemed yourself hundredfold. Don’t give in to despair just yet- our fight against true evil is far from over,” Avery stated.

Alyona thought about Avery’s explanation even as they prepared for the ceremony. At noon, Sol was burning brightest overhead and in the presence of Avery, Director Shaw and other Protectors; Prince Emre and his family as well as Aurora, Leal and their infant daughter, Blaize was prepared for the ceremony ahead.

The Mystai High Priestess performed a cleansing ritual on the young hybrid before instructing him to sit right in the middle of the Sacred Circle she had drawn imbued with mystic symbols and protected by a ring of purified, powered crystals. Spirit waters obtained from the Sacred streams that flowed at the Pillars of Creation in Terra Sapienta were poured around the White Circle on the purified soil and on the crystals themselves.

Blaize was anointed with sacred oils before the Mystai priestess marked strategic parts on his body with sacred ash. The young boy looked at his parents nervously and they, in turn, looked up at him jovially. Seeing his parents hold each other’s hands made him feel braver and he concentrated keenly on what the Mystai priestess told him.

Around strategic points on the pentagram, were 7 unlit candles. The Mystai Priestess went over what both she and Alyona would do and explained that the Candles would light up at the end of each stage in order, with the 7th candle indicating that the ceremony was a success.

Slowly, they began chanting as they went around the circle and each time they did, a candle would ignite and a marking made of sacred ash on Blaize’s skin would become embedded into his skin. On the seventh cycle, Alyona completed the ceremony by chanting the words to an Ancient spell that would complete the seven seals and the seventh candle ignited.

The light from the seven candles joined at the center to form a 7- link chain which then passed through Blaize, completing the ritual. The boy could hardly wait to be through with examination so he could ran into his parents’ arms.

“It was a success,” the Mystai Priestess announced to much applause and cheer.

The Director of the Defense Ministry immediately pulled the Priestess aside while the family jubilated amongst themselves. Alyona felt out of place and therefore turned her back to them, preparing herself to leave for her own home.

“Alyona, wait!” Avery called out to her.

Alyona stopped and turned to Avery. She noticed Avery’s gaze avert to her blackened right hand and quickly hid it with her sleeve.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Home?” Alyona answered her.

Avery chuckled. “Did you forget what you promised us? Did you forget that after the Ceremony, you’d come and celebrate with us? I am afraid that I’m going to have to hold you to your word,”

“Are you sure about that? Wouldn’t you family rather prefer to be alone?”

“Have you not considered that you are one of us?”

“Avery, you need not resort to flattery and-“

“I mean it. You are family. Your daughter is my son’s best friend and I consider you one of my best friends too and you know I don’t count many people as friends,”

“Are you certain that your family shall not mind my intrusion?”

“It isn’t an intrusion at all. Come along with us. We already spoke to Ark so, he is coming,”

“Ark agreed to come? What did you do to convince him? He hates socializing,”

“Well, who could say no to my pretty face?”

Alyona laughed at the absurdity of her statement. That a Sidhe, the most beautiful created creature could be beguiled by beauty was truly a fallacy of contradiction.

“You are simply too spoiled, Protector Avery. I will come on the condition that you explain to me why you took back your fiance without informing me, your alleged best friend?”

Avery sighed. “Now that, is a long story…”


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