Amabel, the infamous Lady of the Placid Lake, was in trouble. It had all began a few months prior when suddenly, she had inexplicably lost all connection to the Placid Lake. Amabel’s powers had then dwindled in the aftermath of whatever event had led to her disconnection from the Placid Lake and all her underlings that were controlled thanks to her Melusine abilities had been lost in the aftermath.

General Ryna had immediately cast her away immediately she learned of her sudden weakness, destroying all of Amabel’s underlings with the infamous ferocity the Rancid General had been known for. Although Amabel had vowed revenge, she was in no position to issue threats especially during the weakest period of her life.

Determined to get to the bottom of whatever had led to her sudden loss of powers, Amabel had sought out allies to no avail. She had wandered for what felt like weeks before her worst fear was realized and she was captured by the Monarch’s Hand and immediately brought before Aurora and Leal.

She knew that the evil Aurora and her half-wit Protector would savor murdering her but she was determined to put up a fight and never give in. Amabel expected the evil Aurora to sneer and cackle at her predicament but she was surprised when Aurora offered her the one thing she least expected- compassion.

“Growing soft on me, Aurora dear?” Amabel jeered at her.

“What can I say, Amabel, you are hardly a worthy opponent in your current state. Taking you down as you are now would be far too easy and boring,”

Amabel laughed humorlessly. “As if you care about such things. You are an Alison. You love weak and vulnerable opponents because it feeds into your power complex. Why not take this opportunity to finally finish me off?”

“Spending too much time with Rancid is clearly affecting your esteem. I don’t expect the infamous Lady of the Placid Lake, the strongest Melusine known to man to stoop down to this level. You’re pathetic,”

“Cut to the chase, Aurora. I am not in the mood for your games,”

“Well, I just so happen to have the exact thing you need to return to your bitter old self. At this juncture, we share a common enemy. You see, a few weeks ago, we lost a very valuable asset to our cause and the loss of that asset is directly tied to how you acquired your powers. The one responsible for the loss of that asset is the Sage of the Undine Pillars,”

“What are you going on about? What does the Sage have to do with this?”

“Well, the Sage’s meddling led to the death of the one who granted you the ability to access and control the Placid Lake. The one who granted you this ability was a Sidhe named Naunet. Naunet deemed you worthy to yield the incredible powers you bore but the Sage had other plans. She summoned another Sidhe that killed Naunet and stole the power from you,”

“You are clearly high on something. Sidhes have never existed nor will they ever exist. Find some other idiot to buy into your stupid lies,” Amabel snapped.

“If Sidhes do not exist, how else can you account for the loss of powers? Open your eyes, Amabel. The people who supposedly want to help you get revenge on the Monarch prefer to keep you in the dark. They do not want you to have all the facts because they are afraid- they are terrified of what you are truly capable of. That is why the Sage summoned the Sidhe that killed Naunet. She sought to reduce your powers for no other reason other than weakening you. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why they’d benefit from the Lady of the Placid Lake taking a sabbatical,”

“And I am just supposed to take your word for it? Please give me a break,”

“If you won’t believe me, perhaps your doppelganger could convince you otherwise,”

“My what?” Amabel asked before seeing the said doppelganger suddenly appear before her.

“She’s telling the truth, Ama. It happened in my timeline. The Sage came to me looking for information about the location to the Lake. She was relentless and like a fool I led her straight there. Once the Sage got back, it hasn’t been the same. When Naunet was slain, all incarnations of us lost their power. Our power was tied to the Placid Lake and Naunet had chosen us because she deemed us worthy,”

Amabel shook her head.

“Ama, I know it is hard to accept but it is the truth. Aurora can help us restore our powers. She has a solid plan to help us,”

“Don’t be a fool, Ama. Aurora’s help shall come at a cost far too great for us to pay. I’m not buying,”

“What is worse for us, Ama? We have lost our powers- these powers were all we had. We’ve made plenty of enemies along the way and the only way we can protect ourselves is to get them back. Don’t you see that? We’ve already sold our souls to darkness. What makes this any worse?” her doppelganger reasoned.

“We will never have true power as long as the Monarch is in power,” Amabel countered.

“That couldn’t be further from the truth. The Monarch exists spread throughout different timelines. She cannot rule it all. If we pledge allegiance to her, she will grant us the power we seek,” her doppelganger offered.

“She’s right, you know? The Monarch offers power beyond your wildest imagining. She will see to it that your loyalties are justly rewarded. So, how about it? Can you really afford to lose especially since you know that your so called allies would rather have you weak and ignorant?”

Amabel sighed. Fighting against the Entity in her current state was futile. It was not a bad idea to at least listen to what Aurora had to offer to reinstate her powers and once she got them back, she could always double-cross them.

“Alright, I’ll bite, what’s the plan?”

“Well, Naunet’s lingering energy still exists in the Lake and I can provide a means for you to travel directly there. Once there, you would just have to absorb the energy and obtain Guardianship of the Lake,”

“You make it seem so easy but I know there’s a catch so spit it out,”

“Well, Naunet was a Sidhe meaning absorbing all the lingering energy in the lake might overwhelm your magic circuits so you have to be careful,” Aurora stated.

“I have a better idea. We’ll both go so that in case her power circuits become overloaded, I can easen the burden,” volunteered Amabel’s doppelganger.

“Great idea so that in case she tries to double-cross us, we can finally put her miserable existence to a halt,” Amabel stated. Her statement enraged Leal enough to want to retaliate but Aurora shook her head and he reluctantly came at ease.

Aurora handed over a large volume to Amabel.

“What is this?”

“A Grimoire containing precise instructions on how to claim Guardianship of the Lake,”

“And you are doing all this without me first pledging allegiance to your boss out of the kindness of your heart?” Amabel sarcastically asked.

“You need proof that my goddess is going to give you power right? Then let this be the first sign of the great things you can do together,”

Amabel doubted that Aurora and the Entity at large would so easily give her the knowledge and the means to regain her powers but knew she had no other choice other than take her opportunity then. She hoped that at the end of the lengthy ritual she would have to perform to gain Guardianship over the Placid Lake, she’d finally get her full powers back.


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