Aurora and Leal accompanied Amabel to the Placid Lake. It was astounding how different the Lake felt to both she and her doppelganger from timeline Beta 3. The Lake had been her home for as long as she could access it and yet it felt completely foreign to her.

She found it difficult to breathe and could barely catch her breath as she and her doppelganger went through the dark ritual to appeal to the lingering dark energy of the slain Sidhe, Naunet, preserved in the Lake. The ritual required sacrifices to be made in a systematically described form which Amabel performed.

Amabel was surprised at how uncomfortable she felt performing the ritual murders on that day. In contrast, Aurora and Leal were both very collected and displayed no empathy for the victims whatsoever.

“How do you do it?” Amabel asked Aurora through gritted teeth. Breathing was becoming exceedingly difficult for her although, eerily, Aurora and Leal were perfectly capable of breathing in the lake using the charmed amulets they wore.

“How do I do what exactly, Amabel?” Aurora asked her.

“How do you sacrifice your own kind so willingly without even flinching?” Amabel asked her coughing violently afterwards.

“What has my own kind done for me that would make me hesitate sacrificing them for personal gain? Have you forgotten about our family’s reputation? Who am I to go against the grain and act as if I am anything more than what I am expected to be?” Aurora calmly responded once Amabel caught her breath and stopped coughing.

Amabel shook her head. Was that how it was after all? Was her fate not her own but one that had been carved out for her by virtue of being an Alison? Could she truly have overcome what was expected of her or was it all pointless?

The ritual was then completed successfully. By the time the dark energy arose from the Lake to Amabel and her doppelganger, they were both coughing up blood as well as bleeding steadily from all their orifices. The energy seeping into them through their magical circuits was a welcome relief from their pain.

The power coursing through them was astronomical. Amabel had never felt so powerful before. However, after a while, her circuits began to feel saturated almost as if they would entirely burst. She and her doppelganger summoned other doppelgangers like them to help distribute the power evenly and even then, it was difficult managing the sudden burst of power coursing through their veins.

“How does it feel?” Aurora asked them.

“Good,” Amabel from Alpha 20 stated and her doppelgangers nodded in agreement.

They all turned to look at one another before nodding to Amabel A-20. She immediately conjured chains to restrain Aurora and Leal. She smirked as she observed them.

“Surely you didn’t think we’d let an opportunity like this pass us by, did you?” jeered Amabel A-20.

“You are so predictable, Amabel. Did you really think that we didn’t know that you would double-cross us the second you got your powers back?” Aurora asked her before both she and her Protector easily broke out of the chains Amabel had conjured.

Amabel hissed at them.

“You imbeciles! The Placid Lake is ours to control. So long as you are here, you are at our mercy,”

“That’s where you are wrong, Ama, for it is you who are at the mercy of our Monarch,”

Amabel began to cackle at the absurdity of Aurora’s statement.

Aurora and Leal began to chant in a language Amabel couldn’t comprehend that was mostly made of a series of clicks and all versions of Amabel began to shake violently. By the end of the chant, the same dark energy they had absorbed overwhelmed them easily and possessed them.

Amabel was soon engulfed in a world of darkness. She was terrified for there appeared to be no hope for her wherever she had ended up. What had become of her? Was she dead? What was this dark abyss she had suddenly fallen prey to?

“Great job, Aurora dear. You have truly outdone yourself,” Amabel heard a voice that sounded like her own communicate to an unseen person.

“It was an honor serving you, Lady Naunet,”

“You are mistaken, Aurora. I am no longer just Lady Naunet. I am something greater than what I was. My energy has joined my blessed mother- I am the goddess of Enlightenment, the Monarch, the one that rules the Enlightened World and the one that shall control the world,”

“Then I shall serve you reverently as I have done since learning of your existence, my liege,”

“You have been faithful and I shall reward you greatly, my daughter. I shall accord you more power than your wildest imagining. Now take your leave from me. There is much work to be done,”

“Yes, my liege,”

Amabel got the sense that Aurora and Leal left but she could not confidently claim that she was right in her present circumstance.

“Amabel, you belong to me now. I command you and you are nothing without me. You are worse than dead. You do not exist. Now then, let me see, yes, I see your plans for revenge. You desire to see the death of the Rancid General and the death of Avery Alison as well…”

“I have greater plans for Ryna but Avery Alison has interrupted many of my plans and I shall enact this revenge on her on your behalf… As for Ryna, she vanquished your assets; decimating them entirely. I think that it is only fair to repay the favor in kind…” Amabel heard that mysterious voice state.

Amabel had no will of her own; she was a spectator in whatever twisted game she had unwittingly gotten herself into. The Entity was behind this all along and like a fool, she had followed through on its plan.

The Entity learned of the secret base Amabel had been positioned at from observing her memories. It immediately opened up a portal to the base using the power of the Placid Lake. It slowly began to invade the base, bringing in its own forces with it to destroy it entirely.

Many lives were lost that day but the Entity was not satisfied. Its hatred and blood lust only grew in intensity with each life taken. It aimed for the most precious resource held at the base- the very one Ryna herself would die for- its scarce males. It ordered its soldiers to decimate whichever warlock they found at the base.

Witch soldiers gave their lives protecting the warlocks at the base but so much heat was directed their way, they barely managed to keep their enemies at bay. The Entity began to cackle.

“I sense the nagging Protector Alison here… Ah, and her equally annoying mother and father are here as well. Let us attend to them, Ama,” it declared hastening to meet them where they had just appeared on the other end of a portal.


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